Shock Therapy

Sometimes things happen in life that shock us from our “going-on” state. Sometimes we do things to shock ourselves out of whatever state we’re in – or even allow events to unfold in a way that will ultimately shock us. And sometimes our dreams use images to shock us, as a means of showing us what is occurring in our life, or for showing us the eventual outplay of some path we’re already heading down. We can’t prevent all of these scenarios from happening, but having a conscious awareness of what is happening can be a great help. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my last dream I’m helping people get on a bus, and I’ve been doing other things to be helpful. But then when I go around someone comes along and they give the bus a shove – and they don’t even notice that they did. Because then when I go around to the front there had been someone lying near the front of the bus, and when they shoved it that pushed him so he hit his head on something and it looks like it’s bleeding.

And he’s unconscious, and they just kind of ignore what they did and get on the bus. I’m kind of shocked by this, that they don’t even notice that, and I don’t know whether he’ll be okay or not.

But, anyway, that scene kind of shocked me so much I lost the rest of the dream.

John: That’s what things in the outer do all the time to a person, they push them, they shock them with the sensibilities of the outer which actually hasn’t got the pace, or the speed, in it to cause you to be able to keep from being discombobulated by it.

So some part of you, apparently, has the sense that something needs to be jolted, or speeded up. But the condition we’re in, it’s impossible to do anything about it in some way that works with a mannerism, or attitude, on our part because whatever we do just tends to throw us more and more into the swirl of getting knocked out of place.

And, of course, the scenario from last night could have triggered this, too, where those characters were getting drunk and carrying on, and they were taking themselves so out of it that they only thought they were enjoying the program. They were actually, in the end before that guy got hauled off by the cops, he was actually not even paying any attention to what was going on. He was just off in his own tranced out world and doing bizarre things.

He thought he was giving himself a little shove that got him somewhere by drinking and carrying on, and to a point it may have looked like he was enjoying the program but he wasn’t. And the other one got the same way and would get totally lost in some sort of energetic that the person thought that they needed to catch up with to the point that it wasn’t about that.

They weren’t staying in the flow. They weren’t appreciating what was going on. That sort of stuff was just sad and strange. It really took a lot out of what was going on there. It was like the whole music and flow and whatnot was too much for them, and so they flipped out.

And what was interesting is whatever mannerism they had they infected a lot of people around them. They had all kinds of strange things going on. It had people carrying on down below. They had the characters behind them that seemed sensible carrying on or buying into it. It was just peculiar.

So your whole dream was like trying to figure out how to jolt yourself into a different pace and, in doing that, you just shocked yourself out because you don’t know how to do that. You can’t be trying to do it that way. And thus, when you do that, you put yourself in a state where you can’t remember things.

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