This is a Test

dream-classificationIt is very difficult to find sources for unbiased reflection, together with valuable insights about us personally. That’s why understanding our dreams can be so instrumental in making progress in our journey. Here John is shown exactly what is happening to him on an inner level, and shown what is preventing his next step, yet it’s done in a way that isn’t critical, so the insight isn’t taken personally. And best of all, our dreams will keep showing us, through new images or repetitive images, until we get the message. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my meditation dream I seem to be in a place where the most spectacular wonder in the universe takes place. In other words, everything kind of comes together and you have everything fitting together and it is like everything is in its natural little order. In other words, nothing is disturbed or whatnot. It’s a wholeness, it’s a oneness.

You might say that this is the basis of both the Chisti and the Naqshband as an image before you start tweaking. And I have a role in this, and I must come to know things from this as it facilitates the awakening within.

The unfoldment can also turn a person into a beast. In other words, as you see the unfoldment you can get into some idea of what you need to do about it, or what you need to think about it, or something like that and that could cause you to go off on a tangent, or to adopt airs or mannerisms. The changes take a person into a whole other way of being, and one must not let any of this go to their head.

In the dream I saw myself subjected to various tests. Little by little I’d see myself changing. I’m able to settle back and handle the situations with ease; in other words, if you don’t get into a doingness yourself.

A person who had military training attempts to bully me. We got into a test in which the object was to slap the other in the face. I had no trouble doing that with him. He couldn’t do that back; in other words, how you absorb something.

As I dominated the situation, or had a clarity of an energy that could penetrate, and figured out how to keep breaking him down, I noticed that I held this over him. Instead, I needed to become more humble and gracious. You don’t hold anything over anything because it’s all part of the flow – or otherwise you’re stealing it.

This seems to be a challenge for me. The dream appears to be indicating that I am being compromised, little by little, from how I should be, and not letting go with my heart as is needed to come into the depth of my heart in a surrendered way.

The state that is of a reoccurring nature in the dream is the aspect in me in which I can’t maintain any air or mannerism. So, I am now questing for the sight and humility. I am not able to let go and be in an overall vibration of oneness, which is what must happen if I’m going into all of life.

This is the challenge and test. And this is the reason I keep visiting this image over and over again.

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