Holding an Aura

4From a dream about aspects of herself (the passengers) not being able to handle the speed of driving fast (see Up to Speed), Jeane has this image of drowning in quicksand. That can be an unsettling image, yet its symbolism has more to do with our own resistance to what we know, on an inner level, is the right way for us to proceed. We don’t always realize how much of our development is the seeker in us having to overcome the more fearful or resistance aspects of our own nature. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had another dream that I’d gone over and it just popped out of my head, so I have to wait and see if it comes back.

But then I know that all the dreams ended with this image that I’ve kind of gone into a cave and gotten stuck in quicksand, and I was going to drown. So I actually wanted my friend to leave because I didn’t feel like there was anything she could do.

John: The nature of the energetic started off for you and for me with something that’s kind of pent up, that’s unable to break free, or is stuck in a quagmire, or is stuck in traffic, or in some fashion is unable to be itself.

And within that sensation and feeling, of course, is the sense that you can break free of that – but that’s not the condition you initially see yourself in, and that’s why the word pent up is used.

And, in your particular case, because you look at it more in an overall presence, you would prefer to have your friends not around because then you could be okay with it.

See, that’s interesting, which is your way of saying that with inside of yourself you have the cope-ability, but you’re not necessarily bringing it about in terms of your overall. And that dream kind of associated with the other dream, and with the outer condition of your nature, too.

You have the cope-ability inside of yourself, but somehow or another you’re allowing fractured aspects of your nature to get in the way and keep you from being fluid in a space, and a pace, that you’re capable of being fluid in.

It’s like I have images, for example, of where one could take and be doing something even more speeded up than I’m doing, but that there can be a presence that makes even that okay. And also there’s the image where you can go into places, like the Dalai Lama going into a bar scene and being completely comfortable and able to laugh and carry on by whatever the antics were that go on in that kind of an atmosphere, and not be touched by it.

We have that in us if we can hold the aura of our essence together, the focus and aura of our essence. When you can hold the focus and aura of your essence together the interesting magic that that causes is it draws a sight to you, so that you are able to recognize and see things that ordinarily would not even be possible because the reactivities would be snuffing that out.

And I have always maintained that one sees this as an aspect of light, even though you don’t readily recognize that you see light. You had something in your dream that indicated colors. What was that?

Jeane: The pens.

John: The pens. Yes, as soon as you said that I didn’t know how I was going to integrate that in, but that was a hint of the ability to access in a greater way. And the idea being that it is through light, and various features of light, factors and modalities of light, that the information of the whole that is at its very essence light, comes to you and is infused into your being as a knowingness.

And so you brought in that remnant, so to speak, with the pens, kind of a dense way of bringing it in because you were having to contend with the herky-jerkiness of whether or not you could cope with the elements and speed around you, that was not in keeping with other aspects of your being that wanted to stay slowed down, and controlled, or in a more controllable state.

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