Knowing How to Wait

waitingAs humans we constantly are reacting to the world around us. But if we really want to be in tune with the greater aspects at play in the universe – and that is what we are designed to do – we must find in ourselves a way to move in time with it, rather than move at our own pace. The universe moves at a different pace, but if we move at a cultural speed and force things to happen, we often miss the door that is yet to open. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so in the next dream – it’s almost like having too many dreams, it’s hard to assimilate, and therefore it’s easy to forget going from one to the next.

But, in the next dream, I see myself as kind of walking and all of a sudden in front of me, or catching up with me, or just in front of me is Simon Cowell. And he doesn’t have his shirt on or anything, and I know that he’s supposed to be directing something, or something is supposed to be happening.

And I touch him on the shoulder as he then directs me to a place where everyone is to gather. He then proceeds on because he will come back to that place apparently at some point in time.

So I go into a room where there are all kinds of other people there waiting for something that is to eventually happen, and suddenly I realize that I may be late. I may be having something else that will interfere in terms of what I need to do in Canada with my stockbroker. And I can vaguely recall that later that day I have kind of an appointment.

I’m not exactly sure what the time is. I kind of think that it should work out, but it would be better if I figured that out. So I go from this room where the people are just chitchatting and enjoying refreshments while they wait casually. You know, there’s no pressure or anything. And I go to a room that’s like a makeshift office.

The reason why I say it’s a makeshift office is nothing is really properly set up. Everything is kind of flip-flopped every which way. It’s the semblance of what is meant to perhaps be an office, but the phone is sitting on the floor, and it’s at the other side of the room, and there isn’t much of a desk; no one’s really sitting at a desk. It’s just kind of lacking a structure.

So I go into this place in order to actually try to find a phone to try to make sure everything is okay, and my understanding of things and timing and whatnot can be worked out, and so then I see the phone on the far side of the room. I go over to it and I’m checking to see that it has a dial tone, and that it works, about the time a woman comes in.

And I tell her what I want to do, and I kind of disguise the fact that I’ve already been trying to mess with the phone. And I decide, okay, yeah, there’s a little bit of order here, not much, at least a person passing through. And so I tell her I need to get a phone number in Canada to talk to my broker that I am to meet with later today.

She says she will have to get that set up for me, which means she has to then go into yet another room and make it so that this phone can dial out. Apparently it just works locally. So I keep trying to call directory assistance then, but I’m unable to somehow punch the numbers in correctly. It’s as if the phone has got such small numbers or things to touch that I keep messing up and, as a consequence of that, I wake up.

And so the situation sits with a type of disorientation. In other words, what is going on in this image is I am in limbo, in that nothing is able to happen yet. I am directed to wait. I do not seem to be able to settle back and let the process unfold because I am thinking I need to be somewhere else in the not-too-distant future.

The idea causes me to go into an organizational room where nothing is in order. Everything is out of place there because it isn’t set up yet, even as an office. It has a few things in there but they’re not coordinated. And I am out of place in this room as well, and I’m not meant to even be in here because I do not belong in here.

The accommodations that are made for me to pursue my tangent, the so-called appearances to try to help me out, but nothing works out because apparently I’m violating the thread of what is meant to be which is to wait, to hang out, to just take in and be in the other room and let something transpire when it’s ready to transpire.

The meaning of this dream is I am not letting go and as a result I am causing myself to feel miserable. I do not know how to wait and let what needs to be unfold. Instead, I keep tearing myself down with wayward mannerisms.

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