All That God Is

spiritual-energy-healersEverything that we see and experience is energy, cloaked in some form or another, i.e., in the cloak of color, or sound, or smell, etc. In our journey, we want to be able to understand what is happening beyond the first cloak we see, into the realms of understanding what is causing a thing to appear the way it does. That’s why it is said that all the world is an illusion; the truth of what is really occurring is only revealed at higher levels. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now how does it work with life? I’m coming to recognize that after some point where you have the outer vibrational energy that comes down, the masculine energy that comes down and touches things in life and gets all caught up in that to whatever degree that it’s following that momentum, there comes a point in time where it recognizes that what it touches and wakes up it can breathe in, that it can sweep up.

And when it sweeps that up, it feels that in the breath and it feels wonderful, it feels joyous. Well as part of sweeping that up you’re not sweeping that up unless you also can then address and feel the pain. That’s all part of it.

And so what I am starting to see is that in relationship to the sweeping up, where your breath feels full and whatnot and something then penetrates and exudes because something came down as an energy, touched something, awoke something, and then you breathed it in and it swept it up, I can see that more clearly with sight, how that works with sight. But I’ve also seen that you have that for a period of time and then it changes, as maybe a few more breaths go by things have changed, the reflective has changed, and the outer has changed, that you can’t keep going to the same well again. It doesn’t keep working

And so little by little I’ve come to realize that the importance of the breath has to be all four of the senses in order for it to be a consistency – or otherwise it’s just a state experience and then it will pass away.

In other words, like an insight could come down, let’s say for example in a feminine aspect of things there is a confusion, and then the masculine could bring down an insight that makes complete sense to the feminine and then everything opens up and breathes.

But it won’t stay that way because there’s four senses and you’re only taking into account one and, over a course of time, the other senses of taste, hearing, and smell that are all part of manifestation and all part of how something looks, and is, or has its nature in a time and space modality, you have to hit the higher octave of each of those senses in order to have a consistency with this breath that, to make up a term, is breathing in kind of like this liquid light, or in other words that something that has touched, opened up as a higher octave imbedded in manifestation that you can breathe in on an in-breath.

As you breathe that in on an in-breath you have to breathe in the higher octave, the higher side of sight, of hearing, or sound, and sight being light, of taste, and of smell; maybe one of those would be associated with sensation.

And also I’m noticing that this breathing in quality works in each of these different aspects or senses that make up the composition of manifestation. The breathing-in works for me noticing that it has its validity, it has its validity on an element of when you have the insight coming down and it touches something and you get it as a “wow,” you know, and it’s such a relief – it blasts out the moods and everything else that would be part of a denser manifestation.

Then the in-breath of that is wonderful, wonderful. And I can see that it’s that way with sound, that something that completely soothes and transforms just vibrationally as a sound can also be breathed in, so I know that the other senses will go along with that, or are going to be like that.

The key here to trying to catch up with all that God is, is to get to the essence that is everything. And within the essence that’s everything, within the chemistry that is manifestation, you have those four traits that have come together, the sight, the sound, the taste, the smell. These are characteristics and qualities that come off of manifestation.

You have to take all of that back to its essence, which is a type of non-existence, which is a type of place in which there is no time or space. When you do that you’re now playing in the vernacular of what God is. But if to some degree you’re not, and you’re still caught up because 99.9% of everything that’s going on has to do with the way the senses are firing off about things, if you’re still continuing to relate in terms of time and in space – which why wouldn’t you because you are in physical manifestation and your soul that is everything is trapped in a physical presence that is caught in the magnetism of things like this, you’re just never ever able to quite catch up with what is really going on.

But what is really going on is something that is the higher octave, then, of all of the senses. And so, you know, when you really start to look at it like that then you kind of come to understand why in life you have something that works on all four aspects, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

You come to realize that you have to take all of that in to understand what is God. You can’t be just off on one note or the other or you will find yourself overly indulged, in some degree or another, still caught up in the modality of manifestation because the greater reflective wholeness includes all four of those characteristics. You have to take them all in.

And of course that’s a way of saying it that way, as opposed to saying it, you know, in terms of the higher octave of sight, of sound, of smelling, of taste, which is a kind of big question schematic that is working in my nature in terms of this belief that we live in a period of time in which it’s important for everything to be included because everything is us.

And in order for everything to be included because everything is us, we can’t go off on just one thing or another to the exclusion of something else. In other words, we can’t just be Naqshband and ignore Chisti. We can’t be just masculine and ignore feminine. We can’t be just music oriented and ignore the sight.

In other words, behind everything that is condensed down, we like to say it in terms of a speed you know where light comes down to sound, within everything that condenses down there’s a quality out of that that is a nothingness.

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