To Do and To Be

Listening-to-intuitionWe have been taught from an early age to do things in a linear, step-by-step way. And that is useful for many tasks. Yet when it comes to personal development, or a spiritual journey, a linear approach can be a limitation. Why? Because linear logic puts our focus on our brain, and our brain is much more attuned to what it already knows – like a computer is. Our other faculties, however, such as intuition, can be attuned to the whole of things and can give us a greater connection. In this way we have to use all the faculties we are born with to make a journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Ann: We were talking about making sure that we’re not throwing anything out. You know, making sure that we’re looking at everything and not throwing things out, that everything is important.

So I was having a couple of dreams about mounting trash and I felt later when I was looking at it that it was probably a reflection of what we had talked about. You know in a couple of different dreams I had trash piling up and I was kind of trying to sort through and, you know, put things, you know, into perspective and where they belong and then, you know, kind of figuring out, well, let’s see can I do this, and then dumping trash out on the floor and sorting through that.

So the theme of these dreams was kind of I think a reflection of what we had talked about, recognizing that, you know, you can’t really throw anything out, that you really have to take a look at everything.

John: Well, also what it’s doing is your attempt to let go. And so what the dream is kind of portraying is the struggle that’s involved in trying to let go has you still trying to figure out what is this and what is that.

In other words, the idea of letting go means that you just kind of go into an emptiness. When you go into an emptiness you just kind of go into an inner sight that’s there in a stillness, in a quietness. If however, you know, the attempt to do that has you reverberating between things as if you’re sorting something out, that sorting out isn’t necessarily a letting go. That sorting out is still something that is holding your attention from letting go.

An example of how that would be for me sitting down and meditating is if I sat down all of a sudden if I’m continually fidgeting to get comfortable, and I’m itching, and scratching, and all of that – then that’s not letting go. And that’s not getting to the state where something then from a type of non-mental mannerism I won’t have gotten away from that.

And so the reverbing back and forth trying to sort something out and whatnot is… well, it denotes a mental vibration. That’s one thing that it denotes. The other thing that it denotes is on a deeper level it’s trying to figure out where the inner and the outer are. In terms of the blasé of it all, it’s all vying for the heart and something more distinct needs to be there so that you aren’t caught in just the sorting out, and the sorting out, and the sorting out because that can be exhausting.

You know, it’s like a lot of people will meditate, for example, and let’s say they have the idea that they have to sit in a particular rigid posture, and that they have to follow their breath and focus like this, and focus like that. At some particular point that can be very exhausting.

And so the vibration that you’re going through is like kind of just like it’s a precursor before letting go, just like grief is a precursor before letting go. If you don’t have that, and you’re able to be open and receptive and let go, then something more of the inner is at hand, otherwise it’s not noticeable.

So when you’re trying to sort something out, when you’re trying to find your way in relationship to things, you’re still caught under a kind of mental malaise. It’s kind of like saying that there is an understanding of things that gets in the way, and that you have to stop the trying to understand and then you have the automatic knowing.

When you know something within, you know, the average person that may have to think and ponder this stuff will think, boy, you really thought about this. But you didn’t, you felt something vibrationally and back again to the breathing, or you breathed back in the light and within the light is the imbedded information. It’s as if something may have come down, could have touched you in a particular way.

In other words, if you were to look at everything as if everything is like a crop, and the human being is like a crop it produces something. And so the output, I mean this is a very crude way of saying it. So the output coming down touches the essence of the human being inside and they let go and, as they let go, they breathe in. By breathing in, if they breathe in the quality of this we’ll call etheric and they breathe all of that back in, then it is said that it is like taking something back, taking something home.

In other words, if you don’t fully breathe it in, then you get caught in the sorting out, and then you get caught in the dynamic of trying to grasp where you’re at, and then you get caught in a dynamic that’s kind of like outer trying to find the inner.

The fact that everything is intertwined, that means that there is a way, of kind of on an etheric overallness, in which you can feel everything in the outer, everything that’s there.

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