A Type of Magic

4df1fcbAlong this thread of things needing to come together into a wholeness – in the sense of finding ways to go forward into the future – it is interesting to see what’s happening in the creative realms. Often artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians tap into what’s onsetting before the rest of the populace does. That’s because in many cases they get paid to sit and imagine what’s next. And these threads can turn up in the entertainment we see. If we look around, there are quite a few trends appearing! (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What came out in my meditation – I went into kind a scoping out. In other words, I was my own worst enemy inside of myself. This mental mind/sense thing took off, and it took off and it was huge, huge. And yet the answer to that is the same answer that is always the answer whenever I meditate, and that is to go into a quietness and stillness in which I am somewhere else. I’m just gone.

And eventually I did that, but I went against myself to a greater degree as a consequence of having been swept into a dullness first, you know trying to make something out of something that’s flat and so that gets us back. Why was it flat? It’s flat because it missed something.

And that’s why I could rudely say, “Well Hollywood’s learned to do it better than the mystics.” You know, Hollywood at least proposes the idea of an intertwined oneness as opposed to looking at things just in the physical orientation and presenting it in that motif to the point where there is a lack of flow. You lose a certain breath of air in your being because it has a heaviness as well.

In other words, Hollywood presents the whole subject matter in a nice, cute little way and then actually points out the answer – and the answer is you have to have all parts. And when you have all parts you’re what is called divergent. Divergent means you’re not any one thing in particular. You’re all things, and therefore what you can do is something outside of the capacity and the recognition of anything around you; and therefore a danger to any given motif, or any given dogma and that’s the story of Divergent.

That’s the deeper meaning of the movie Divergent. Now Divergent has a particular intensity, but this was actually presented in another movie from a long, long, long time ago. The movie first came out in 1964. It was remade with a colorization in 1973, I think, and it stars Tony Randall and Barbara Eden. It’s called The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao.

You don’t even know that that’s Tony Randall until the credits are run because he acts out all of these different parts. He plays all seven roles and the main role that he plays, the role that’s the central part, the noun part, is a china man – and he does that really well.

Now he draws out these other traits and aspects that most people just look at and ponder in terms to what degree they’re a little of this and a little of that. Very few people realize that what’s important here is the inclusiveness of all of that. I just found it fascinating and interesting, all of those components.

And now I’m at a point of realizing that something has to shift, and shift in a big way, because all of these components have to be pulled together in order for there to be a true oneness. That you can’t have this little aspect and that little aspect. I mean you have all different kinds of yoga’s and you have teachers of all these different kinds of yoga’s, and there’s something neat about that, but you have to let go of that, too.

Some yoga’s are advanced enough to know that certain other yoga’s you move beyond. Some people haven’t moved beyond that, however, so they still stay in that note. And what you should actually realize is that if there are certain yoga’s that you move beyond then who’s to say that the yoga you’re practicing isn’t a yoga that you move beyond?

And then actually the better way of looking at it is all of the yoga’s need to be included because, if you look at what makes up the human being, a human being is the composite of everything, they have the angelic in them, they have the jinn world inside of them where their traits and characteristics kind of come about, they have the devil quality, they have all of this inside of them.

And they have to incorporate all parts, the raw energy, the angelic part, they have to incorporate all parts in order for there to be a wholeness. All the notes have to come together and, when they come together, they actually come together in something that is like a type of magic.

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