Knowing No Boundaries

easter-island-statuesIn this dream image, we have the problem and the solution. As humans we are made of flesh, we have limitations. Yet we are animated by our spirit, which has no limitations and has natural connections to the rest of the universe. In this way, we can be a conduit for higher energies into the planetary level of existence. We’re designed for this. Yet because we have lost this understanding, we are rarely true conduits, but instead stone statues that have hardened themselves from the flow of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So the next dream I’m in the States, it feels like a city, in a Japanese museum, and this museum has all of these stone sculptures in it, so it’s just full of different sizes of stone sculptures, some really huge.

It’s all dark gray stone, and some are small. I seem to be kind of almost like flying between one and the other, and kind of merging with them, coming out of it and going to another one. And it feels like at the end of this process what I’ve done is I’ve kind of won a little stone sculpture, just something that would fit between my two hands, and I have this thought I’m going to send this anonymously to this man in Japan.

John: So what you’re learning to do is a type of letting go. When something is caught and is dense in manifestation, in other words, where the spirit energy is pent up in a being, and its subconscious – therefore it doesn’t flow – it may be a tremendous aliveness on one level, but it’s like a sculpture, or what was the thing? It was like…

Jeane: They’re all stone sculptures.

John: But it’s like embodied in stone, it’s frozen. And yet, somehow or another, you were able to be amidst that and experience something, right?

Jeane: Um huh.

John: And then once you were able to experience that, then you went outside of time and space didn’t you? You were able to release that into the whole, so that it now pulled something together in terms of energetic expression.

So the dream did a couple of things there. Number one is it held to the theme of the idea that there is something inside, that is subconscious, and is like a sculpture, it’s frozen in its nature that needs to be awakened. And then the dream pointed out that upon that awakening, and upon that flowing, you break time and space, too. In other words, you’re not just a sculpture anymore, you can send that anywhere; that vibration then penetrates and permeates out.

And this of course fits with the recognition and the understanding that as a person becomes more conscious, or in other words has this awareness that awakens, that inflects through, that this is not something that you view in some sort of compartmentalized way, that this is something that permeates into the whole.

In other words, this energy is meant to be awakened in a huge overall capacity, or maybe another crude way of saying it is if you were to assume that the soul is something that is infinite but it finds itself trapped in the human body, subject to the whims and the ways and the mannerisms and the densities of the human body, that it’s like an infinite thing caught in something finite, a stone structure so to speak. And that if it can be in both states, in other words, in the embodied and in the liberated, or in the soul that’s the whole universe at the same time, too, then you have a connectivity that has come together that knows no boundary, that has an effect that reaches and probes out, that permeates into life in some subtle vibratory way, that awakens the whole.

What you’re doing is you’re describing how that works. In other words, people kind of already understand this idea that when there is something that is woken up, when consciousness awakens, that it has an effect upon the whole; that it’s not just a limited effect in a particular specific microcosmic place or way, that it extends beyond that. And you actually described it in your dream, in that image. You described this process.

Now when you put the two together it’s quite interesting because it’s pointing out that you are tormented and stressed out by reverbing images that are designed to portray that there is something that you carry inside that is meant to be able to be given, or released. You have your reservations about how you want to share that, and when you get over that, and let go of the prejudices or fears or whatever that you carry, the defense mechanisms or whatever that is that you carry, when you get over that, then what is able to come out exudes throughout the environment that you’re in.

So it’s almost like a very peculiar game is being played in which the spirit energy, the seed thought, it’s almost as if this is more accessible to the masculine, but it doesn’t have the rooted value that it would have if brought into flow through something that is complete, in terms of manifestation, in the feminine, the outer, even though it’s so veiled, but it is complete. It’s almost like a rude joke is played in that you have to have this disconsolate seed thought energy, or spirit energy, it has to come into play, has to be accepted in spite of its incompleteness because it’s off the ground; it has to be accepted by the feminine.

When properly accepted in total subjectivity by the feminine, and the feminine can’t accept this with total subjectivity if she doesn’t hold to her inner presence, and being, and power, but when she is able to embody or sweep over it and contain that, then the awakening that occurs extends out into all of life.

The dilemma that seems to exist is kind of like this, you could say this in a crude way: if a person’s looking for a job he has got to have experience, and how does he get the job that he wants because he’s a newbie and he has no experience? And so he can submit all the resumes he wants, but he’s not going to get hired because he just doesn’t have the experience and the employer is looking for someone that has experience.

So, in other words, somehow this conundrum has to be overcome in order for something to emerge. In other words, the feminine initially is going to have its defense mechanisms and its issues over allowing the masculine to go beyond a particular degree. In other words, she is practicing to what degree she is willing to be open, and thus there is always some sort of reservation that keeps the two qualities from becoming one.

And that therefore there is this separation. And only when she comes to truly honor all of it, and in so doing brings it all through, simultaneously seen as a wholeness, both sides, instead of having some sort of reservation, only when that happens is there a conscious light spark that is able to penetrate all things in existence in the environment. In other words, it goes through the density of things. It is not just captured in a statue, so to speak.

So this is kind of a profound way of dreaming.

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