No Place to Turn

Chaos-PatternsThis is Jeane’s third dream of the evening (see A Magnetic Aliveness and An Apple a Day). And when we look at the way the energy is flowing, we can see that, instead of going from chaos to order, her dreams are heading in the direction of hopefulness to greater disorder. It shows how our dreams are trying to make connections for us, but we don’t always accept them – and that’s when things go from good to worse. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this next dream, initially I’m with someone that is my mother in the dream, although she doesn’t look like anyone I know. And she seems kind of young actually, is blonde, and we’ve gone into a department store where she’s obviously known, kind of a high-end store, and she’s gotten something plus a little something for me from the cosmetics department.

And then as I go up to the counter she’s already buzzed out the door. Well, when I get over to the counter there’s a little confusion about whether some of the things in this little bag belong to the other lady there at the counter, or they belong to my mother’s purchase. And we can’t quite sort it out because she’s already on her way out the door.

So I just pick up the purchase and follow her out. She seems to be known to the people at the store and it’s a large store. And we go out and we go to the house which is my parent’s house and it’s in Wyoming in the dream, although the area looks more like Jackson Hole.

And as I go into this large house she’s already gone somewhere upstairs to do something, and I go over to a room that’s a very large room where there’s a shower in the middle of the room, and at kind of the end of the shower is almost out into a shallow almost like marble pan that comes out a ways. And there are two little fountains near the bottom of the shower, and then there’s the shower head up near the top.

And my mother already leaves for somewhere. I feel like my father’s going to come home before long. I feel like I need to take a shower and I go over. I’ve set the little bag that had her purchases on it near the end of the shower. It looked like six feet of shower pan past the shower or more, and like I said it is kind of open and right in the middle of this room.

I go over and I’m wondering about taking a shower and I notice when I turn on the little taps that are right near the bottom of the shower there’s actually what looks like some oil that comes out and then some water that starts to run clear. And the water at the top of the shower that’s coming down is clear, so I feel like I need to take advantage of having the clear water up front because I’m not sure what is happening with the water. So rather than dither about making decisions, I just have to wash my hair and take a shower.

I’m doing that and then as I get out and walk away from the shower and I go to the end and I’m realizing that there might still be enough shampoo left, or some new shampoo, in things left in what my mother bought at the store, but I’m not sure how to sort it all out.

Meanwhile, another woman that I knew from high school, who is gay, has wandered in and she seems to need a shower, too. And I just indicate where the shower is. I really don’t know where anything else is. I’m not relating to her a lot because I had seen my father in the dream, who looks a lot like Charlie Sheen or someone, go across the far room and I feel like I need to catch up with him to ask a question.

What was odd about that dream, when I was in the department store all I had on was a shirt. It didn’t even close in the front, either. It was just like that’s all I had on, and I just had to kind of brazen it out because that’s all I had. Also it felt like Dick Cheney was lurking somewhere in the background when I was at the house, I mean outside, not inside the house. So it was just kind of a confusing dream.

John: It’s a dream in which all of your usual faculties aren’t working for you in a way that you think that they should be working, that everything is far different than you’re inclined to have expected or anticipated.

And when something is that Twilight Zone peculiar, it means that something else that’s not in the scenario is meant to emerge – but hasn’t emerged yet. So, as a consequence, everything that you find yourself trying to probe out, or relate to, or identify with as an expected or anticipated result or flow, only leaves you even further spaced out, or estranged, because you can’t take and lay it out. You can’t bring the component pieces, together anymore.

There is something out of twang with how things are, in terms of the setting, and you’re still kind of groping about, but you’re realizing you’re not able to find what the connection needs to be. And you have to look at this in relationship to the first dream, which doesn’t have this bewilderment to it, in which you have a type of sense that something is at work on some deeper depth trying to come through – even though your ideas of what that might be are off, or just reflective of something more yet to be.

Because when you get to the third dream, it’s like there’s no place that you can turn, or you can look, in terms of usual understanding and mannerism without there being something that isn’t misplaced, or lost, or doesn’t have its usual hold or connectivity – because it’s not meant to be that way, which means that everything is all flip flop.

And in the second dream you’re indicating that what is needed is something that brings back the state of health because, even though you have the basis of your beingness in terms of where you’re at, you can’t do anything, something is frozen over, and you have to come back to the state of health.

The flow of your dreaming is a flow that is going from what has more hope, to what has the feeling of a greater disorientation. And to generate a flow that is like that means that you have to be spinning in terms of trying to get it together. Your first image had hope in it. Your second image had an element of something that came over and revealed that what was missing was the state of health when the apples spilled all over, or otherwise something remained on a slippery slope and failed to quite be as hospitable as it needed to be.

But then in your third dream, no matter what you did, wherever you looked, however it was, there was a disconnect. So you can look at it as a breaking down, but dreams tend to actually flow in terms of a waking up. And so the challenge of that dream is: are you able to be in this state that is no longer able to find its bearings, or its balance, in which everything is against that state?

Are you able to be okay with that? Because deep down, like from your first dream, you know that there is something else at hand that’s meant to come through, that you embody at some depth inside of yourself. And that in the middle zone of all of this, however it is that you’re attempting to be helpful tends to keep things slipping and sliding and whatnot, and that the attention towards that which is healthy – the spilled apples – leads to a type of greater meaningfulness.

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