Without a Blueprint

cogs-blueWe often look at the ways we try to prevent ourselves from the things we most seek, seeing how different inner aspects, i.e., our lower, more planetary parts, can be at odds with what our higher parts know and seek. Here is an interesting case in that John is sensing that he is getting more and more in tune with an energetic flow. And of course part of him immediately wants to define it and create a roadmap for doing it. But connecting with the flow has more to do with being than with doing. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the meditation dream, even though there wasn’t any given reason that dictated, I was attentive to there being an easier and easier closeness to a flow. In other words, I just kind of knew this. I couldn’t explain why I knew this. I couldn’t tell you how to get to this easier flow. I just knew inside of myself that this was deemed as an important marker in the journey of life.

In other words, it just seemed that there was something in the overallness of life that had my best interest in mind, in other words, in which there was this closer and closer closeness in the flow.

And so because I don’t know what this is, and I don’t know how to make this happen for myself, in other words I can’t sit down and draw up a blueprint for it, I have to see this and say this as something that is a sense that I believe to be true – as long as I am just a little attentive somewhere and am willing to be subjected to surprises in life, so that what occurs will teach me generally by drawing me to a flow that I do not control, and a closer and closer connection is perceivable as I reflect on that flow.

I can’t sit down, of course, and map this out, but in other words I do not have the means at this time to read deeper into what is involved in this journey, in which the flow carries a steadily getting closer and closer. So as long as I see that there is this aspect at play, I don’t have the right to get too down on myself. I know that this flow is important, and the closeness is important, I just do not have any good ideas that I trust in terms of how to make this more and more possible.

In other words, it seems to just show up over a course of time as I just go about in life, and if I reflect back on it I notice that I am emerging into a journey that involves a closer and closer quality. If it seems very slow, it even seems to go this way and that way and sometimes even a little backwards, but it is always generally causing one to catch up to a closer and closer aspect of the flow.

So in order to add some substance to this whole vibration, in the dream I see myself as having taken on a responsibility that is directed towards another person I am meant to look after, even though I do not know what it is that I should be doing specifically to look after this person.

Because the process is naturally bringing about change that results in this closeness flow, I surrender to that – however it is. I am just feeling blessed and graced that it is this way, instead of like maybe progressing to where one is getting more separate. You know you can possibly, over the course of time, suddenly realize you’re blowing it in that regard or something.

That would be something I would feel was making me more unconscious. This would cause me to be more distraught. I would get down on myself if this was the case and the way things were going. So because it isn’t going that way, even though I don’t know quite why it’s going the way that it’s going, I’m learning to surrender more and more for reasons I cannot put my finger upon, except to say that I’m glad I am able to denote that this is occurring, so it is okay to settle back knowing that I am being carried steadily forward in a way that I know is on the path somehow.

At times this cycles a bit, and that is when I tend to have to sustain a patience so that in this patience I come to learn and notice that the ebb and flow is steadily carrying me along in a way that is bringing me closer and closer to what I know is important – but can’t seem to identify specifically, like I say a blueprint or whatnot, or even so to speak do for myself, which would be having it defined or laid out conceptually.

No matter how I feel that this is important, in other words, the idea to try to have this all mapped or blueprinted – you tend to think that that’s important because that is how the control and power of one’s nature wants it to be. So that’s the meditation dream.

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