Connected to the Particles

particle-collision-02It’s very curious when we imagine the space between the atoms or cells in our body as being very similar in dynamic to the stretches of space between stars and planets in the universe – a comparison that has been made but many people over the years. In John’s dream, he finds himself at the atomic level where everything is in a natural flow – yet also connected throughout the whole of the universe, without differentiation.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I got presented with an experience that was like in a whole other reality in which there were three possibilities. One dealt with me being able to look and see on an energetic level how things would end up or result if the current present course of unfoldment continued.

What you’re doing is you are kind of like looking at this thing in terms of some sort of energetic reality and you would see it after a certain number of years, or at a certain pace or point. So first of all there was how things would tend to be if one continued as usual.

And then there was how things would be if one continued as usual in terms of the speed, but change the octave of what you were doing; in other words, had a little more sensibility to things, but did not have the speed, and what that would look like. And that was better. It could even be considered acceptable. In other words, things weren’t continuing to break down.

And the third thing is if you also adjusted your mannerism properly and then picked up speed – what would things look like? And that was something that put one in a state in which you were in a flow that connected to everything that existed.

Now what’s interesting is what I saw, just like you have the physical body and the physical body is composed of atoms, and between the atoms is space, which is actually an aliveness in that space because it is part of the synaptic stuff that fires off, and there’s a communication in other words that exists, that goes back and forth in terms of the way the atoms work. And that blueprint has a continuity to it in terms of the whole physical nature of one’s self.

And, of course, then that divides and multiplies and grows and changes, and there’s a whole consciousness in that that works for the maintenance of the body in a way that it just occurs without any thought. It occurs subconsciously, or however, in terms of how all of this maintains the body.

Well, I was seeing this in a greater context in that by picking up the speed I was seeing everything being like little particles, or atoms, and the space between. And if you were pushed to this particular speed, or if you caught up or got into this particular speed, you just then, in terms of flowing about, and looking about and appreciating things, you were actually in kind of a type of subconscious, or subjective state, in relationship to the whole – and you just flowed and flowed between atoms, and you were at that right speed and at that right pace and you just flowed and flowed, and you just beheld and beheld, and observed and observed.

The way I wrote it up is, first of all I’m amazed at what I saw. Just my attention was being drawn to the third scenario, there was this change that existed all around by the speeding up of the flow. And that I was suddenly connected to the particles of life and intertwined with them.

There is no gap in such a flow. In other words, it didn’t slow down, or it didn’t miss anything. It always had a particle there properly spaced. It was almost as if by going back and forth like that it somehow or another maintained an aliveness.

So it was like seeing the atoms of the universe, but more than seeing them it was like I moved synaptically from atom to atom across open space with an ease that had me in awe. I watched and watched thinking that there would be a point where there might be a gap that was too big between particles that I wouldn’t be able to transcend, but I was never let down. I was at the right speed that no matter how it might look to my doubting mind – that was trying to look ahead or note what’s going on – this connective intertwined linkage was always there.

I was so lost in this wonder that I couldn’t wake up to write it down. Instead I kind of fell over and went into a deeper sleep in which I found myself exploring this wonder. Well, in exploring the wonder I would swear that this was a dream from another night or something, because this took on a total naturalness in which I’m exploring something that makes all kinds of sense because that’s all that there is going on, and that’s the given. And so it was like that had been inputted from somewhere, or came into my awareness as if it was a dream from before.

I just accepted this is the way it is now, as a given, and I just traveled and traveled. I notice the natural harmony and cadence of the timing, and I noticed that this existed as I resided subjectively in the essence – and I don’t go back to the condition of separation anymore.

I am simply twined in the ether of all there is, able to touch each atom, at ease. Being truly alive is being in this massive body of all there is in the universe, able to move through the empty space more impressed that there is always an atom perfectly spaced as I need it. And it seems that by going from atom to atom that this is like a perpetual motion, as if there’s something to going from atom to atom, too, that kept an aliveness going, of something going on, or otherwise it was just a big amorphous whole.

And I’m never confronted with a space or a point where there is something I am not. Wherever I gaze I flow, and I never have to worry about the pace again. I even seemed to let that idea of the pace, or missing something, or some crazy thing feebly crossed my mind, but now that I’m in the intertwined flow, it is so normal and natural to be like this that I can’t go back to the way things had been. It was as if I no longer knew how.

Plus, there was no time for such nonsense. I am consumed by the connective flow linkage as my consciousness. I just behold. I can’t help but just simply behold.

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