The Softer Heart

Karen Casey Smith
Karen Casey Smith

When we think about the things beyond the physical world that really matter to us, we are usually in the best part of ourselves. But, of course, today’s world doesn’t really support the idea of us becoming our best self, and that is why we often find that different parts of our inner lives are in conflict about what to do and how to proceed. One of the fundamental ideas of a spiritual journey is to let the best part in us, the connected, universal being, take precedence over the aspects that are fed by external forces and external needs. We need to be in full agreement with ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in this dream, it’s like a talent show, although it’s kind of a strange kind of talent show. In fact, maybe that’s not the best way of describing it, even, in that what you have is a performer and the performer appears before three judges, and there are three different performers.

And I’m one of the judges, but I have to respond at the end. In other words, each performer sings and they all have the same thing in common, they sing loudly to the best of their abilities. It’s too loudly, actually. The first two judges, and it might even be different judges of each performer, except for me the third which is the only thing in common, and the judges of each of the performers and anyone else that might be looking at what these performers do, would have a tendency to critique the performance without addressing the problem of the over-projected loudness.

In other words, no one is telling these performers that they need to cut back on the projection and listen to themselves to reach something that’s more in balance, that’s smoother, more rhythmic. In each instance, because the third judge is me, that given what has proceeded, how am I going to advise given that the collective opinion and judging of the performance of each competitor at this particular point, that I see as projecting too loudly, and that there is a need to listen and soften the presentation, no one is talking about that, they’re all accepting that as okay. So how do I handle that? Because what I truly feel is that the situation is hard on the heart because it’s out of sync in its loudness and failure to properly hear how it is coming across.

So the question is, knowing that no one else on each and everyone of these occasions is addressing the underlying problem, am I going to turn and bring up this criteria that is at the essence, or that is in front of it all? In a sense, this is like a setup. The whole thing appears to be something other than what you might be inclined to think.

In other words, it may appear to be a competition in which each performer is being judged on a criteria of their performance, in which no one is taking into account how it resonates with the heart, and in each instance the projection may be painful to listen to because it is out of twang.

But perhaps the test is to see if I will rise to the occasion, after some point in time of this repeating over and over again, and more or less do the right thing and make it known that what this is like in this regard with the heart. Can I do that, or am I unable to take on the overall projection that is off over and over again?

So it’s kind of like the simple meaning of it is I am repeatedly finding myself in the position in which I am not hearing properly what is happening. In each instance, the prevailing effect is the same. The scenario is off because there is a loudness that hurts the heart.

This keeps occurring like this over and over to parts of myself that look at this in an outer way and do not get it. The test is, will the part of myself that knows from within break through the quagmire and address the underlying issue straightaway?

The deeper meanings have to do with recognizing a quality of the heart that is real through the projections and loudness veils. This is also what the dream is about, hearing what is hidden to a mind that is caught up in, and is therefore lost, in what is nothing more than appearance and projection. So that’s the meditation dream.

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