A New Wrinkle

spacetimeAs we make our journey, it is important for us to continually update what it is we are trying to do – and to update the reasons why we are trying to do it. It’s important because life will constantly challenge us, and the greater clarity we have in those moments the easier it will be for us to navigate them. If we know the principles and qualities we are champions of, the road ahead will have fewer detours.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dream was influenced, I think, by the fact that I just kept eating this popcorn. And there’s something about popcorn. There’s something wrong with popcorn. It’s unnatural to my digestive system.

And, of course, usually a person identifies that as being the oil, or something, that they put on it in the theater, or something. I think there must be something more in the popcorn than just that. That may be something that one gets around for a while.

But the popcorn is really tasty and I just kept eating it, and eating it, and eating it, and eating it. And what it did was it caused, on a physical level, a certain state to exist that interfered with a normal balance that one needs to have that’s in a state of rest, so that something from deeper within can awaken.

It was an interesting thing because it tends to point out the process of eating all of that popcorn and not knowing any better and having any balance about that and just being kind of indulgent, pointed out something about a type of Adab in the outer. How there are things that you have to do in the outer that lay the framework for the inner to be able to unfold. To which, I had created a problem.

And so, I took and integrated this into the meditation dream, as if that was the theme. The way you did it is you just pointed out that you take all of the variables and sit with all of the variables, and what mushrooms out of that is the clarity and the understanding and the knowing.

And you have to find the space in which that can come together for you. Because there’s nothing more that you need to introduce into it all. You have before you all that is necessary. The masculine is always thinking that there’s something more. And the masculine is always confused why it can’t get away with this or that, too.

So, in my meditation dream, I was taken through a process in which the unfoldment had to be real. By that I mean, I was not able to take an experience that is unnatural to my physical body, and get away with it physically. Because what throws the physical off, will throw the inner off.

Everything that I did in the outer had a way of disregarding or compromising the essential nature that is important to an inter-balanced experience. As a result of doing that, I put myself into a type of imbalanced suffering in a physical way.

So if I live in the outer in a way that deviates from a fundamental flow to my physical well being, then I suffer. And I suffer, based upon having brought something about in the outer that creates a contanglement or confusion to the more subtle, subtle quality of the inner.

If, however, if what I do touches an inner essence, which stimulates creation, something heretofore not possible is able to awaken.

So what I am saying is, I need to be aware of my outer Adab because I affect the inner potential, in terms of it naturally awakening. And when I do, this tends to distance myself from a deeper inner essence of being. Now, nothing, of course, is absolute. And so, in my sleep last night, I had to look at this schematic, even though I had gone off on one tangent, I had to look at the schematic.

All night long the issue was that, as a group, we couldn’t be going beyond how it was that we were designed to be. So, all of a sudden, it’s like, the way I’m seeing myself is I and another person are kind of like the main leaders to a party, to a musical group, that has to be put into kind of a sequential arrangement flow that harmonizes and works for all of us, simultaneously. And the dilemma that exists is myself and another person seem to be over the top a bit, in terms of what it is that we can press out on. It creates a challenge for the others.

Well, the reason for a dream like this is because I have a tendency to want to tweak what exists, and this is a tendency, and when I do this it tends to discombobulate. When I get away with it, I am more or less hooked on the idea that something woke up better that way. And this then causes me to keep doing it, as if you can keep having this little breakthrough and that little breakthrough by doing it.

But the truth be known, I only think I’m getting away with it. Sometimes it was meant to be opened up that way. And if it wasn’t, and to the degree I go beyond what is able to naturally unfold at a particular moment in time, this new wrinkle doesn’t conform to the overall equation that takes in everything, in terms of the entire group energetic, and becomes the degree to which there is an unevenness or unsettling.

Well the dilemma is that whenever you unsettle something, you’ve been veiled. Or you keep something more naturally from being visually caught up with. Well, it also is kind of the hardest thing for a person to see, because there’s something in the nature that has the compulsion to try to enliven or shake something up, or to push the envelope.

But consciousness only really unfolds when everyone is at the same point, or is brought into the equation. You just don’t get along with an idea that breaks the envelope to cause something to expand. You don’t get away with that. Because there’s always a little bit of an ill effect that’s created from something like that. And it’s subtle, but it’s there.

So therefore, to do something like that, you have to have a type of permission, or a right, or a sight, in which to do it. Yes, it is part of a process, but it is not something that is imposed. It happens naturally when every denominator in a whole is embraced.

The flow then, reaches a natural crescendo, that is able to take a next step, as if that is effortless in the transition. But when there’s a push to break out, or to expand, or to cause it to be more, that doesn’t really work.

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