Being Divergent

Universal-OnenessHere’s a ponder: with the world in such a state of disharmony, where are the solutions? Where are the ideas that can help us find our way forward? Perhaps it has to do with the idea that John discusses here, in that any solution that wants to help usher in the future must take the whole into account. It would have to consider the relationships, human to human, human to animal, and human to planet and find a path forward that accommodates all those aspects. To disregard one part is to disregard it all. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, that’s good because what we had done initially, I like it when it comes out fresh like that, original like that, because when you struggle to try to bring something out it comes out kind of canned, initially.

And that’s also my feeling, that’s also my feeling of something that the teacher wrote that was put into the Huffington Post and, as a consequence of reading that, and my meditation kind of drilled down on it, too, and has been drilling down on a schematic about the condition of things, I found myself for example let’s say I was at the center and the teacher asked people what they thought of, how did they take what he wrote there?

And most people, all drinking the same water, would have said, oh, it was great, it was very helpful, it was very informative, it was very revealing or whatever they might say. And if he would’ve called upon me I’d have had to say it straight away; I would’ve said: it was flat.

And so what does that mean? That means that it lacked the energetic punch to cause an epiphany of awareness in terms of inner coming into outer. Now, that’s how I could say it, you know, when I’m in the right space, but ordinarily in a space in which you’ve got those who are drinking the same water and you’ve got that kind of atmosphere and a set note in that atmosphere you would’ve had a deviation in the atmosphere.

And the perspective that people are caught in would have kept them entrapped in their perspective, and they wouldn’t have been open enough to understand what it was that I actually meant. And so I found myself, as a theme so to speak, in terms of trying to get to the bottom of a problem in life. I found myself trying to figure out how to do it. You know, how do you say this, how do you come across?

And I realized that I couldn’t. Try as much as I can that when you’re dealing with a sense-mind world they’re going to have that perception in relationship to how they come to understand things in a sense-mind format – which is a collective. Which is really interesting because I’m looking at a collective in regards to things that are spiritual even; in other words, where you might say you have a given tariqa or a given note.

And so if I was pressed to make a fool of myself, which I am inclined to do, to further explain what I mean by “flat,” I might say something like: Hollywood does it better than what you’re doing. Boy would that be rude. And how is Hollywood doing it better?

Well, there’s a movie called Divergent, and Divergent seems to be apropos for what I’ve been dreaming and going through in that it takes, you might say, four or five different you can call them tariqas, or you could call them aspects of consciousness – specific notes and mannerisms.

And so it’s set in a scenario in which society as a whole has broken down and so the rising up from the ashes of things has to do with a society that’s based on four or five accentuated character types, or notes, or qualities. And each person tends to have one more than the other developed inside of them, and so they take a test when they get to a certain age. And then off of that test their lives become more ordered and directed in relationship to how this particular quality or note is.

And what the movie shows is that that doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because you do have little differentiations between each of the different notes and, as a consequence, you can have one taking itself and propelling itself over another and you can have a little rivalry or vying that goes back and forth.

Now they each supposedly have the same intent, and that has to do with a balance in terms of living in a more commodious way. And of course when you adopt a particular note you’re more or less aligned with those similarly situated. But over a course of time it’s realized that that can’t work anymore, and so you have then the name of this movie called Divergent, that there are a minute number of people who have all four or five characteristics, cannot differentiate or choose one over the other.

And therefore they are a danger to any given one. In other words, if they get cast in any of those other four or five they can’t fit in, and you can’t put them in any of them because they won’t fit into any of them. And the reason is because they have bits and pieces of all of them, and that is what they hear and that is what they know.

And when they hear and they know and they can access, and they access this through a stillness, a complete letting go, recognizing that, you know, and of course in the movie it’s portrayed that when you have this complete letting go and stillness everything then is like an illusion instead of some setness, and therefore you can take and do something that is mindboggling to those others that are in a set limited defined expression motif.

And therefore you can’t be predicted, and therefore you’re a danger, and therefore you’re called divergent. And anything that’s divergent has to be obliterated, has to be snuffed out. Which caused me to realize that the reason why I struggled with what the teacher was writing was I realized that you had to look at that in a divergent way – meaning that the reason why it was energetically flat was because it did not include the whole picture. It included a bifurcation of that picture.

The whole picture is covered when you take into account everything that exists, and when you take into account everything that exists of which the reflective is an image of everything that exists but, you know, who can grasp the full meaning of the reflective, so the tendency is to take some bifurcation of it and accentuate your understanding and your connection that way.

You then live in some sort of capacity that gets a canned energetic after a certain point in time. What do I mean by a canned energetic? He’s been on this theme for quite some time. Actually, that’s a good way of putting it. He’s been on that theme for some point in time and it’s gotten stale, it’s gotten bland.

It does not propose a solution anymore, it’s more complaining. And the whole thing starts off in terms of identifying the fact that on an experiential level people are feeling a heaviness, a weight, a burden. Well you bet you they’re going to be feeling a weight and a burden when you get caught in something that is no longer taking into account the fullness and the wholeness. You know, that’s why it is said that no one group can do this.

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