A Brighter Way

Marko Djurica
Marko Djurica

When we speak of “letting go” in a spiritual journey, we are talking about peeling away the things that have become layered onto us, through the lens of our upbringing, our education, and the culture we grew up in. Why? Because those things are not natural to the human, they are reflections of a world that has lost its connection to human purpose. But human purpose is always there, within us – we only need to remove that which prevents us from knowing for us to begin our journey home. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream, I have to learn kind of through the school of hard knocks, in terms of going through a deviation, and realizing, and finally having to come to grips as an aspect of kind of sight, an aspect of recognition. In other words, I find myself having to deal with the little habituations and mannerisms, and suddenly seeing how those habituations and mannerisms rob me of the connection – and I see that as an aspect of light.

I haven’t had decent meditation dreams for some time, but last night was one that was kind of interesting in that in this dream I’m suddenly opening my eyes, abruptly, and am amazed by how bright everything is. The shift from sleep to awake was so abrupt that I am kind of dumbfounded, confronted even with having to accommodate the difference, the brightness, because it’s a brightness that I’m not used to seeing.

Usually I wake up more slowly and in doing so do not… well, I probably take on more of my natural mannerisms and whatnot so I don’t alarm myself with such brightness. But this time it was like I just jolted awake, and by jolting awake the light was still flooding everywhere.

Now what is interesting was this was in a dream. I did all of this within the dream. In other words, as I’m saying this it wasn’t like I just came from my sleep, opened my eyes. It’s like I went from one level to another level. I went from a deeper level in a dream to another level in the dream, and in the dream saw as if I had woken up, was dreaming that I had woken up, and was seeing everything really, really bright that it was almost hard for my eyes to look at.

And by doing it like this it is causing me to realize that I’m missing out on a lot because in the outer world of reflections, before I have dulled it with my moods, reactions, complexes and such, it would have more brightness that you do not notice when you are in some sort of peculiarity.

And so I can’t help but wonder if it’s like that just on a dream level, what would it be like if I actually woke up from a dream like that and was completely in the space of where the dream was at, rather than being able to denote this in an in-between way?

A dream like this enables me to see that I am missing out on a lot when my overall being is burdened with worries, indulgences, moods, however you want to describe things that keep a qualm over and establish a manner upon which you carry yourself.

And that by waking up abruptly like this, which is something that’s like… it’s almost like something that’s a memory. It tries to almost shock you at times and, in the shock, catching you off guard – for a split second maybe you might find yourself okay, or natural, or in a space that you’re meant to be, and see that, that you did that, as opposed to still being all tied up in knots.

So when you’re shocked like that or when you suddenly flash into something like that, and forgot to put on your jacket of veils or something, that life is clear and has a greater brightness and aliveness.

I guess in terms of what’s going on there you’d say that for a split second I was shifted into an altered state of awareness that I am not accustomed to seeing because, for whatever particular reasons, it became possible with me not having to carry the indulgences, or moods, or mannerisms that tend to be part of how I am in my ordinary self way that predominate. And in their predominating over me, it keeps me from seeing things clearly.

And by seeing things clearly, whatever it was that I hadn’t quite understood I suddenly now understood, based upon the way the brightness was in the environment. Everything was bright. I suddenly understood something that I hadn’t understood before. It was some little thing that I was missing that the mood or mannerism had been getting in the way of.

And so I can’t help but note that if such a contrast exists like this upon a dream state level awakening, what would it be like in terms of the contrast between an accentuated inner awareness, and the awakened outer world of conditions?

Well, basically that’s a strange question to ask because it just points out that you should be able to just go back and forth like that, that the outer should be real bright like that, too, and complete in its way, full of the information and consciousness that light carries – just like it is on the inner. And that the moods, or tones, or mannerisms that you have get in the way of that.

So a dream like this points out that attitudes, moods, reactions, and other nuances limit a consciousness that is possible when such conditions are not there and I am able to naturally reside more in the light. What I am able to realize automatically from such a sight that is free of barriers is that it even kind of takes the breath away – because it is so relieving to be free.

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