A Central Note


Jeane’s dream provides a very compelling logic: we should stop looking at the details of life to gain an understanding of it, and instead we should look at the entirety to get a clearer sense of what is going on. That may seem strange, but there’s truth in it. It’s not the pieces that explains the whole, but the whole that explains the pieces. Look for the deep connections, not the separations, if you seek the truth. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I’m still struggling with dreams that have such a strong reverb in them that I get lost in that reverb.

In this case it’s like near the end of the dream I’m seeing this pattern and what it is, is it’s like whatever the situation is that someone’s struggling with – and in this case the person is Miley Cyrus, the singer – she’s given a certain format in which you can sing which makes it easier to be successful.

And I’m talking to somebody else about them, and showing them that people are given this formula and, when they are given this formula, it makes it easier to handle whatever’s going on in life.

But then that person points out to me that, in this dream at least it must be right after like the war with Germany, and Miley Cyrus was on the side of the Germans, so why is she given the song? They don’t feel like that’s quite fair, like why is anyone given this particular pattern rather than maybe the people that were perceived as the good guys.

So then I start struggling with that, so then I struggle with the formula and what the song is, and then like this person is saying, why is this person given it just as equally as this other person? And I can’t quite figure that out, so I start reverb-ing with it. And then that reverb is so loud I can’t really remember much of the rest of the dream.

John: Meaning that that’s probably the dream, which is that – my dream had to do with just to show you by contrast – because I don’t reverb and reverb quite as much as you do because that is more of a trait where you’re like in life and trying to make the life natural and get it to properly flow. And yet you can’t help but try to still distinguish things.

And your reverb dream is trying to show you there’s nothing in particular, there’s nothing specific that makes the difference, in other words, as if the overallness of life isn’t good enough, and that there’s just a central note, or central theme, or central song, or central energetic that permeates through everything, and everybody has that. And that you don’t have to go around trying to look and see where it is at because it permeates through everything – if you know how to look at it, and to experience it.

And I think the scenario that kind of set that sort of thing up was I saw the theme in the outer get established yesterday and it occurred when I was talking, and it was like I had a certain agitation or mannerism about me, but then I suddenly realized that everything that is unfolding – it all comes together, it all makes sense, it all is designed to resonate in a way that is inclusive. And that you do not take and go and try to exclude anything, or to try to differentiate one thing from another, and that whatever is in front of you, you take and you work with as part of the unfolding scenario.

You have to honor that. You honor that quality that takes and requires your attention in that regard, and if you don’t give that your attention in that regard, then something is missing in terms of the way you are able to feel yourself. And in your dream you’re having to recognize that that attention cannot be specifically segregated and oriented, that you find that it’s in everything. It’s all around you.

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