Out of Sequence

man-09We tend to think of ourselves as one thing, one life – and we are, in a sense. Yet we also have different lives in us, i.e., the life that has discipline, and the life that rewards our efforts with an easing of the rules; the life that makes decisions by feeling things, and the life that makes decisions with the brain. They’re all part of our make-up. And they each have their own timings and speeds. If our dreams try to sort us out, sometimes that means getting the different timings in sync. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I had what felt like the same dream, a repeat dream with another dream but they all seemed to carry the same energy to me.

About the third dream in… the fourth dream I think is like the first couple so I’ll tell the third dream first. The third dream it feels like I’m trying to climb up something, and I’m racing up there with several other people. I feel kind of masculine and a little more oriental than western, although I could be western.

As I’m trying to climb up this structure, and through and around to get to where I’m going, there are other people racing there and one person in particular who is trying to get somewhere before me – and they’ll even try to throw you off, or push you, or shove you or do something where they think that they could cause you to fall – this one guy does, anyway.

And so it’s like sometimes as I’m racing up this structure, or going from one side to the other climbing it and everything, he might be there trying to do something to cause me to fall and I have to kind of shove against him. And then there are other people that occasionally I try to help climb – but it’s a very swift moving, almost like a martial arts movement.

At the same time as I try to get somewhere, and I even maybe try to help someone occasionally, I have to keep my eye out for the guy that might try to shove you off. So that’s like a very fast-moving dream.

John: You’re trying to find the pace. It’s kind of like you’re aware of the sensation of movement, of motion. There’s a rhythm to everything. There’s a rhythm in life, and what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to find what that cadence or that rhythm is. Apparently it’s important, I guess, for you to find that quality, or characteristic, of flow to be able to hear it, or to recognize it, in order to keep from discombobulating yourself.

The theme of the dreaming had to do with trying to tighten up, or come into a cadence, in some aspect or another with a larger quality of being. In other words, the pace, or the manner, or in your case the speed or the flow.

And, of course, it’s a big subject because one dream will take and put the impression one way, and another dream will then take and put the impression another way, and it’s kind of like patty-caking it together until you kind of settle into a rhythm that’s in keeping with how you’re meant to be – which is a change a bit from having to look at this something that was dictated by the nature and the way that your synapses fired off.

You’re not looking at it that way. It’s almost as if you don’t have to stare at the way that throws you around because your synaptic nature embeds certain qualities and characteristics and traits that send off signals that you respond to in kind of a herky-jerky reflective pattern way, and that keeps you going this way and that way.

That doesn’t seem to be part of this dream. This seems to be something in which you can look at this and get a sense and see yourself as out of sequence or flow – and seeing it could be 90% of it because then you can probably just naturally adjust, because with having a dream like this you also have the sense of how it is you should be.

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