Blocking the Way

spiritualbeingsIt is counter-intuitive to think that surrendering and letting go is actually a pro-active state of consciousness. When we look around us we want to apply solutions to what we deem as problems. Yet from a higher perspective, everything that is wrong begins with our disconnection from the natural unfolding of the universe. When we become aligned to what that is, we become an agent for the universe to act, through us, on this planetary level. That is the one of the highest services into life a human can perform. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, that was one side of the equation, which is to show that this same thing exists if you turn the coin over and you look at it in an opposite context, which is what I do in the next sequence of dreaming, in which I notice that I am inclined to want to support that which needs to be supported. In other words, you buy into that.

Maybe it’s the same in a way, but it’s another way of looking at it. For example, if the people need someone to be on their side over an issue, I am inclined to feel that this is something I need to pay attention to. Or if a woman is being abused in some sense, then I need to be supportive. If society is breaking down in some way, I need to be there. On and on I went with this motif inside. And what I noticed was how draining this was.

It’s the flip side of thinking I needed to stay at a particular pace or flow to keep from being weighed down by the environment I am in. That was the first dream. This is the flip side now of dealing with that which is in front of me and that weighs me down.

This was the theme of the meditation dream. In other words, how you lose to a surrendering. And the scenario was when I came back to an area, which was caused—or pointed out that when I came back to an area that directed my attention differently—I found myself trying to hold a particular motif that I supposedly picked up somewhere else, like a missing piece or something.

There are no missing pieces. We just have to sit within a quality of ourself that identifies, that sees the things, but doesn’t take and go and try to formulate our idea.

And so there’s like two extremes. Trying to stay speeded up and untouched by the different aspects in the environment I am now in as one. Or to contrast that by thinking I need to come to the defense of that which needs some help or protection. The energies are flip sides of each other and the net effect in each extreme, is that of getting one’s self estranged.

Instead, I need to observe this but not think it is my responsibility to resolve it. Or to do something about it, as if I can resolve it. Because to any degree that I do venture or get that idea across, then I am failing to let go to a deeper truth that needs to come through me and cannot do that if I am in the way.

For example, if asked for an answer to some issue, and I acknowledge that I see the issue, but I cannot pro and con it, then one has a tendency to be keeping the need from being contaminated.

All issues, in which a resolution is proffered, cannot be resolved. This simply pushes things down the road or alters it or changes it, so that it comes into another problem later, if not immediately.

It tweaks the opinion and keeps the to and fro going. There is no solution in that. To see it and to carry a heartfulness, but not an interfering opinion, is to let go and embrace that which comes across through me, as an intertwining alignment.

To have a position one way or the other, is not how a person is and was designed to be. In other words, yes, you kind of are designed to be that way in the microcosmic sense of yourself, as a human being with a soul, that is confined in the human nature. But no, you’re not designed to be that way in terms of your greater overall and greater consciousness, because when you stop the mind from thinking and the senses from working, your soul is able to move around like at night and is able to have tremendous awarenesses in the universe.

What this leads to is the expression: The one thing God doesn’t have is our need. In other words, we need to feel our need. And the Creator comes alive in that heartfulness. And our challenge is to not get in the way, thinking we have now an opportunity to impute our say. We do not. We’re only able to be a conscious vehicle for ushering through that which needs to be seen, or to be brought into life.

When we act differently, as if we know, we disturb that process. I mean we mean to be helpful, but that only disturbs it. That only creates another kind of uneasiness.

So, what I am saying is that we need to be aware of what is going on, but let that go into a larger side of ourself, where the need is taken to heart and an intertwined resolution is possible. If we compromise this by trying to stay in a counterbalance, or try to help an idea regarding the need, we block the inner from making itself felt in manifestation.

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