The Reception


In this series of images, John’s situation evolves from one of trapped energy, to one of greater connection, and then to a state of even greater sensitivity and receptivity. But this evolution also comes with a warning: we can’t open ourselves to all energies, only the ones that support and feed us. In relationship to the world beyond our skin, things are either giving us energy or drawing energy from us. Our well being depends on our good management of these relationships in our outer life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This next dream is much like what you went through in that there is this pent up energetic. The pent up energetic was in the other dream, too, it’s just that I didn’t get thrown around and contangled and flip-flopped this way and that way, and have herky-jerkiness in this other dream.

It’s just in my meditation dream I learned to abide, and be at peace, and have a patience because even though what was going slow I couldn’t put too much heat on all of that because it was working and I could disturb it and not even know that I was disturbing it because I couldn’t sit down and tell you why it was it was working.

In this next image it has this pent-upism that you dealt with. The first image is I’m stuck in traffic in a vehicle that is between two large trucks. Even in this dream image I know that I am meant to break free of this condition, just like you had that hinted in your dream, and of course there’s a lot of traffic besides just those trucks, and yet I’m going to disregard this somehow.

And so in the next image I see myself holding you in bed and there is this sense of a presence that has come into the atmosphere, as if to see if I am surrendering to a greater essence of self or not. I had the sense that the scenario was set up for me, but was I making the connection as if something is coming to check out and see if I am holding into a separateness instead of an intertwineness, because the conditions are such that I should know, and be able to see, and get it, and that this would then be something important in terms of a linkage to bring out a more dynamic way of being.

And from there it progressed where I noticed that I could be that way with others. The interconnection, when I would see it, was gender neutral, at first glance, meaning I could just naturally twine and intertwine with how someone else was. But as I stared at this, I was kind of surprised and acknowledged that this presence existed in terms of my being able to intertwine with others. Even in my sleep my mind groped to make this make sense.

So I would turn the person into another woman because I could easily get myself confused and take on a mood as if what I was doing was weird. It was from these in-between connections to a greater openness and interconnection that the final image with the fish and creatures in the pond occurred.

In this image, to start off with, I am impressed by a woman who can put her hand in a pond and a very sensitive fish will come over to touch her hand, something that’s generally too sensitive to do something like that.

There are other things swimming in the pond, and I know that, and I also seem to know that she’s apt to draw them over and that she could get stung, or that they could stick to you. So she seems to know how to do that; the others start to come in her direction, but she knows how to lift her hand out of the pond. And I just seem to know that that other was not necessarily appropriate, or good.

So, just out of surprise I stick my hand in there. I don’t expect anything to happen and so I’m surprised when I attract the same friendly fish. But I also leave it in there and I attract another creature. I had thought that I was too intense of a nature to attract this very sensitive fish, but this other object that I don’t seem to have a dexterity to know that you don’t attract, attaches itself with kind of a suction cup.

It has a mouth that’s like a suction cup and it attaches itself to my skin, and it’s all you could do to pull it off if it gets too attached – and then it can inject a venom into you. And I pull it off immediately, but just a split second before it is so affixed it would have pulled flesh off my skin. And, of course, the suction device changes the color, changes the appearance, drains something at the point where it impacts, plus it also injects something that can run through your system as like a venom or something that can take away your clarity even, make you drunk or weird or something.

The meaning of the dream is I am waking up in the first image to recognizing a pent-up essence that wants to break free and flow. And I know that this is meant to be, and I created this pent-up and constrained image of being a vehicle penned in between two trucks on a road with a lot of traffic to portray the frustration of not being able to be free, in other words, to carry something that is meant to be.

In the next dream, where I intertwine and am able to link with others, the pent-up energy is no longer unable to flow and I am able to sense its presence over me, and in me, and about me. As a result, then, is the third aspect where being more intertwined is akin to being more receptive because I am able to draw to me what I need to be able to experience, and touch, what is ordinarily not possible or even imaginable.

I also draw however to myself the energetics that I’m not fully conscious or aware of, that also exist in life, as a force that can take for themselves the essence that is there and give nothing in exchange. Once connected they are virtually impossible to remove and there is a deleterious effect if this is not dealt with immediately.

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