Self Deception

spiritualpathIf we look at the way we behave during the course of a day, we can see that everything we do, all our choices, either turn us toward the path we are on, or turn us away from it. If we want to become entwined with what the universe is up to, then we need to become conscious of the ways we separate ourselves in thoughts and actions. It may seem like a constant struggle, but it gets easier every time we make the choice. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dreams last night dealt with two different directions. Both of them were flip sides of the same coin.

And when something is the flip side of the same coin, whether you’re one way or the other, is irrelevant. Both of them are falling off the edge equally, which is kind of how things tend to be. If you’re not intertwined, then to the degree that you go one way means you also go the other way.

Now the thing that you were accusing me of was being weird or strange, or shutting something off, because I was trying to hold onto an energetic that was different, thinking that there was a pace and a flow and a mannerism that was getting snuffed out, in terms of a whole different pace here. And the thing that needed to happen was to let go and to surrender; not try to identify with what one does in terms of the difference, which it also is a difference in terms of the need.

To not try to adjust, in other words, or establish a coping device. And to the degree that I was, and it made sense to me the whole day as I was doing this, that that was important, that was just portraying how it is that one stays in a beat-up condition because one isn’t letting the intertwined flow come through as – it’s designed to do – from this greater consciousness within.

Instead, we are inclined to bicycle around and formulate our approach, instead of being totally surrendered. The initial dream dealt with that scenario to begin with, and then it did the opposite, to show that both are just as bad.

In my meditation dream, I was feeling a sense of presence, in terms of how things are where I am situated. If what I feel does not seem satisfactory, I know that if I can get myself to the next railway station on the path, that I will find a presence and balance that I deem important.

What I am saying is that I have identified conditions that are more conducive towards an energetic mannerism I deem important in life.

Kind of the meaning of what I’m doing is I am formulating images and mannerisms that are characteristic in the environment that I think further a process of a more conscious, inclusive unfoldment. The key is inclusive. What I am assuaging has me believing that it is an energetic that furthers the natural flow and awareness.

But because I am able to recognize, in the dream, that the change I seek does not embrace an overall inclusiveness, as I settle back this should be enough to recognize for me and indicate that I have a lot of work to do to set such a belief aside.

As long as this notionality of having to contend with something continues, then I kind of live this notionality out in the outer, which means that there is nothing able to handle or come through that satisfies the need, which has to be in a state of letting go. And as a consequence, what I do, it causes me to lose myself, because I lose the space I’m in and I deem the characteristics that I should reach to to be an essential aspect to it all, which is not true.

The purpose of this dream is to enable me to see that I am placing myself in a set of circumstances that satisfy what I feel, as a quality or as a way, that I see it to be an essential quality to be taken on, which embraces my idea of how to experience life. But that’s not what a human being is supposed to be doing.

Yes, there are these ideas and beliefs, but there is more. And that one works and thinks that they have to contend with the proportionality of this or that, but as one does this, then they can’t catch up with what lies beyond that, only with what lies in front of it in a dense way.

And so you deceive yourself when you act like that in the outer. You take on a type of ego or pride when you act like that, because you think you have something figured out. Or it’s like an air that you have somehow bought into, but it estranges you from letting go.

And of course the scenario was is we came back from one part of the country to another. And that had me thinking that I had to adjust and counterbalance and try to hold a continuity that dealt and all with my new surroundings, which I didn’t have to hold that kind of continuity when I was at this other place. And instead, I just need to let go of that manner because it is a mannerism that throws me into a tangent that lacks this deeper recognition.

So, that was one side of the equation, which is to show that this same thing exists if you turn the coin over and you look at it in an opposite context, which is what I do in the next sequence of dreaming, in which I notice that I am inclined to want to support that which needs to be supported. In other words, you buy into that.

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