The Age We Live In

looking-into-the-futureAn important idea is being put forth here: we must stop trying to fix things from an old viewpoint because it won’t work. We need to look at things in a new way, a way that includes all people, all flora, all fauna, the planet herself and everything that happens. We have to act from an understanding of how everything is part of everything else. That’s real religion and spirituality. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I am finding that there are people who need to hold onto some level of spiritual understanding that they have, and if you question or challenge their spiritual understanding that they have you’re asking for holy terror.

And thus you see that in our attempt to become more conscious, and in our attempt to become more real we ultimately end up, over and over and over again, purging something. It’s a purging into the various notes of things, and then from those notes something is lost. And then that which is lost, when it is touched that which is touched then or seen or recognized, is seen then as a threat to any of those notes per se. And so how is that able to cope?

You have to break out in an all-inclusiveness – and that hasn’t been done before. Apparently. In other words, over thousands and thousands and thousands of years what’s arisen has been the evolution of things. You’ve had Lao Tzu, you’ve had Buddha, you had Mohammed, you had Krishna, you had Ram, you had Christ, you had Moses, and Abraham. On and on and on you could go, and each of them brought something in that caused something to take steps.

But now what’s called for is the pulling together of all of it. And we live at a point in time when the pulling together of all of this just does not seem to be possible. Like for example in the outer you see things more broken than ever before. You can see people living under a kind of oppression as if the data and big brother of things is overwhelming them. And therefore they cannot find a calmness, or quietness.

I see this no matter how I look. If I look at congress it’s busted, too. All systems seem to be busted. Why are they busted? It is because there is a rejection of this versus that, going on constantly, instead of an inclusiveness.

There’s no inclusiveness. This idea of inclusiveness has gotten lost in the world. It’s lost no matter which direction you look at it from. All of this has got to let go in order for there to be a coming together of an intertwinement, so that what happens happens in a proper inner and outer wholeness. Or otherwise you’re always going to have these tangential natures.

Consciousness has gotten to the point where it can see all the tangential natures. You know, if you’re talking the world stage you can say how Europe is, sees how the United States is, it sees how China is – so that nothing can go except in circles.

This is what keeps things from ever coming together, because every little note can see every other little note and until it all is able to go, poof! and be all inclusive, you’re going to continue to have this quality in which a breakdown of overwhelm is going to predominate.

So whenever you feel the vibe of an overwhelm just know that the feeling that there is something that is overwhelming to you is implicative of you not letting go in some capacity.

And this quality of not being able to let go in this capacity or that capacity permeates the outer right now, and requires this huge step forward in terms of an intertwinement that will lead then to an instantaneousness that is capable of taking in, and accounting for, and working with everything that’s unfolding in the age that we live in.

And that’s what’s so fascinating about right now. And even though there are teachers and people that are here that are saying this is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time to be alive because this is a time of a shift and a change, because everything is speeded up. And you’ve got various projections that you can look at in terms of like Mayan prophecies and whatnot that have to do with how time is doubling, and going at this pace and that pace faster and faster and faster and faster, and the whole implication is this is coming to an amazing crescendo in some fashion.

And then you have this whole talk about how wonderful this possibility is. Okay, it’s only wonderful if you can somehow or another let go to it – and that‘s the challenge. And any complaining means that you’re not doing it, because there is no “personal” that one can cotton to anymore.

That’s what we’re shifting into. And so when things happen, they just happen, and they happen in a wonderful way. And it can become an all-inclusiveness if it’s accepted and embraced, if it’s accepted and embraced.

But who accepts and embraces in a oneness? Who sees themselves in the eyes of others and others in their eyes as one and the same? Who can do this? And until one does this, you’re going to have these separate notes. You’re going to have these distinctions.

Horrible. And, of course, the only way you know that it’s horrible is when you are able to fall into the stillness. Otherwise, you don’t know the problem. But when you fall into this emptiness, this quality of a letting go, that’s when you see the other for what it is. Until then you don’t see it. Until then you are still acting as if there is something going on.

And that’s why it is very, very difficult to talk about things or to discuss things or to propose things. But I know that this alignment step has to happen first, and it’s imperative that I put myself into it, somehow, not even knowing what I’m putting myself into as the alignment necessarily.

At some particular point it’s a total letting go, or otherwise you just throw your hands up in the air and you’re in the amnesia.

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