A Natural Integration

integrationIt’s a point that bears careful consideration: our spiritual development is a process of becoming more and more attuned to the journey we are designed to make. In that sense, it’s the most natural way for us to behave. This time and place may have obscured that truth from us, but as we develop we see that we are mostly getting rid of what is not natural to us or to our human design. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my first dream, it’s like Archie is back and I have gone up to a block that someone who is like his sister is kind of standing up on it, so she is a little higher, and I’m studying a design that she has painted on her arm.

Then I’m explaining to him what the design means, and how it kind of gives you access to something. That’s all I remember about the first dream. So I was following the pattern of the design and then telling him what that meant in terms of how it allowed you to move around or do something.

John: So your sense is that the masculine element is in a bit of a discombobulated state and that he needs to settle back and let something unfold that is predesigned, that is in an environment that if he settles back he can perceive what that needs to be.

So it looks like you are trying to help the situation, or you’re trying to do something so that the situation can help itself.

Jeane: Then in my second dream it’s like I’m living in a somewhat communal situation. At one point I want to go to the bathroom and it’s almost like if I go to find the toilet somebody opens up a door, because the rooms all seem to be connected, so there’s no sense of privacy to go to the bathroom. But I finally decide the only way I can actually create the privacy is just maybe be wearing a long skirt that kind of covers the toilet. That solves that problem for me.

Then I’ve gone into another room and I’m looking at a screen on a wall that’s kind of like an interactive screen like you can put your finger on it and maybe something else appears on it, and I’m studying it. And a man who’s a physician, who’s like almost more like you know some places have like a housemother or housefather, whatever you call them, for the place, he comes up and he’s talking to me about something I’m looking at on the screen, and also about my car because it seems like he sold cars like mine in the past to make a little extra money.

Then he seems to realize that actually he has finished school now, he’s going to go out and practice and if he wants to he can get himself a new car instead of one like an older car like he’s been running around in while he’s going to school.

Then I tell him that I actually think he should wait, that the best advice I could give him is to live within his means, and just because he’s graduating and will be making more money is not to spend that money ahead of what he’s making, that he should kind of hang in there like he has been living and kind of be free of debt. Anyway, that was the second dream.

John: The first part is that you have the sense that there is so much discombobulation going on that you need to maintain or hold yourself in a certain order or manner in order to accommodate all of that in the environment that you’re in. Which means that you have gotten comfortable in a way of being, or a presence that you have, in the situation. And because you’ve gotten comfortable you have seemingly a sense of timing because you’re able to recognize that now isn’t the time to be acting, and that one needs to settle back and be patient and let something kind of unfold.

In other words, even though there is the tendency to maybe want to step out, and that masculine element side of yourself might want to try to step out as if it has the right or sense to do that, you’re suggesting that it just needs to stay simple yet, and live within its means and not try to make any strides.

That seems to be the semblance of things, that now isn’t the time to try to do anything, that one just needs to settle back and let whatever is going to happen, happen, and stay within their wherewithal’s. You’re able to tell that. You’re able to note that that’s the pattern or the mannerism or the vibe of things, and your masculine side needs to basically be able to stop and wait. So, in a sense, he flows with his environment but doesn’t stretch out any in terms of trying to do something other than what is naturally in front of him.

And in the first dream by settling back some process is able to be revealed. I mean that’s like the impression from the first dream, and then in the second dream it’s more about kind of maintaining a way of being that is there for him, but not to go to any indulgent extremes. It’s just kind of maintaining an easiness in one’s being.

And so there’s no clarity except from the standpoint that it’s already laid out. It’s already written in something that can be visibly caught up with. It keeps the potentiality from getting smothered.

You’re discovering that when it comes to a human being’s ability to function, that staying as natural as possible, and as easy and free as possible, gives you plenty of time to assimilate whatever and however things are that need to be assimilated. And that then leads to the kind of integration that’s important in order for one to have a perspective, or perception, in terms of the overall.

They’re able to take it in, they’re able to integrate it, and then they’re able to function with it because there is plenty of space allowed for this to become and function as an integrative part of their wholeness.

A person who learns how to do that is able to function from a greater overallness of their being than the person who is confronted with things, is having to resolve things, and therefore doesn’t get a chance to catch up, and what is going on in one’s life doesn’t get a chance to get integrated, and so they short out everything that precedes.

It causes me to realize why dreams work kind of the way they are is they bring in kind of a naturalness that you take in something, but then it has to become integrated into your nature in order for you to understand it. It’s not presented in a complicated way. We try to make it complicated to the degree that anything is made complicated.

The human being has to integrate, has to absorb things and integrate it and figure out how all of that then fits within the larger whole in order for it to have any value.

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