The Semi in the Room

bncmurewyiPersonal and spiritual development doesn’t require that we resolve everything within us that isn’t “holy.” But it does ask that we come to know ourselves, or face the psychologies we use that don’t support our choice of a spiritual journey. In other words, we need the awareness of what is working within us, and sometimes awareness alone can get us on the path of neutralizing any negative effects. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dreams I seem to be doing a lot of that same sort of thing in which I first of all am denoting how the overall flow was not received by the outer world and, as a result, I’m scrambling to find or figure out a type of unfoldment that will be acceptable.

In other words, what I have is two images, one in which there’s the great big expanse and overallness of things in which there’s a lot of collective, and people and everything, and that’s really out of whack. And so because that’s so out of whack, it’s like I’m trying to scramble around to something else that might be acceptable.

And so I turn my attention to kind of a personal, now, in other words, an alternative energetic, and I feel that I can bring that into the equation in some fashion. But the appearance and effect of the outer stimuli is so overwhelming, comparatively speaking, that I notice that my demeanor is influenced by that, in terms of what could happen in relationship to what is happening in the collective overall – so it is effecting me.

So I notice that I went with the overall flow a little bit by siding with the image to a certain degree that then carried the contamination of the collective that was overwhelming as it was unfolding. In other words, I took a step back from the collective but it was still in something that is a personal overwhelming that is putting me into a weakened condition.

And as a consequence from this dream you can gain an appreciation to cater that which satisfies your individual focus, first and foremost, that is very hard to do because to what degree is that contaminated. You can’t stay in the collective, but then whatever you formulate in relationship to the collective around you is still trying to satisfy your individual nature. In other words, it has a personal orientation.

So to act according to this individualistic positioning is to embrace that which is being projected by the outer that’s in a state of decline. The consequence of that is rubbing off on you, the collective force is rubbing off on you, and they are to such a degree that the tendency on a personal level is to fumble back to what you hope is a balance, but you’re actually still part of that same general issue.

So there’s a loudness in that personal that’s affected by the collective, but then as the night progresses the image of that which is affected, or personal, in the prior dream that’s having to react to the environment around it, or have a reaction, starts to shrink more and more. Eventually it’s at a size that is hardly visible.

So as this has changed then the issue then also becomes addressed in a dream in which I am in a work area and am dealing with that which has been abandoned by me, that needs to be put away.

Now at first I don’t notice this, all I notice is I’m in a work area and I felt I’ve done what I needed to do, and in this huge large yard work area is all kinds of things that are kind of lined up and placed there. And I went at it little by little taking care of things, but there was one thing that I left feeling I didn’t have to take care of – and I even blanked it out of my mind.

And this one thing is a large, unloaded semi-truck that sits in the lineup yet with these other objects. It’s gotten to the point I can’t get to it anymore and I have adopted the perspective that this which remains is somebody else’s responsibility. In other words, I no longer even see it as something that I have to contend with. And a work area has been filled up with, because I dealt with my stuff, the work area is now filled up with other objects and my attention of course is moved from that.

Suddenly I see a crane which lifts this semi from where it is parked amidst these other items and is airlifting and swinging this over to where I am at so that I finish the work.

So what is happening is, the difference in the dreaming, the aspect that’s being brought in, is that what you’re putting your attention upon is secondary to that which is real inside that is trying to come through.

And in my dream, because one is always having to sort out thoughts and ideas, I have conveniently let go of, or released, or taken my focus away from a certain attentiveness of thought of the process of action to the point where I’m actually convinced that it’s no longer at hand, and yet it is still something that, at a deeper depth inside, has to be contended or dealt with, that fits with what my nature is really all about – and I can’t get away from it.

In my particular case, because I’m off the ground with thoughts and nature and whatnot, I’m trying to just let it go, and I can’t just let it go because it has to be grounded or brought down into a magnetic focus.

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