An Infinite Array

SKAThis series of dreams opens up an idea that is extremely important in these times, and it’s the concept of personal religion. What this speaks about is the idea that, the Pope, the Dalai Lama, or any religious or mystical leader cannot do our development for us. They can only show us the way, one way out of many, and we must take that initial guidance to find the rest of the journey in ourselves. So each journey is truly unique, and that puts the responsibility squarely on us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, in my dream it starts off in which it’s kind of obvious that there’s something wrong in my meditations that I don’t necessarily have the depth that I used to have before, that can somehow set up a subject matter, and then the coming to understand it is better in my sleep.

However, I can’t judge that or anything. It is what it is, because whatever variance, or mannerism, and avenue that it takes me on I just have to go along with that. And I guess I have to realize that when I get in the meditation, or try to meditate, whatever it is that I do has to contend with the mannerisms of the day.

And then there is something that then gets set in accordance as some peek-a-boo from within that correlates through all of what is depicted in a condensed outer way, and that then is the revealing or unfoldment.

So the storyline image of the meditation dream is that I am seeing that things can’t fall apart beyond a particular point in a way that is real, but I suppose it’s possible that they can be finessed, but it would be a lie. And that ultimately what is going to happen is, from a standpoint of timing, yet to be seen when and how all of that is going to occur. In other words, there is something afoot that isn’t yet quite on the horizon.

Well, the reason why this is looking like this is because things are still breaking down. And things are still breaking down because everything that is trying to open up from within is only able to go so far, is only able to confront things up to a particular point, is only able to bring across a certain subtleness that goes into life to a certain degree – and can’t take it beyond that certain degree.

And it may be able to clean things, but it can’t shine them, it can’t necessarily shine everything. And so there is an element of confusion that exists because the inner has to get to a point where the inner and the outer are one and the same. And it’s not able to realize that, and it works as a system and as a science, but it is only able to work up to a particular point.

So there are all kinds of new things. The myriad of life is opening up more and more all the time. And the unusual approaches that have been used to try to heighten consciousness aren’t as effective. Meditation is not as effective anymore. The holding the dhikr is not as effective anymore, because within each of those there is a tendency for there to be a mannerism, or a pattern, or a type of impression that gets imposed along with that.

And the same is true following any given teacher. Each teacher has a thread that goes all the way back to the whole, but this whole thing has gotten so complicated and such that you can’t become carbon copies of the teacher. Each person has to awaken through the guidance of the teacher, and then find with inside of themselves their own unique quality and thread to the same thing.

The cleaning, it doesn’t mean that they clean better, but they’re able to reflect and shine something better that way. But if they continue to hold onto just one simple schematic, then the work can’t be done. You can have all of the tariqas in the world and they all are at cross links from each other.

So the dream starts off in bits and pieces to show me the process. And in the dream I am aware of a process that I am trying to emulate. And to get a better handle on it, in order to get closer to it, I go into a library to try to check a book out, and the book out, on the subject.

I don’t know its exact name, but I know enough about the book that as soon as I open it up, the pictures and whatnot in there, I’ll know that that’s the one. But I do know the subject and so I describe that subject to the librarian in a general way. The librarian comes back with two books that are in keeping with the subject matter.

The smaller book is incomplete, and the larger book that is very, very old and has very interesting bindings is similar, and when I glance through it I mean it follows the theme, but it also portrays the approach in a slightly different manner.

And I don’t know what to make out of this. I look all around the book to see what the price is because I want to buy it, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find the price to be over $100 because it’s a good-sized book and fairly old. But I’m surprised it’s only $85.

And my sense of the book is that this is important in that it’s been ignored for a long time, but I still haven’t found the book I came to the library to get, so I ask the librarian if he has anything else on the subject. And it turns out that there is one other book but it’s in use, so I can’t use that. I can’t get access to that at this time. So I realize that for now I will have to make due with this. Hopefully it will get me by.

So then the dream switches and I find myself putting away dishes that have been washed in a dishwasher – and most of these dishes that I look at are okay. Most of them like the plates and whatnot you wouldn’t notice certain things anyway, but there’s a glass that I look at and it has this really slight water film on it, and although it is clean, it isn’t as clean, it isn’t as shiny as it should be.

And everything else will kind of suffice. I mean maybe they could have used some shining, too, but they’ll suffice because everything is clean. And it’s almost like this glass is alive and, against the will of the glass, I’m going to put it back into the dishwasher. There may be other items or something around. I know that the detergent that I have can get rid of this film, so the glass will sparkle. Other things like I say could have probably been freshened up, but nothing is as obvious as this glass.

And the meaning is, what is opening up and being made available is not 100% identical to the process as initially revealed. There is a subtle different way of covering the subject – but I don’t know this to begin with. I just go into the library to get access to the system that I am most familiar with, and then I suddenly realize as I start trying to deal with this that what opens up for me is a slightly different approach.

And in the shift I am shown that this approach is also complete in and of itself, and it augments the other. I suppose I was concerned that it might take away. I am surprised to learn that there is a place for this in that there are times that this approach is able to help things clear, to be clearer, to shine better. I do not know if it cleans as well as the other. That remains to be seen.

Then all of a sudden this pops in. I do know that there is still something able to open up that is from a schematic that I hadn’t realized was there in this way. The way I am shown this to be true is I discover in my pocket a whole bunch of pennies I hadn’t realized were there. I feel I need to sort through them to see if there is anything that I need to pull out from all of this that augments what I already have.

And, of course, in the image the way it’s shown to me is as follows: I have already set aside pennies in a drawer that are older pennies that are keepers, to which those in my pocket, which I haven’t sorted through, I need to look at and identify to see if there are any in there that need to be included.

So the deeper meaning of this is, each of us awakens in a slightly different way. We are, as an essence, one and the same, but that doesn’t mean that we are mirror-image reflections of each other. God is so big that there is no one way to know him.

What works fine with me at one point in time has a slightly different need on another occasion. The underlying thread and where this comes from remains. This is why there is no one way to the same thing, and that there is no single path that can do the work. Life is set forth as an infinite array. The more you come to know that, the more its myriad opens up.

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