Up to Speed

Evan Spellman
Evan Spellman

Here, a real-life scenario – Jeanne being nervous when John drives too fast – is used as an image for a deeper message. Part of what happens as we develop is that we come into contact and connection with energies of higher speeds. That’s a good thing, and is, in fact, what develops us (we don’t). Those speeds need to be adjusted to, and new balances need to be found. Of course, our old speeds and ways of being think that it’s scary, and put up resistance. But we have the ability to handle it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, I’ve gone to a woman friend of mine who’s a physician, and she has to give a seminar so I’m going to go with her while she gives this presentation to a group of people.

So we drive somewhere and then we arrive there, and it feels like it’s actually outside, and there are some tables sitting there where, you know, where she’ll present. Well, then she realizes that she doesn’t have a pen that works, so I open up my purse and I have a bunch of pens but I have to find one that is the right color that works well.

So finally I do that and I hand it to her. Well then we realize that for some reason the setting we’re in doesn’t work, so we’re going to drive back more towards my home. Well, we start driving. There are other people in the car. And it feels like the trail becomes really narrow and windy alongside a river and we’re driving on it.

And she’s going so slowly I realize that she’s kind of terrified by this, so I offer to drive. Well, I take over and I drive pretty fast along this trail, even though it’s kind of windy and more like a biking or a hiking trail. I suddenly look around and I realize I’m all by myself. The rest of the car and the people that were in the car seem to have disappeared, they’re way behind me.

I guess they didn’t like me going that fast, so I go back along the trail and I find them, and then see if they want me to drive more slowly, or what. And then suddenly we’re just kind of showing up where we need to go, but I realize by that time they are probably going to be closing the office. And I’m looking like we’re close to where my home is; should we give the seminar there, or what should we do?

I’m almost suggesting to her that this time maybe we should just go get a bite to eat and forget the whole thing.

John: The scenario for the dream is this hyper reaction that you have when I’m driving, where you imagine things bipping and bopping out of the blue, and it creates this helter-skelter shattering in your nature that causes you to feel that you have to slow everything way, way, way down in order to keep yourself from losing a balance.

And so the dream you have plays with that, to try to get you to get a different sense over all of that. In a roundabout way, I’ve been trying to get you to get a different sense over all of that, but my sense over something like that has its problems, and its limitations, and the sense that I’m trying to hear in that is not necessarily the sense that you need to hear in that because I have my own little barriers with that mannerism, as well.

In other words, I don’t have the acuity necessarily in a groundedness way to be perhaps going at too great of a pace. In your particular case, you’re needing to recognize that you can go at that pace, that you can speed up at that pace, and that it’s part of a quality of being able to access, through and within yourself, that which needs to come out. In other words, the ability to be at a place on time to give a seminar, to be able to do it while it’s timely, in other words, before the time runs out. In other words, this is an important aspect to a quality of your being.

Now you do not want to recognize this as being true, and that’s why you have interjected in there someone else. But when you catch up with this quality of your being, you find out that there is no other kind of accommodation that you’re needing to make in order for this to occur, that this is all part of you.

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