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Rene Magritte

Rene Magritte

Here is an example of the beautiful simplicity some dreams can use to communicate. The idea of going to a seminar, or seeing a teacher, can be thought of as “knowledge” or enlightenment of a sort, and here we find obstacles in the way of reaching the event. The ice that gets in the way shows a certain rigidity and instability. Yet, in the end, help arrives in an unexpected form. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream, it’s like I’m living in what I think of as my husband’s house that’s very large and spread out over several kind of floors, or even a half floor, where you go up a little bit into the next area.

And there’s a woman seminar leader and a friend of hers that have come, and they just need to stay for the night before they go on to the seminar. And it feels like there’ll be a man at the seminar that’s someone that I really admire, too, that’s co-leading it, that never comes in the house.

And when it’s time in the morning for them to get on their way, and I kind of want to go to the seminar, too, when we go down into the very large entryway, this whole thing is large and spread out where I live, when we get down to this large entryway it’s kind of open to the elements and ice has formed on parts of the floor.

So I kind of show, the one lady has gotten up early, the lady that leads the seminar, and I show her that the only way to get across those parts is just to kind of slide on them. I mean you just have to kind of glide across and that way you don’t fall down or slip like you would if you tried something else.

And then after she has left, I turn around and the other woman had overslept and she’s kind of wearing a midnight blue cloak, and maybe over just still her nightgown, and she’s in a hurry and again I have to show her how I think you get around the places where the ice has formed.

And she leaves, but I have a sense that even though I’m really interested, and I might like to go, that I can’t seem to leave this house.

Then just as that dream ends, a group of Macintosh apples, just like a whole bushel full of Macintosh apples, spills into the scene. And probably to me, the characteristic about Macintosh apples is that they’re both red and green, they have that kind of patchy color.

John: What the dream is saying is that there is an aspect about how your attention is as a guest, or as a host, to a flow of life, in life.

There is something about that that isn’t as connective and as fluid over the situation, that isn’t holding the situation in a hospitality, or mannerism, that is healthy, that somehow or another what you’re doing is going through some motion, but there’s something that isn’t getting released.

The apples represent the healthiness that is necessary to flood the situation. The ice represents that which, in terms of the naturalness, is restrained or held back. And when something is restrained like that, what is also lacking because of the ice is a certain casualness and joy in the heart.

So the dream is indicating that something is unhealthy, that some aspect or approach is unhealthy. Now, I’ve been sitting and pondering this sort of thing as I notice that something is breaking down that is different from what I’m used to looking at.

You have activities that draw a person’s attention, and behind those activities is the idea of something that is unfolding. Those activities, and that which one thinks is unfolding, or has been acting as if that is something that is important for purposes of an unfolding, is being shut down, is changing. And the energy is being pulled away from that.

I recognize that quality as being in the air as things are affected by what is changing. This is hitting people who aren’t able to recognize, and accept, and let go; not hitting everybody. And it’s almost like what we dreamt last night is a big gulp of having to take all of that in, in terms of how it is in our life.

So, one is having these kinds of strange sensations. Your first dream has you taking and making note of the fact that there is something trying to wake up from some depth within, that you’re not necessarily in touch with, but you try to take the bewilderment out of it by having a dream that indicates what might be workable in that scenario – only to find out that however it is that you are situated in your house, which is a good house, a good basis to work from, but you’re not effective as you would think you should be able to be, from a hospitality standpoint, because something is missing in terms of the natural flow.

So something is missing in terms of the heartfulness or the healthiness, which is a heartfulness. So the apple spill is type of release.

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Russell Kightley

Russell Kightley

Sometimes our dreams provide a symbolic snapshot of what our internal or external struggles are about. Other times, as in this example from Jeane, our dreams seek to lead us to understanding or connection. In this image, Jeane is in line to get a dance partner who will be a stranger to her, and she is thinking about how to time it to land on her preferred one. But if we trust the universe, and ultimately we must, it will make the right internal connections for us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream takes place in a bar. It’s like I’m sitting and looking – there’s a dance area that’s next to a pool table, and I’m sitting actually a little distance from that, kind of opposite where the head of the table would be, kind of studying things.

People line up around one side of the pool table and then as they come to the other side they get a dance partner, and then they dance until they’ve gone to the end of the pool table, and then they get in the line again.

Well, your partner is determined by where the line has moved when you reach the dance floor. And I’m studying out this whole system and I realize that of all the people that I see waiting to kind of pick up a dance partner, there’s only one man in the line that I might actually think it was okay to dance with.

And so like how would you actually figure that out? How can you get your timing right? Because I’m not sure I’d really want to dance with any of the other characters I’m seeing around the dance table or the dance floor. That’s the first dream.

John: What you’re doing is you’re looking to find a connective focus and flow that is something that you’re able to let yourself go into. Which means that you’re experiencing the oddity and awkwardness of activities, per se, because you’re sensing that there is something missing in terms of how you are in terms of your ordinary connective focus and attention – because you are recognizing how it is that that touches you in some specific way inside.

And so because you have a sensation sense over how it is that something needs to be, in terms of you having an overall well being in terms of it, this is like recognizing from somewhere deeper within a magnetic aliveness that is pulling you to something more real.

Because you don’t know what that something more real is, your mentalness or synaptic nature is inclined to look at the activity that is going around and around and attempt to factor into that activity that which would give it a greater meaningfulness.

In other words, you’re experiencing something that is trying to pull you into a greater realness, but the best you can do to denote that in the dream image is to take that back in terms of the senses, of your senses, of the situation, of the image, and your mindfulness in terms of what you’re able to perceive and think about that, and attempt to make it come across and seem better so that it corresponds to that which is attempting to pull you into a greater state of meaningfulness, of realness.

And this is a realness that you can’t put your finger on, per se, that is in motion inside of you, that then affects your attention and the way you conduct yourself in the outer, and so your dream has created this perspective, has created a storyline, that is symbolic to this process of unfoldment – even though the storyline dream that you portray, as if that’s real, it is instead depicting something else that is out of reach, and out of touch, and unknown to you that is having an effect upon the situation to which your mind, not knowing, and even in your sleep not knowing what that is, puts together this image, this dream image.

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Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor

When we examine what is happening in the universe, we can see that it is in a process of refinement. In other words, it keeps what works and either repurposes or refines the rest. And the universe does this without any judgment upon what isn’t working. Our development journey should be just such a process. It does us no good to condemn ourselves when we falter; we’re not meant to be perfect, only continually refining. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the next dream I notice that what I conform to, that is in my environment, is not as awakened in all of its aspects as I am giving it credit to be. In other words, there are parts that are denser that you can identify with, and will hold you back, that cause you to take a step back.

And there are other parts that are more alert or, as I say, there are aspects that are quickened, and this is showing where I make a mistake about things. And so I assume that in an overall way there is a naturalness that is more inclusive than it is.

In other words, what makes a Sufi a Sufi is they have something that is awakened or accesses, in a rear doorway of themselves, that then puts them in touch with something that starts the process to waking up. But that doesn’t mean that they pass all of the tests, so to speak. That part may be coming into a focus, but other parts of themselves are still haywire.

And I notice that I am surrendered to a situation, in the overall that I am in, that assumes that because there are parts that are more complete that this is equally true in a general sense. This is a big misconception. In other words, it’s like if you like something then you kind of put up with the other that you don’t like. In the same way, you’re not necessarily attendive to that and you have to be attending to all parts of everything – in your surroundings, and in terms of yourself – to pull something into an attunement.

Because that part which accesses a higher quality part of yourself becomes the mirror to pull the other pieces back into a cadence. So I am realizing that everything around me is alive, but not necessarily in the general capacity that I am assuming, Because some aspects are more present doesn’t mean other aspects are okay.

So how am I to handle this? This is noticed in my dream when I hear you cough at night and this jostles me from some deeper depth that I’m at and I take that as a type of agitation, because a more inner focus space that I am drawn to has been affected by this imbalance in the outer.

So how do I resolve this? What this is doing is it’s showing a weakness, or imbalance, or like this good, better, best quality of me is haywire. So I notice in the particular idiosyncrasies there are in a more dormant condition, and dwell upon them, and this causes me to be more discriminating. When I am like that my focus and attention tends to waver as the environment around me kind of influences or affects that. The result is I am apt to be slowly drained as I take in the minutia that is still finding its space.

The correct way, and that’s the reason for a dream like this, is if I put my focus upon that which is peeking through, in other words it’s the divine part or something that peeks through, or backdoors, through everyone I come across. And I honor that with my heart because that is something that is real, the need which remains more remiss, in other words that means that their other parts have a need then to that part which is awakening, and so the need element or the part that you now note is off based upon the mirror of the part of yourself that’s awakening, you recognize something that’s remiss.

It’s compelled to awaken because it has a mirror upon which to work with. Otherwise it would just continue to run amuck. So if I were to look at the idiosyncrasies this leads to an undue emphasis to accentuate that which is not yet in alignment, which distracts from what is important; it actually helps create further traumas and self-consciousness and all of that.

Instead, because such an appearance tears threads and causes the evolving to short out, the result is a breaking down instead of a coming together. What the dream is trying to show me is the importance of accentuating that which is most conscious and alive. The awareness of that as a presence transforms and aligns the other parts that are still remiss, or are in a weaker state of being.

Which reminds me of the statement: “everyone is tested.” And, of course, the main test that they pass is the backdoor test that makes them somehow or another workable in terms of an awakening. And they are okay in some ways, but not in others. And because they are okay and pass some of these mannerisms – in terms of an insight and a clarity – they are accepted because one can then work with that to cause the other to be supported and reinforced reflectively, to further the awakening and the aligning.

The parts that are okay are like a mirror to that which is remiss. And then of course the clearest mirror is the teacher. If one can lose one’s self into that essence like that “less than dust at its feet,” or just a total letting go of all of the other aspects of vibrations that aren’t that essence. And when you do that, then that is the brightest and clearest mirror that readily aligns and creates the letting go.

So this third dream, what wasn’t included in the first dream, and what wasn’t included in the second dream, was the recognition where you have to be kinder to yourself and everything around you to realize that you’re working with something that’s awakening, and you don’t take and deal with the dark energy of the aspects of yourself that you’re trying to shame, or whip into place: because you don’t shame or whip anything into place.

Everything recognizes what is real through a reflective mirroring which has to do with delving into the depths and bringing out and probing out that which is real. That which is real automatically tends to create the gravity, or the flow, or the magnetism, or the energetic, or the transitioning so that whatever is still flopping about in an estranged way finds its cadence in relationship to that, as if that note permeates through.

And it does. That’s why it’s like every part of one’s body is identical in terms of from cell to cell so to speak, and the fingerprints are the same and whatnot. It’s a matter of holding, and it’s a matter of supporting that which is awakening. And that which awakens, then, through a soft-handed approach and a graciousness, the other parts of yourself advance accordingly.

They don’t advance if pressure is put on them, if they’re held accountable in some way that doesn’t flip you back to the mirror. If you flip back to the mirror, it’s okay. But if instead you’re just put on the spot as if shaming, or making yourself consciousness works – it doesn’t work. That just throws you backwards.

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