A Narrow Channel

Vanishing_point_in_tunnelIn Jeane’s dream, she experiences the need to be on the move, like she’s being chased, going from one thing to another without any rest – against the backdrop of war. And that lack of settlement can be an indication that she’s feeling overwhelmed. Often when we can’t take in the whole of something, we end up focusing on smaller details. That may give us a sense of balance for a short time but, ultimately, it makes us vulnerable to the greater effects of the whole that we’ll be unprepared to handle.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dream was like one long chase scene, but it wasn’t like a rabbit chase. It was more like I’d be traveling across countryside with people. And we’d travel sometimes on animals or sometimes on a train, might be an elephant. Another time I had my dog with me, then I might be walking and I was looking for a dog to take with me.

And it’s like I had to keep moving because you felt like there was, if not a war, at least some kind of conflict that went on. I remember one time when we stopped and rested some place, we were in a building where my sister bought a lottery ticket, but I never had time to buy a lottery ticket. I might look and see what people did, or what their system was, but, you know, I was looking more at that time for my dog and where it went. And it felt like there’s also an elephant we could ride on at that place. And I just felt like this need to keep moving.

And then, it felt like after I’d ridden on the elephant, there was a time when there might be a brief train ride, and then there was walking and looking for a dog that I could get and how to get around some obstacles. And the dream just kept going on like that. There didn’t seem to be anything in particular, other than having to keep moving because there was some kind of war going on.

John: Well, if it wasn’t for my dream, I wouldn’t understand that. But because the vibration is the key behind all of that, and the vibration in my dream had to do with the way of taking in the outer and, in my case, more of the inner, and recognizing how things get shut down in terms of the outer, based upon how manifestation becomes manifestation, and you lose the connection of the greater other parts of yourself going on, which you need to have, because once you get into a mood or a tightness or anything like that, then you shut down. You estrange yourself from this other dynamic that also has to be there. In other words, everything is God and you have to have all of that included in the equation.

If I didn’t have a dream that kind of indicated that, even though it indicated it from, you know, I’m going to say a masculine way of seeing it, I could see then how in a feminine way of saying it, you would be having a chase scene, for example, that you were trying to resolve or contend with by taking in, or finding, or catching up with other parts of yourself that were missing, that would be needed to give you some sort of sense of balance, or assistance, or guidance, or just a sense of well-being that was missing, and therefore, had you continuously on the move.

And I guess I can also recognize this from the scenario. In other words, the scenario that I’ve been going through has been one in which I’ve been affected by certain patterns and actions and conduct and mannerisms that have a way of causing things to have to repeat, or have to be indulged in, almost as if one has set in motion a synaptic firing off that you have to feed.

It’s also true of like people who like try to go on, using this as an example I’ve used before, that they try to go on say, a fast or something, and then all of a sudden, the effectiveness of that causes something in their synapses or selves to scream out like they’re starved. And so they end up eating more than they would normally eat before had they been just going along as usual.

Well, this is the nature of the way things work in a dense matter, in that the cellular makeup of things that’s pent-up in life in manifestation, has an energetic about it. And that energetic can get skewered when you don’t catch up with the greater dynamic—the greater dynamic of yourself—and you only hear things in some sort of limited way, then you go off on some tangent.

In your particular case, though, it’s more of a feeling that you just can’t find the scope in terms of how you should be in relationship to the overall. So it’s like you’re always on the move. You don’t find this thing that you need to have as an animal vibrational energy to ride. You don’t find this other sort of thing as a companion or a friend kind of quality, and it goes on and on and on. Meaning that you have gotten yourself too confined, or condensed, in terms of the manifestation of things, so that you don’t have the full freedom of your own synapses firing off in a way that’s more complete and open. In other words, this other stuff is not in sync or in flow in terms of the overall.

It’s a funny dream message, but it’s an interesting way to try to point out how it is that we take and miss out, based upon the fact that we steer or direct or focus our lives in some sort of narrow channel way and exclude other things in our life that we’re also part of.

And, at some particular point, we get choked or strained because we’re not including the bigger picture and the greater dynamic that is around us, that actually take an effort to make it so that doesn’t happen.

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