Monitoring the Self

self-awareness-involution-Sometimes we laugh at ourselves because we suddenly discover that we’re doing something that’s pretty silly, or we realize that we really do know better than to act in such a way. It’s a small moment of clarity, but with it usually comes the relief of a certain tension or the letting go of a struggle. And so it is with our dreams, which can also display a sense of humor in the imagery. The reality is, we see ourselves in everything we do. And sometimes we have to call ourselves out on that. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The last dream I have I think is kind of like a repeat of a dream I had two or three times in the night earlier that I’d keep waking up from, and I’d wake up from, and I would feel frustrated and like I was having a hot flash.

In this dream, it’s like there’s a whole bunch of us just racing around a track, like a circular track. Then it’s like somebody suddenly scoops us up, and has us squished together, and is holding us up in the air looking at us.

And as I look at us, we don’t look like people. We look like a bunch of little piglets standing on our hind legs, and none of us are flesh colored. We’re either red, or yellow, or green, or black or kind of some off shade.

It’s almost like I’m stating something about the futility of behaving like this – like racing against each other, or something. And whatever it is it makes me so frustrated that each time I wake up just in all this heat, where I can’t stand being next to you, or anything. It’s like, I am just so frustrated.

John: So in this dream you actually have the part of yourself that self monitors going on, which in every dream you’re supposed to have some element, the fact that you dreamt it, that knows what the dream means.

And in this dream it’s like you have this element that is like kind of a self awareness. In other words, you’re able to see and observe yourself. And it’s when you can’t see and observe yourself, and you’re going around and you’re carrying on at a particular pace, or speed, or doing something that just creates more havoc and dilemmas for yourself – when it’s like that, that’s when things are actually kind of painful and awkward.

You feel out of shape, and out of balance, and in a more bewildered state. And usually you don’t dream something like that as directly; you dream it more indirectly because it would be such a shock to dream something that you’re not capable of contending with.

In this particular case the manner in which you see yourself off and whatnot you have a way of just stepping back and looking at yourself, and can shake your head, and realize just how ridiculous that sort of thing is in terms of the characteristic and the traits. And even seem to have an understanding, with the different colors, you just have kind of an understanding of how it is that you’re off – and it’s okay because you have a part of yourself that can see and laugh at that and, as a consequence, you can bring it back into a more natural, sane attunement.

The difference between the first and the second dream was, in the second dream you brought in more of the ability to have humor about how it is that something gets astir, or awry. In other words, you can kind of take and instead of taking it so literally and seriously, and beating up on yourself, you can kind of just pick yourself up and look at yourself, and chuckle, or something, or just are aware that you’re just that. It’s suggesting that you use a piglet!

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