The Platform and the Will

DoorIt’s lucky for us that the workings of the universe are unfathomable. We’d be insufferable if we knew it all. So how do we understand our sense of separation as an individual life, against the idea that the universe is a single entity, where everything within it is part of a Oneness? Think of it this way: we are born on a distant planet as separate entities, yet it is through our spiritual journey that we learn to reconnect to the wholeness of everything. That is what we are designed to do: reconnect to the energetic realms while we are in a physical form. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Here’s where it gets interesting. If you were looking at it from the standpoint of the divine hidden within the reflective which is the waking up state, and that area that most people have some degree of orientation to, you know, thinking that there’s a heaven and a hell. They have some degree of orientation in this area. They then will believe that there is something like a god that’s separate from them.

And when I was looking at just that area, the way I would characterize it is that a human being has the platform, has access to the will of God, but he’s not the will of God.

Gosh, if I really ponder what I just said I’m talking about kind of two different things unless I guess I’m willing to just say that the illusion is the illusion, and it doesn’t exist, and it’s just a motion picture fabrication type thing – and what exists is just this will of God.

Well, if just the will of God exists, then what am I? Well, you kind of have a sense that there’s this entity quality to you that fights for survival, that reacts to things, and yet then it goes bye-bye when there’s just the soul and the body is dropped.

It does seem like we’re still playing with a duality, but when you flip it around now to where you have advanced the waking up to the point where you have to now live what you’ve woken up, and to where what you think you have to be careful of because it can manifest, and that hypnagogic area that you can have as you are falling asleep, you can have it with your eyes open too, you can just daydream.

You can develop an affinity there that can create. And when you develop an affinity that creates, the highest level of creating is to bring something through from an aspect in a vibration that’s rising up out of a stillness. And that vibration that rises up out of a stillness is what? That’s God, right, coming in motion?

And so for a long period of time you see yourself capable and able of effectuating things in this regard, and so now your objective instead of subjective. Now you are more extroverted as opposed to introverted. Now you’re living something as opposed to being more responsive and seeing it from within.

But taking the density out of those words extroverted and introverted and going to more of the essence, you’re closer to the essence when you recognize it as something that rises up out of a stillness. You’re living it, but you’re still living it in the multiplicity of things, changing things, shaping things, reordering life.

And so you’re still going to have a certain degree of conflict in terms of whether or not your idea of reordering things, to the degree to which you are able to backdoor the essence coming through you, and reshaping the images of things, you’re still going to have issues in terms of how pure you are – in terms of what you’re doing.

Now what does purity mean? I saw last night that that means the difference between total quietness and stillness, or not. The highest state of shaping things is a total stillness. In other words, to begin with you realize that you can have an effect upon things.

Let’s just take for example the Chistis. So the Chistis have all of these various techniques that they go through and all of these techniques are designed to cause you to be able to access a recognition of something more divine in your nature, a higher self-quality in your nature – amidst your outer orientation.

And so the sort of stuff that you’re doing can actually kind of like get a hold of you. If you work at this well enough, you develop a certain kind of chi or charisma, energetic presence, and it can seem interesting, but it’s a magnetism still that is oriented in an outer way. It’s not a true letting go quality of pure essence only.

In other words, this aspect of it that has a kind of being quality to it, entity quality to it, goes away when you don’t have the dynamics between the platform and the will of God. The idea of a platform and a will of God is a way of perceiving that exists, with the will of God being separate and a human being being like the platform or that quality in which, through the magnetism and a gravity of things able to hold the infiniteness of the soul. And thus you have the outer reflections.

Looking at the ability to live something, looking at how you get to a point where your thoughts create and shape, looking at that takes you to a point that can get dangerously close to seeing that you now are the will of God. Well now you’re finally starting to talk more and more a oneness. The other is still kind of a bifurcated head game kind of duality pretend oneness.

And it’s still a duality if you’re just kind of dealing with the vibrations that are rising up, and then you’re taking those and you’re processing that through, pushing that through, that vibration through to create the reflections or the images. That still is kind of a messing around, but all of it goes poof, all of it disappears if you take and you find the emptiness, the stillness.

Now, this emptiness and the stillness and the ability to live this is an ongoing thing that you have to be able to do in the day-to-day.

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