Shaping the Eventuality

textile_0Humans are often accused of living in the past, and are told they should live in the present moment. But there is a higher process that is possible for us, and it is touched on here, in John’s meditation dream. It’s the idea that we can be in the present moment, but also assisting in ushering in the future. That requires conscious intention and an openness to what wants to unfold, rather than any idea of controlling what the future should be. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It was an awful interesting theme in terms of dreaming. Again, I didn’t pull anything more out, other than through the meditation dream, but the meditation dream had two of them, so that saved me. There is a third that would have been really nice, but the meditation dream went so deep that I guess I was lazy, plus I didn’t get to bed until pretty late either, as a consequence of stuff like this.

And the first one was fairly shallow and benign. There was a lot to the beginning of it, that I repeated inside myself, and there was a lot to the end of it, that I repeated inside of myself, but then when I woke up and remembered it, it was just the middle aspect of it.

And the dream is one in which I’m imaging that the further out of the flow something gets envisioned—in other words in terms of timing and whatnot and the parameters—the further out you go, the more it is in a position of not actually happening. Because little things could happen that can change things, so that the parameters and such have to be adjusted, and so on.

To this is the contrast with that which is in the money; is, in other words happening straightaway. So I’m forced to feel what it’s like when something is taking place right now in manifestation, versus the something that I can see is impending and coming and there are parameters and conditions in which that is still encompassed, but those parameters can change. And you have to know how to adjust those parameters.

At first, my initial reaction was, this is terrible to have to be going around experiencing the parameter and knowing that you’re not right on the parameters, you’re just doing your best and you’re constantly going to have to rebracket those, if circumstances change.

So, as a consequence, I’m no longer able to alibi or put off the inevitable. In other words, I know that it’s like that. I can’t put it off. I don’t know how or to what degree I can accept my parameters.

So my attention seems to be front and center, trying to look at what is necessary in the moment. You know, from my perspective, when something is unfolding, coming in from the future, it’s nice to be able to have a sense of it, but I don’t have the luxury of a potential inevitable.

The importance of such images is I’m having to take into account the actual and what that feels like, versus the potentiality that is still out of touch. I’m confronted by experiencing directly that which is the precursor to a potentiality that can no longer be put off. I’m having to deal with the parameters and try to take the parameters into the present, rather than put it off and keep working with the parameters – as if I’m able to function and guide what is transpiring that way.

In other words, I guess the sense that I’ve been having, is I don’t precisely know what is going to be taking place. I have an idea that I feel in my bones, so to speak, but the timing of that and what it’s really going to look like does really kind of bother me because it’s almost like I feel like I should know.

So, I can come to grips with that to some degree by putting in parameter and functioning within the parameter, work within the schematic within. It really drives me crazy when I’m not in the schematic and just working with the parameters. Somehow I know that, you know, that’s odd. Really, my synapses want me involved in the middle of that, too, taking a position and then trying to work within the parameters.

And yet, it’s difficult because I can’t put off the equation of the parameters. It used to be I’d put the parameters in and function in between and be able to be okay with that and accept that. But now, I can’t necessarily be comfortable that the parameters are going to hold anymore, that they have to be moved all the time, too.

So, in the dream, I have the option of experiencing the future in the present, meaning, in other words, going through something directly in the present and dropping the parameters. It forces something else to have to open up, which tries to bring it more into the present. Or postponing this. And if you keep postponing it and putting parameters out there, you won’t have a reality until you’re 80. That’s a strange statement wasn’t it?

But if it’s not until then, then I’m just able to not have to contend with being too directly creative. I just exist in an ever evolving flow, able to embody the unfoldment, but not necessarily be conscious about it. In other words, not bringing it into the present. In other words, because I have the parameters up there, so things stay a little this way and that.

When it is actual—and I correct this in the next dream, but this is what it appears like—when it is actual, a density exists that confines as it contracts. Now that is actually true. When it’s actually a density that exists, it confines as it contracts.

This is what keeps a human being from being able to be conscious of things, because they live in the physical and they go along in the outer. And you’re going to have this density. In other words, as you wake up, your senses work, you know, you’re confronted by things, you’re responding in the moment to them, and you contract. Or, as it is put to me as a creative gesture, there is this sizzle, and then there is the eventuality.

In the dream, to be constantly shaping the eventuality, is the work of the Sufi. To live in the outer and all of the limiting antics requires a sense of humor, as shown in the next dream.

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