pleyades_stardust2Our dreams can recreate the scenarios we find ourselves in, as a way to give a more complete view of what is happening. Here, John’s dream tells it in the plainest terms: he is hemming himself in by creating artificial barriers to being in the flow. And those barriers can often represent our “personal” view of how events should unfold, or our ideas about the way things should be. But we must let go to all that; we are here for the universe, it is not here for us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And in the meditation, the way this starts out is that a condo or a place, you know, that I’m in, is located between two parameters in a location that I support. And so, as long as the condo lies between the parameters, if the price is able to stay between those parameters, I am able to know how to, you know, to deal to and fro with the issue.

I know where I’m at, because it’s between those two parameters. But the parameters are a problem. The parameters leave me hemmed in. But, you know, I can exist within those parameters, if those parameters will hold together. In other words, I can buy and sell and trade and live and conduct myself between those two parameters.

So, what I am seeking to do is find a workable arbitrage or, in other words, a way that doesn’t get lost in the action. And I won’t get lost in the action if I’m able to just stay between those parameters. For example, if I’m in an antique shop, I can buy at one price and sell at another. Again, it’s an understanding of the parameters. You know where your spread is at.

Well, the sensation of a dream like this is that I’m compromised, because I am continually having to adjust my heart in relationship to how the parameters are. And I do this in each scenario and I’m using the self-limiting parameters. In other words, in your particular case you were dropped into a bigger equation, but for some reason, the inner and the outer, you know, were just at an extreme. In other words, you didn’t have them natural. In my particular case, because I don’t necessarily know what natural is and I’m dealing with trying to follow an order or something, I’m trying to put things within parameters, which is kind of a control.

So, whenever we compromise a situation, the heart gets strung out. We compromise the situation by establishing parameters. And when the heart is strained, a joy is lost. And when a joy is lost, an uneasiness exists. And the consciousness, well, it gets defiled or veiled, or however you want to say that. So that’s what this sensation is like, of functioning like this.

And the meaning of it is that I’m observing how it is that I get caught up in what functions as a spell that controls my reactions. It’s like a spell. A spell that I have just kind of taken on, given what happens, I react with flinches in the heart rather than with a letting go and an openness and reacting in the opposite direction. I’m reacting in a way that you react in the outer.

So I’m no longer able to relate with an openheartedness, when I’m in such a condition. When I’m reacting like this. Instead, I support or remain kind of mired in what is a weightiness, which is perpetuated forever long as I’m unable to let go. It’s a weightiness. In other words, the heart’s not letting go. The heart’s going back and forth, but you’re finding yourself trying to measure things with the heart that it is bounded by parameters.

If you’re able to get your way and everything stays within the parameters, then you can convince yourself that everything is copacetic, but the parameters still have an echo about them in terms of keeping you bounded. And that makes it hard for you to let go. A part of you remains tight. And if you get too close to that tightness, there’s a weight to it. And that weight, then, is very depressing.

So, to free myself, I need to drop this from my being and be empty. In other words, the example of that is to be able to be connected to something to such a degree that everything else around you falls away, which is what the path is like.

In other words, the connection to the teacher is something that is to a point that, when you connect with the teacher, anything and everything else that you have going on in your life needs to be able to drop in that split second. And when that can happen, then there can be an access. Until then, you’re still pushing off. The emptiness carries a graciousness and deep intertwined linkage, which goes beyond the duality of sorting out mannerism.

The dream is portraying how things, like arbitrage, or the self-protective notion that you can put and establish and find a security when you have boundary-written defined parameters. It’s a nice idea, but what it does is it destroys the conscious heartfulness. It is outside of the empty heart.

So, to dream something like this, it’s intended to be a healing dream in that I am shown that I lose my heart when I am not totally letting go. And I am trying to establish functional parameters instead, which means then that one is conducting themselves outside of and away from an emptiness. And when you’re not able to find an emptiness, then the conditions that predominate, that you’ve manufactured as a barrier, as a weightiness, twist the heart, and cut it off from things.

When I’m in this, it’s kind of a plight. The intensity that is a weight upon the heart, tears you up. Well, how does it tear you up? In my particular case, it can be extremely sad. And then you suffer and what happens is you suffer for as long as you remain bewitched by what you keep doing to yourself, over and over again. In other words, trying to sustain or maintain something that is not in the note of totally letting go.

It’s kind of like the idea of there being a hundred things to be done, and only one thing that’s the total letting go of it all. And to the degree to which maybe you can take and figure out how to bicycle this way and that way, and do the other nine-nine things really well, if you never totally let go, you’ve missed the opportunity.

And the total letting go is a total letting go. In every degree that you see yourself, there’s a problem. In other words, you have to become that “less than dust,” or you have to become so empty that it’s as if all of that goes for the sake of something that touches you so deeply. That has to inflect through.

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