A Joyous Reunion

photo_1As in the outer world, in the inner worlds masculine and feminine aspects have different roles to play. For a natural process to be complete and whole, they need to work together and in balance. Of course, internally, that can be a matter of trust, as shown here in Jeane’s dream. It is a masculine energy that has awakened something, but the feminine energy is the one who must make it manifest in the world. In her dream that struggle appears as a male figure who wants flying lessons from the female, but she’s hesitant because his manner makes her feel vulnerable. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my first dream, it’s outside in kind of a desolate landscape. I’m hiding. I’m being hunted down by one or two men, particularly one man who’s very dominant, and they’re trying to capture me because I can fly.

But I’m tired and I can’t fly very high off the ground right now, so I have this sense that they can catch up with me. I’m kind of trying to hide around some ruins of buildings and rocks and things, but it feels like he does catch up with me. But the problem is that one of the reasons he was trying to capture me is because I can fly, and he wants to learn how to fly.

And so it’s kind of a dilemma for me in a little bit of way because if he can fly then, of course, I’m always going to get caught. But on the other hand, I’m not sure he can make it if he can fly, but then if he can fly maybe there might be something that will come out of that, I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel about all of this. I just know that we’re having some kind of a dialogue.

I can show him a little bit about how you fly just from these lower buildings where we are, but I’m kind of looking at him and to really learn how to fly you may have to jump off a cliff. Well, he might fly, and he might not. Is he willing to do that? That’s where the dream kind of ends.

John: So this dream actually covers even what we were talking about a bit earlier. In other words, it’s like you have the feminine characteristic and trait in life that has its own wholeness, and within that wholeness is its sense of presence and power.

However, it is dormant because it is hidden. It requires something to bring it out, to cause it to come out. And when it is subconscious like that, it is subject to things that need to happen, which happen in an outer-world imagery to try to get it to come out of its shell.

In other words, the inner/outer way of seeing it is that spirit energy comes down and touches something in manifestation and, of course, you’re that manifestation, and then that awakens something that can come out then naturally on its own. And when it comes out it embodies, then, that spirit energy so that it is whole and complete. And the dilemma is that when this energy is just pent up in manifestation, even though it’s in manifestation and embodied as a wholeness, but it’s all subconscious so it isn’t able to be its true self as a magnetic wholeness that’s in flow.

This triculating inside where the subconscious is meant to awaken and come out and isn’t, and can’t quite break through, causes the commotion of the idea that the masculine is haunting it, or chasing it, which means the ideas of things that it can’t quite embody and accept, which are masculine in their orientation, is plaguing it.

What the dream portrays is that these mannerisms, these traits, the spirit energy quality that comes through, because that is not 100% complete in and of itself, it requires the feminine to awaken and add to that that which creates the magnetic embodiment – so that the inner now touches and affects manifestation, or creation, so that you now have a joyous reunion.

The feminine that doesn’t quite surrender to the point where it is able to take something like that in and transform it, gets defensive then, as if it’s going to be violated instead. And, as a consequence, is inclined to be dubious and shut things down. And when that occurs, she then isn’t living or own sense of who and how she is, she isn’t embracing how she needs to be embracing things, and therefore she is creating barriers between the inner and the outer.

Judgement, just by conduct, because every energy has something behind it that is valid, but because it’s incomplete and strikes an oddity to her sensibilities, she keeps it separate, keeps things separate, and views the expression as something that’s trying to take something away from her.

And so what you have is a Mexican standoff in which the inner and the outer remain distinctly separate. But your dream is also pointing out that you have made some strides in this area. It doesn’t seem to indicate they’re that significant. In other words, it’s like you can help him, you can help this fly a little bit, meaning not so off the ground but able to kind of come and touch creation and create kind of an over body of it all. You’re able to help that a little, but you’re still determining to what degree that you’re willing to commit.

So what you’re doing is you’re actually taking what is called, as an archetype, a prostitute energy, in which you’re constantly evaluating how it is that you’re inclined to be embracing or supporting, or accepting, and where you have issues yet in this area to work out is where you constantly have the peculiarity that is there, that is chasing you, or haunting you, or you’re attracted to looking at this attention or that attention. And this continues as long as there is a quality in your nature that has, at a deep fundamental level, still this idea of denial.

Which is really interesting because overall you have less of that than the average person who is very clouded in terms of how it is that they’re meant to be in a situation, in other words, don’t know where their groundedness is at, can be overly susceptible. In other words, things aren’t in fluid flow.

You recognize a certain fluid flow that opens up a lot, but the purpose of this dream is to show you that there is so much more that you can bring through, cause to be made aware, enable to be part of an overall flow. And that when you have the neuroses that questions and compromises the spirit energy, that this causes you an energetic deprivation because you are meant to be able to twine all of that. And when you have this energetic deprivation, this is why you continue to roll this same archetype over and over and over again.

In the outer, what shows you that you’re rolling this archetype over and over and over again is you find that you cannot help but be reactive to certain things. And in that reaction you establish a certain bluntness, and in that bluntness there is a cadence of joyousness and heartfulness that gets lost.

What a conundrum, because you don’t solve that by rearranging the deck chairs, you actually weaken yourself if you were to get everything occurring in a way that you would lay it out or prefer it to be, because then that means what you’re doing is you’re taking the spirit energy that is meant to be in a flow, and trying to appropriate it for your sense of well being – as opposed to being able to accept it, and make it into something more.

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