A Huge Step

170It seems clear to many that we live in changing times. But, of course, that means there is a shift in universal energies as a first principle. What that means is that it’s not about the things we see in the news each day, but that those events might be symptoms of a greater ailment. And what is the greater ailment? That we are completely, as a race of people, disconnected from our human and, therefore, spiritual purpose. It is our separation from the world around us that puts the human race at its greatest risk. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I realize that something is shaping me for something yet to be. I’m being shaped from within. I have something that I haven’t quite caught up with as a type of alignment that is important for something else that is scheduled down the road in terms of an unfoldment. And that I am meant to see this, pre the fact, that that’s the process is all about. Each thing leads to another thing.

I have seen where the starting of all of that can be just exquisite. The dreamworld stuff can be just exquisite, before it gets flat if it doesn’t keep flowing, and opening up, into this whole other realm of an overallness.

I have seen how techniques and such that people do can be exquisite up to a particular point, ceremony, dhikrs, can be exquisite up to a particular point. I have seen how, for example, when I was first awakening how profoundly taken I was at just reading Rumi, and nowadays that won’t touch me.

And then I used to even read the writings of Rumi, which is unusual that I was able to find writings by Rumi, and that was exquisite. And prior to that when I was under Raj yoga I was reading the writings of Vivekananda. Well, Vivekananda who was the preacher for Sri Ramakrishna doesn’t quite do anything for me anymore. Why? Because I am octave into having to take into account a greater equation, and that greater equation is a greater intertwining. It’s an intertwining that hearkens to a bigger wholeness

You’ve got to take and pull all of this together. When you pull it all together it really is true that the inner and the outer can come together, and that change happens from the inner. But ultimately the lie in even that statement is that in the end the inner and the outer are magically so intertwined that there is something that cannot be explained that happens that catches up with everything.

Or otherwise if you don’t reach that point, if you don’t catch that point then the age of big data, the age of the internet, in which something is oppressive over people, is just going to continue to be that way.

And when that sort of thing continues to be that way, then it raises the question as to whether the experiment of life in which a hidden treasure wanting to be known created manifestation, which basically means man, as a means by which it can see and hear things through, it will mean that the seeing and the hearing cannot come together in a wholeness, that the inner and the outer cannot come together in a wholeness, that the inner that is imbedded and hidden in the outer cannot come back to a fruition with the inner, and the inner and the outer cannot come together as a oneness. Therefore there is something of a mirage going on.

I don’t think that there is a mirage, and to the degree to which one acts as if there is a mirage, or that this is an illusion, and this is a movie, is going to be the degree to which they are going to be caught in a mind/sense reality which, nowadays, is going to be putting them in a position of falling further and further and further behind.

And the old way of looking at it, that used to be so much better in the past when you could take and you could go off and you could have wonderful experiences because you only had the 10,000 myriad of things, and now you have a million myriad of things, and therefore it was better back in the horse and buggy days as opposed to the jet age, that’s all bullshit.

What it means is how wonderful it is right now to not have to be in training wheels, to have to hit the ground running. And in order to hit the ground running with all of this stuff thrown at you like it is nowadays, you have to sweep inside of yourself to this wholeness that includes everything in order to cope – and when you include everything in order to cope, it’s actually very radical.

I think it might be possible to be different, because something might get so nailed down, so set that there’s no room for equivocation. And if we’ve gotten to the point where there’s no room for equivocation because something has become defined in such a way, then life itself is getting snuffed out because an aspect of a certain kind of mindfulness is still in the way.

It’s not inclusive. Everything that happens is meaningful. Everything is alive, everything. We are created out of everything that has already been created. Man was created of everything, and therefore man has the means upon which to take all of that another step.

That step that man takes that in goes beyond all of the senses and the orientations of things that hit one, that cause one to formulate something this way, or that way, which holds something back. Now, it’s not meant to be held back. Deep down it is not really being held back. It’s just that we haven’t quite got the memo.

In other words, the fact that this life that we live in has reached this crescendo point in which something so much more is overwhelming the average person, and the average spiritual person no matter, how conscious they see them getting in a particular manner or note way, still being overwhelmed points out that they aren’t yet catch… because that’s a reflective in the outer, big data is an aspect of something of an innerness that’s coming through, that’s emerging even though it hasn’t quite reached itself literally speaking, because we are affected by this impact, it tells me that the innerness that this period of time that we live in, that this innerness, that this quality of what’s coming in is a huge, huge step.

The Chinese kind of understand this by the Yin Yang principle. They say that the greater the age of darkness, the greater the possibility of the light. Which means when something speeds up as a kind of darkness you have to shift in another way to accommodate what is really going on as the change agent behind all of that – because it isn’t happening on some sort of channel all by its lonesome self. Or otherwise you’d believe that there are two things going on.

That’s why I don’t believe that there’s actually evil in the world. I believe that that’s an aspect of something nailing itself down that has separated from a wholeness, and therefore is causing this other aspect to be something that it has to fight with and does not know how to let go of.

I believe that this essence of whatever it is that God is includes all of it. If there is some aspect that isn’t included, then you’re going to have a duality in some fashion or form. You’re going to have two things instead of a wholeness, instead of a oneness.

The fact that you do not pull the inner totally into the outer, which means you do not really see the true light, you imply it within your beingness, means that ultimately you are susceptible to being confused, twisted, disoriented, constantly contaminated or misaligned.

And if you take in everything, if you can take in it all, if you can accept it all, if I can eventually let go of the me that is raging in some level inside, in a contaminated level inside, able to let go of that instead of following that out as a projection of a collapse and a breakdown, if I can let go then there is no collapse, there is no breakdown. I fall into the stillness in which everything is just fine.

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