Readily Present

floweroflifemagentaIn any given moment, we are only one of the energetic elements in a situation, whether it’s other people, the place itself, or any combination of many other aspects. Being in the flow of such a moment means being able to respond, in terms of speed (time), and positioning (space). We all know the stress of driving when we are running late, and feeling the anger arise when a car in front of us goes too slow. Yet on some days we are the slow ones who wish that “idiot” wouldn’t tailgate us. Being in the flow means being in sync with what the moment allows. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, I do kind of a three-step deal in terms of holding a cadence, or a flow, and a mannerism that is again trying to find the right way of touching and influencing things in the environment – which basically is myself.

So in the first dream, I come before a magistrate to present my case for relief. At first I am not clear where I need to be waiting for my turn in, other words, to present my issue. And there are two areas to wait in.

One area is closer to the proceedings, and that is also the area where the scheduler is at, so I stay where the scheduler is closer. And I’ve noticed and it seems to be the case that those who are here are taken sooner – even if they had punched in later that those in the more casual and removed area.

And the court is always running behind in its hearings, so it doesn’t matter in terms of punch-in time. It’s not like that’s an absolute, although technically you do follow kind of in an order, but that’s in terms of the room that I’m in, and other people may have been punched-in earlier in the other room, but the room that I’m in next to the scheduler gets taken first.

And so I have this way of knowing that I’ve positioned myself to be heard more quickly by being in this room. And those who come before the court ahead of me some of them arrived later but somehow or another got squared up and got punched-in ahead of me, and are also in the same room, which is in a more present area. And the only thing I could conclude is that they just naturally knew more quickly what they needed.

And I guess I still had to flip and flop about before I got punched-in. Which I guess what I’m saying is, I’m in the courtroom area plenty early, but was slow to get punched-in in order to get oriented. Apparently I had more sorting out to do. So, in other words, you’re seeing this remissness a little bit where you’re still holding onto something, as opposed to others who are letting it go more readily and getting punched-in earlier. Plus they’re in the room, they’re in the space that they need to be in.

I did know, however, the better holding area to be in. I also know that I will be able to come before a woman magistrate today. Those in the other room will probably come before a male magistrate who happens to be a person I know well, and who also knows me, and everything would have probably been easier for me if I would have went before him instead of before the woman. But that’s something that would be much later, too.

In other words, if I would have come before him the situation would be more defined and familiar, but I’d have to wait – and this would throw the timing off. Instead I’m at a point where I will probably make it before her and, if there is a change, there will be a change in the scheduler, which will actually make something feel better because even the scheduler who kind of knows that I’m punched-in pretty late, but still is inclined begrudgingly to have to empty this room out first.

So I feel pressed to get on with what I need to do, so I have positioned myself to come ahead of those and I am in this more subjective room. I’m to come before what’s considered a more subjective kind of woman magistrate. The man is more detailed in specifics. And I’m able to handle the specifics of the detail better, and the casualness and the shucking and jiving with him, and not so much with her, but that’s okay. It’s a little less predictable what will happen in front of her.

And what happens is the magistrate does change, and that wipes out a certain kind of self-conscious attitude because being in this room I’m a little bit guilty over the fact that I probably fudged a little and got ahead of all of this in the other room, but this room is more present. I’m not necessarily as relaxed or prepared because it’s a women magistrate instead of a male magistrate, but I am able to get on with whatever it is that is meant to happen then, instead of having to go at a slower pace.

Those in the other room have to wait longer because they didn’t utilize their time to be more readily present. That’s the only difference: I’ve made myself more readily present for better or for worse. It kind of puts a different pace on things.

And so that’s the first dream in which there is a gap between the two rooms, and one is a shifted room that has to be dealt with more readily, but not necessarily under the timing that I’m more comfortable with if I would have been in the other room.

And the way I describe the meaning is, in the first dream, I’m awakening to where I need to be to be heard in a timely way so that I can get on with what needs to occur next. I would be more prepared and more comfortable with my presentation if I settle back more, but that would cause me to be less present to the moment and further removed from that which is pressing me to catch up with something more quickly – even though I do not know what it is.

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