The Sound of the Universe

sound-wavesHere is the struggle: how do we become aligned to the whole, and let go of our personal view of things? It’s a concept that is hard to grasp. But if we imagine the universe to be playing a particular song, most of us inherently know when we are out of tune. And that is where we find ourselves – out of tune with the universe. That puts us out of its flow, it creates all sorts of struggles in our lives, and it separates us from the very thing that wants us the most – and, on an inner level, that we want the most, too. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the dream, which I almost lost because I laid back to try to digest this, and it’s actually kind of good because then by writing this up like I did, having forgotten the other, I actually understood the vibration and then I pulled out the dream image – and I might not have gotten it if I would have done it the other way around.

So in the dream an event, that was not expected, happens. This event changes the outcome in terms of how the situation unfolds. I tell the person who is with me that this is called an uncommon event. I say that, but deep down I know that there is no such thing as an event that happens simply out of the blue. I know that somewhere inside of me I have a sense that is able to ascertain what is going to unfold.

This may not be in keeping with how I have been, or are even conceptualizing, in terms of my man-made plans. When something is about to happen that is not in keeping with how I am positioning my attention, there is an excruciating anxiety that I feel that can be stifling to the heart and the freedom it seeks.

I mean it can actually make one feel… you could almost bring on a heart attack because it’s like some part of you knows that you’re not in the right positioning and the sequence in terms of what is about to happen because you can feel in the ethers what’s about to take place. And so you can tell when you conceptually may be in a slightly different mode – and I need to listen to this inflection.

The sensation is relevant to something in the greater whole of life that comes through one. In other words, this is something that comes through everyone, it’s just whether or not you’re able to handle it. And if you’re caught in your own mannerism, you can’t handle it, and so you will suffer because it’s never going to be in keeping with your conceptualization.

So as I become more and more empty of the dense projective mannerisms that I relate to on a personal level, the more receptive I become to the sound of the universe that is constantly flowing in me. To be receptive to this is how it is I am meant to be.

The problems I have are because I get set in some notion, expectation, or mannerism that I have contrived and cause myself to believe this to be true, and set my focus upon this as if this is what is important. And when I do that then this other that is constantly in flow inside of me, that I am not receptive to, or open to, or able to allow to be there, when that is shut out because that’s meant to come through and meant to be a quickened and alive and carried in one’s nature – then one suffers.

The reason I suffer is I am not adhering to the language which is also a flow of the universe that is continuously alive in and through me, being an inner access connectivity I naturally have. The path I am on requires me to awaken to this flow, which is real. To do so I have to set aside the projections I carry that keep me estranged. I have to honor the heart which always knows from the depths of its natural connectivity to the universe. What some call synchronicity and meaningful coincidence is the natural flow I am able to be alert to, or attentive to, that keeps the connective linkage moving through me.

This is the real enlivened awareness. What I maintain or project keeps me estranged from this, and when I am estranged in a polarized extreme my heart aches or longs for me to let go. Sometimes you don’t even know your heart is longing for you to let go, you just carry a mood or something you can’t drop as a sensation – but that’s the same thing. It just has a little different pitch.

When I’m disruptive to the psyche I can make myself physically ill – and that occurs when I impose my ideas upon a situation and those ideas happen to run counter to the inner flow. I am meant to be in a receptivity that is able to know what is meant to be based upon the ever unfolding design which rises up from the depths of my connection to an overallness in the universe.

So I’m sitting kind of caught in between because I know what the common conceptualization is in terms of what is occurring in the outer, and how it typically is inclined and expected to unfold – and I know it’s not going to do that. But at the same time, I can’t break the impression that’s being imposed, and so because I can’t break that, it hurts the heart. and it’s the heart that’s telling me that this isn’t the right way to be twanging.

Then all of a sudden I figure out how it is that I’m supposed to shift and adjust and, when I do, all of that goes away. Now that’s a big challenge because once it all goes away, then one can sweep up in some other regard all over again and get light in nature and go off in this way and that way and get ungrounded again. That’s the tendency. In other words, lose a certain focus, a certain way of being, that keeps one attentive.

That can easily happen, and it’s the yo-yo effect that I keep doing over and over and over again. When you quit doing that and you actually attune yourself so that you can tell the little differentiations in which you’re not quite in the note of it all, what you’re actually doing at that time is you’re aligning yourself to a vibration that comes out of the whole.

It’s really, really hard to align yourself to a vibration that comes out of the whole because there are so many things going on all over the world all of the time that each of those has some little impinging effect that can cause a person to have a tangential perspective in that little regard or another. And the key is an assimilation and an integration that takes all of it into account and relates to it all in an overall consequence, and not singularly, because to relate to it singularly is not to take into account all of the facts, or to take into account the wholeness, because the wholeness, the largeness of it all is what is the most heartful in terms of the universe.

To take in, or to have some bifurcation or aspect can be meaningful in terms of something kind of specific, but it’s going to have a collateral effect in terms of the whole. And in that regard and actions taken in that way all have what is called a personal quality to it because it’s not open to the full access of everything that is going on simultaneously – in which you have to separate yourself from the projections in order to take in that as an overallness.

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