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1395901850lightConsciousness isn’t just about letting go of the psychologies and mannerisms that prevent us from being more natural and attuned, it also involves being more pro-active in our relationship to life. Said another way, we can use our awareness to create connections between us and other things, whether aspects of nature – the water, trees, animals – or other people. We do this with an intention that upholds a selfless quality, such as kindness, or compassion. In this way we can become additive into life in a positive sense. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So after having an interesting meditation dream, it’s almost like I must have laid back or settled back because the dream I normally have at night wasn’t all that dramatic. Usually the meditation dream might tweak something, but then it unfolds more in my dreams later. But in this case all that occurred was sequences of images which seem to portray that I am on the wrong track in terms of what is unfolding.

Like the first image I see is myself trying to come up with a song that will be appreciated. And the first song I tried no one paid any attention to, so I’m wandering to the other side of the room to see if this other song will work. And I already kind of know that for some reason I’m not in the right motif. It’s no different. I mean it’s like I’m estranged from everything else there, so I can’t hit or find that note.

And then also in another image I’m in a courthouse showing another person what it was that I used to do. And I pull out an envelope – I used to go through envelopes in the mail at the courthouses because I got indications and clues, especially if the mail returned, and sometimes the people responded, and then you came to understand why it was that they weren’t paying their taxes or whatever.

Well, this first envelope I pull out had responses in it from the land owner that indicted that they were doing the best they could. And so I pointed out to this person that I don’t pay any attention to something like that then. I just let that be because it has been worked out in its own way.

And as I put it back there’s no more envelopes, and this purse is all full of other personal things. And it’s like, how did this happen?

And so I characterize that just as an image in and by itself, and then I characterize this next as like also as an example of being estranged, in that I now am looking around the rest of the courthouse realizing that this somehow another is separate. I was looking in there like it was part of the courthouse, but it seems to be something estranged from that.

So now I’m starting to look around the courthouse and there’s nobody that can give me any help, no clerks that are involved, and I can’t find any envelopes. So, again, somewhat estranged.

And then I have the image that seems to contradict everything that I’m doing. In other words, what I’m doing seems to have a sense about what is going to be unfolding, or occurring, and so it’s going so far as to point out that you take 10% of that, which I come to know as a number and recognize and go over in my dream that that is 10%, and I do the opposite with it. And that, somehow or another, that makes things more balanced.

I know that it doesn’t necessarily mean what you might imply literally. What it means is you take that energetic and you apply this to the first dream. You take the energetic that’s on a deviated tangent, in terms of the way you’re struggling and coping with things, and you flip it so that it unfolds in your nature in a way that causes whatever it is that you’re looking at in terms of your attention, it causes that mannerism to open up in a different way.

This actually is a very, very deep meaning here. I’m just now seeing it. Because a person is in the outer, lives in the outer, they can’t help but be affected by the fact that they formulate mannerisms and ideas about what is proceeding. So this is a condition of outer existence, and the inner awakening of that it is shown that if you can just take 10% of that, and pull the plug on that, pull the string on that so that instead of it pushing you as an outer motif it is allowed to have some movement, that it’s neutralized from that direct mannerism.

And if you can neutralize it, then it is an innerness that brings in an awareness. And it works this way as a type of prima materia where the tension and the friction of things is transformed. I create my own tension, but what I notice of people on this path have the tension of the path. In other words, it’s kind of a path in which people suffer inside their mannerisms and nature as they come into recognizing and seeing things. You know, they take everything literally.

And, in my case, I go through this by taking and bringing out the mannerisms and the traits, not having to look at them in an inner way, having to look at them in an outer way, but then come back and hit and inflect upon me in terms of getting in the way of the inner.

And so this little image that I couldn’t shake, kept repeating and repeating, and is like a seed thought of how you work with the prima materia of the outer. That when you’re working like that in this way, I just need to turn around and flip that energetic so that it creates an awakening and an opening up, neutralizing its effect in terms of its hold on me as a nuance or mannerism.

So that it then can open up to something even more as a freedom – and then that then will coincide with the first dream, in terms of bringing in more light. In other words, this is kind of like telling me what I’m doing as a path and, of course, I go through and relate what I see is going on and that the meditation dream established the theme of not carrying in my synapses estrangements of my attention because that keeps me from accessing what is real.

But then I had that 10% thing that showed me how to do that, to make sure that I always have that part that isn’t indulged. And I come to know things and of course from this in terms of what’s going on, I’m seeing that I’m coming to know things by the brightness that is emanated, which accentuates when I let go of whatever it is that I might be inclined to be imposing upon myself, that weighs down my being. And when I let go of it, everything gets brighter. And that’s how consciousness is. Consciousness involves access to more and more light.

And then in the regular dream that I had, I just see myself as not in the groove of what is happening. I cannot find the note, just like you couldn’t find the note and you were reverbing and reverbing in what you were attempting to dream, and the dilemma was the note was right in front of you. It was there for everybody, but you were reverbing because you thought it had to have a certain specific characteristic or mannerism about it in order to be appreciated. And so I can’t find the song that works, and therefore how is it that I’m going to be able to help myself?

So the meaning of the dreams is the dreams are seeking to shift my attention from how things had been, in terms of my approach in taking things too literally in the outer, and it’s kind of like pooh-poohing all of that, such ideas, because they keep me functioning in a kind of a tension that is contrary to catching up with more light.

Yet at the same time I need to have that tension. I just need to transform it, which was that 10% thing, I just need to turn the direction of that around and see what that is really about in terms of what it is trying to say as a tension, because instead of directing and trying to make it happen in some particular way or manner that I’m inclined to try to do, instead I need to look at that and take myself out of it and see what it is really pointing to – because it’s not a mistake.

It’s a communication, and it’s done in a wholeness of the outer, except I’m not seeing it as a wholeness I’m struggling with it, and I should see it as a wholeness because it’s part of what is aspected to be.

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