earth-sacred-geometryIt can seem confusing when we hear the idea that the outer world is an illusion; after all, what experience do we have to compare it to? But through his dreams, John gets a sense of what it is like to be set free within the flow of everything – and it feels to him absolutely natural. There’s no doubt that highly developed spiritual beings experience a different world than most people do, but that world is available to all of us, should we so choose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So that was the profundity of the state that I had, and I was speeded up in this state (see Connected to the Particles). And so when I came to bed it was like then having to factor in other things that would then slowly cause this space to dissipate, and I kind of knew that it was going to dissipate, too. It was like I could tell.

So it was interesting to watch again how one falls out of twine. So as I settle back into bed, leaving this meditation dream and now proceeding to try to go to sleep in the ordinary sense, first of all you experience the twilight in between. You’ve been speeded up so that you could kind of keep this sort of thing going, but then at some particular point you get fogged out.

And so the first thing I did was I wondered about how it was possible to come into a communion with what I touched after having been in the speeded up intertwined linkage. And I noticed that I simply needed to let go and, in doing so, it was like an invitation I needed to make. Such a sensation jolted me awake.

This is akin to traveling effortlessly within the heart as if everything is there, and suddenly it’s contrasted by the physical senses and mind as an interference. In other words, the interference puts one’s being in a flow now that’s in keeping with the mind/senses that preside. When the mind senses reside independently, I flip and flop about as I can’t simply and effortlessly be.

Before when you’re simply and effortlessly being you just don’t know how to be out of it. And then when you’re out of it you don’t know what it’s like to be able to have this connection that goes through everything, and is in everything.

And so when your mind and your senses come back and you slow down your attention, when you’re in this flow where the soul has moved around and does what it naturally does going from atom to atom and just beholding the wonder of it all, just is in the overall spatiality of things, it doesn’t make sense nor could you if you wanted to slow that pace down. Why would you? I mean, it would be perverse.

This is how you are. But then when you’re suddenly back into the mind/senses, your attention goes back upon the images of illusion and not upon the connective overall space and particles of the whole that are in a flow that holds your being in that way, in that overallness. But when you slow down and you come back to the mind/senses it’s almost like you’re consumed by this other instead of what really exists.

So what was interesting is when I was deep, deep in this state I could not take and… because I have a tendency to like to disturb things. I couldn’t disturb myself out of that. In other words, it was like it was unnatural. It was totally natural, but it was something I hadn’t ever gotten swept up in like this before. And so when something flickers like I can break it, why would you break something that is so totally natural? That would be unnatural; so that’s just a strange thought.

But then when you come back into the mind/senses and you still have the smoke or the flicker of that in a speeded up sense, it breaks because you no longer are in a space with this kind of depth on an inner level, which means you’ve slowed down, the physicality of things has gotten a hold of you.

But seeing that was interesting. I mean by seeing that that almost is like a help when one sees one’s self befuddled by things in the outer that you can kind of know that this actually does exist, and those three variables that were presented, the first two actually worked in the physical world. The third was the speed that caused you to catch up with something that is more on the wavelength of what the soul is all about.

The first one had to do with life as it is. And the second one has to do with life as it is, but understanding how to live in a proper naturalness and adab, but not having the linkage or connection with that speed that makes you complete and whole – that puts you into a state of whole. You’re doing things in the outer naturally, maybe not knowing how and why it is, but you’re not doing it in the bifurcated way that things are now.

And so you did end in the plus column. In other words, things held together and you ended in the plus column of things after years and years. But it was amazing the difference when you were in the right focus and attention and then had the speed there with it. Then that was what was amazing, truly amazing the difference.

So that was like the all sense of this whole image thing I went through. You know when I went to bed I figured there’s no way I could completely lose that, but then when you fall asleep and you’re in a different state and you get groggy again it’s like a faint memory. But when I first dreamt it, I dreamt it to such a degree that I could not come back and write it up, and so I just laid down there like I was sleeping out there.

But I was in this, and I just started trying to make notes, and to look at it. And I tried to do all kinds of things with it. I tried to absorb it. I tried to figure out what there was to report about it. And it was like an obviousness that I was looking at and reporting about as if from long, long ago, or a distant prior memory or dream or something.

And it was like I was going through all the nuances of it, as if there were nuances, as if I could find nuances, and all there was was just this space that just flowed from particle to particle. And I could look around. I actually didn’t have to worry about there always being a particle, but I could peer ahead and I could say okay there, there, there I have got all of those covered, unbelievable!

And it just went like that, and I’m sitting even as I was looking at that trying to make notes of something about that because there’s nothing else there. There’s just that movement that’s going on from particle to particle, that’s all-inclusive to everything that there is.

What’s there to report? There wasn’t anything hardly to report other than the fact that that pace now worked with everything that existed in an intertwined way. And when you come out of that, then you come back into the world of something that is dumbed-down, and densed down, that’s reflective, that’s dense and slowed down. That doesn’t have that vibration.

But somehow or another that vibration is important to hold onto when one has to come back down into this. In other words, you have this part of yourself that’s confined, and then you have that. It’s important if you’re going to be confined to have an awareness of that.

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