A Liberated Energetic State

wardenclyffe_towerWhen we make transitions in our lives, we might have originally been motivated by responding to a certain sense of flow, a feeling that we are being guided. But it’s important to not let go of that connection while we make the transition, because being in the flow requires a constant updating of intelligence; what we knew for sure last week may not apply today. That’s why we have to go with the unfolding of life, rather than try to steer it according to some preconceived notion. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had another little dream I’d almost forgotten. In this dream, I’d been working in a clinic that had kind of like a hospital setting attached, and counseling, but I had been moving on my way out. And as part of the process of moving my way out, I’d moved my office away from the other people and a little bit more off the ward – knowing that your numbers of referrals cut down a little bit because of that, because I was moving on.

Now it feels like I’m not moving on right now, so I’ve gone and I’ve met with an administrator who kind of helps with the flow of referrals because I realized that we’ve got a report and my numbers, or my referrals, are down, and I’m talking with her to try to figure out, what do we do now?

Because I’m unclear at this moment if I’m going to be moving on, or when, or if I’ll be staying. And if I’m staying it doesn’t feel right to go back to an office with all the other therapists, but I do feel if I stay I need maybe to move a little bit closer to where the doctors are because they’re kind of the referral base.

And so we’re trying to sort all of that out because we don’t quite have the timing of it down. She’s not actually worried about the numbers, it’s more like we’re trying to come up with a plan.

John: So what you’re describing is a scenario because there’s no worrying about it necessarily by the scenario that you’re in. In other words, it works, but something is still held back. And what’s held back is you’ve become somewhat set, too, in what works.

And it’s kind of acceptable in the collective like this, but there’s also the recognition that it can exude out more. And this exuding out more, in which you take an awareness that comes and touches you, like a spirit energy, and it awakens something inside of you so that you then are able to function freely.

In other words, that which touches inside comes alive and, instead of trying to control it, it’s able to then throw it out – just like in the second dream where you’re able to send it to the guy in Japan or wherever else. You’re doing this in terms of a letting go process. You’re not leaving yourself combobulated and tied tight in terms of trying to sustain, and maintain, as if you need that for security.

You’re able to just release it and that’s called, in your dream, referrals, you’re able to just reference that out into the whole. The problem that exists is that a person over a course of time gets comfortable with the scenario and situation that they’re in, and so it takes a lot to carry on this dynamic that isn’t personalized or controlled, and when you do take on a dynamic like this where you only work within certain parameters, then your referrals are going to… what you reference out into life is going to be cut back.

What this dream is doing is it’s kind of portraying a dynamic energetic that you experience yourself as being so that you can see yourself as being like this, and that some part of you will recognize that the greatest liberated energetic state would be where everything can just be referenced out into life, just released out into life.

But in this dream you’re seeing you can’t quite do that, and although the hints are there that you need to be able to do this, and you have space being provided, in other words, a type of timing is provided where okay it’s okay, but you do need to recognize that your referrals are down, in other words you’re getting overly established instead of an open free flow.

Just remember the image that you once had of yourself where you were standing with your arms out, your feet out, stretched out, and you were able to transmit vibrational energy east, west, north, south, up, down, however, through you. And how wonderful that was – and none of it stuck.

The degree to which you’re unable to do that completely and unequivocally, in this dream the degree to which you are holding a density yet, or a mode or a modality about yourself, you can sense and see that as a direct consequence of a shutting down, or a quality in which the flow of referrals diminishes. And when the exuding out accentuates, the joyousness comes into that, too, because that’s how you want to be, something that is all encompassing in the whole.

That’s a pretty deep dream.

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