The Schedule of Life

Stevan Noronha
Stevan Noronha

In this simple dream image, John and a group of others are being shown around the park. But there is an aspect of the park that few others see and that particularly intrigues him. And so it is with a spiritual journey: many don’t understand it (yet), many pursue the nearest or most apparent path, and for others still it is the deeper depths that beckon them. We are all on the path, it is just a matter of where. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream I and others are before a park ranger who is directing us to what there is in the park to be seen and appreciated. And the tendency for most of those there is to come into this park and take in what is readily offered and easily accessible, and that’s kind of the condition or the tendency that I came into the park with, as well.

However, the park ranger is telling me about way in the back, you know it would be an inconvenience to back there, but way in the back are two immaculate homes that were built by a person who went out of his way to do this. In other words, there’s something unique about that because it’s not something that is done where people readily appreciate it, and yet they did that for a reason, a reason that makes sense but not in the collective way.

So I realize I need to go there, and I do not want to miss out on experiencing whatever it is that caused him to do that in a place where few travel. And I know he did this not for recognition, because those who need that are situated near the front of the park where they are more readily seen by park visitors straightaway. But those who go to the far reaches of the park have to constantly make that determination because it is harder to get there, as the more readily apparent and less meaningful aspects tend to dominate and consume the time.

In other words, so very few people get back there because they are caught up in other things that echo and pull your attention first.

So this is a dream that’s like I’m anxious to get on with things in the first dream, and in the second dream now there’s a depth to this. In other words, it’s almost like you can get confused as to, okay, maybe there was a depth going into the farther room, but the farther room was not present.

By being more present then I’m actually able to denote something, so I’m able to sort something out better and go to a greater depth. So there’s one thing that’s missing in both of these dreams. And the thing that’s missing is all of that action has to do with dealing with an aliveness that is all around you in some fashion.

And it means that you’re catching up with some aspect of an aliveness that’s in your being, that’s more alive, to recognize that you shift into this other room. And even though you’re slow at picking up the cues as to what it takes to get into this room, and be in this room, and be punched in properly at least one did this. And the other room is more removed, and less present.

And then after doing something like that, then of course you don’t know why you are necessarily doing it, but you find out that in the whole park, or overallness of life, that kind of attentiveness is important because it beckons to going to appreciate and see something further in at a depth in life that others are not inclined to recognize or have the time to do.

And the way I describe the meaning is, in the first dream I’m awakening to where I need to be to be heard in a timely way so that I can get on with what needs to occur next. I would be more prepared and more comfortable with my presentation if I settle back more, but that would cause me to be less present to the moment and further removed from that which is pressing me to catch up with something more quickly – even though I do not know what it is.

In the second dream I am shown the importance of managing my schedule in life, so that I take in that which lies deeper within, which is important as a way of being that I need to appreciate.

And the deeper meaning is that the first dream points out that I may be slow to catch on, but when I do I am able to make myself heard. The second dream points out that I am here to take in what touches my heart, even if that causes me to sacrifice what is readily apparent.

I am drawn to following such a thread more deeply into the park of life to appreciate those wonders that are not readily apparent right away. There was something missing to that, and what’s missing the dynamic inside of all of this that is going on is there are all kinds of parts and components. In other words, it’s like before I had the particle dream, so now what about the components, the parts? Not all parts are awakened equally.

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