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maxtWhen journeying in the realms of spirituality and religion, it can often seem a somber, or at least sober, and serious approach to life. But human life was never meant to be a drudgery, it is meant to be a joyous experience and celebration. That’s why we find ourselves on a planet of such plenty, with no natural enemies (what we have created here is our own doing). Here John has a dream to show him just that: we can’t hold on tight to our view of things, we must stay flexible and be alive and attuned to what is happening. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, the next dream shows the importance of laughter and joy, because you’re not meant to get too contangled in things, too lost in something.

So in this dream a friend has formulated a set opinion that is like a cancer, because it festers away and limits what is possible.

And the way this works is there’s three people, and this thing happens between my two friends. And one of them develops an attitude where he shuts off the other. And if he doesn’t quit doing that, then a dynamic upon which we used to free flow together, the three of us, is lost.

So to be restricted and impacted like this, it’s actually caused a lot of freedom to be lost. In other words, there’s nothing more. He doesn’t really relate to my friend anymore. And, as a consequence, I have to leave him alone because he’s in an estranged way. So, I have to try to fix that because I need all of that in flow. That’s all part of something that’s the greater whole.

Basically, what we’re talking about here is not getting too condensed with things. And my friend probably had a right to get condensed, but he took it too literally instead of his soul being more in the overall.

So, what I suggest is that we walk through an area where my friend who’s set to leave later today, e’s set to leave and he won’t be back for a while, and he’s going to be carrying that condition. So if we’re going to have any effect upon him at all, we have to have it now.

And he has stopped to read the paper, or we expect him to be there reading the paper, and at least we can bug him or go there and do our antics or whatever, because we can’t let him leave in the mood that he is, that he has towards my friend, which indirectly, you know, then affects me from being able to be, too. All of these being parts of oneself.

So, we decide to play with him to see if it is possible to lighten him up. And whether our friend can see through the antics or not, is another thing. At least we will make a valiant effort and create a humor to awaken a potential flow. So, the gig we have in mind is to walk through the area and, all three of us are guys, only we need to lighten this guy up and create something that’s ridiculous.

So we’re going to walk through, holding hands together. And because we’re both guys, this is apt to get his goat, so to speak. And this will tease his attitude and hopefully cause his manifest condition to get jarred, that he’s harboring.

And just to try to make sure that he doesn’t just look up and snicker and go back into his tone, I suggest to further top it off, that I carry a bouquet of flowers in the other hand—you know, like you have got married or something, to make sure we get his goat, or he is overwhelmed and drops this mood or tone that he has, because this other has to be sorted out.

In other words, the idea is to reestablish the creative juices, so that they flow and that something will again become possible as his set nature gets set aside.

The meaning of this is this dream is pointing out that the heart of a human being is not naturally designed to be confined to set, manifested mannerisms, ways, and conditions. The heart can work within parameters, but only when it is able to maintain a flex and a flow, and have a comfortability in which it can move and adjust the parameters, even though that’s very dangerous. This is very dangerous because you can get lost in the whole confinement of the parameters. It’s very dangerous, but it’s better than going off and sitting in a stupor.

So, because the soul is such a dynamic overallness, it is able to play with those parts of itself that get stuck in a density, which is a reoccurring condition, because we live in manifestation. And things in manifestation get rigidly compacted. So, the key is to take on the challenge, in which the soul is able to play in a joyous wonder of make believe and magic, a quality that exists when the freedom and potentiality is able to stay alive.

The reason for having a dream like this is to show that a Sufi does not get caught up in anything in particular. In other words, just get all defined in something and then not be able to be. A Sufi is able to take the set dynamics of manifestation and flip it into a greater spatiality, so that a potentiality is reawakened and the imaginative is quickened.

This is where the joy and play are afoot. The soul is able to play with itself, laugh at itself, and love everything it sees, because everything is harboring the need to be reawakened to this greater naturalness.

This greater naturalness exists when the soul is not too transcendent because that leaves manifestation behind. Nor can the soul be buried by the reflective conditions that get set in a manifestation, because that leaves the heart in a delirium. And as the heart sings and the soul rejoices, the whole quality of the heart and whatever it is that makes a person what they are, is able to dance or to be in a state of flow and rejoicing and happiness.

So, what I’m talking about is the humor side of God, in which the parameters are kicked out from under a scenario, and the mood, tone, demeanor, and setness is tweaked. The tweaking, when it works humorously, causes the soul overly lost in manifestation, to lose its self-limiting definition as it opens up to wonder and humor in life.

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