Honoring a Completeness

love-ames-soeursIn this dream image, John is helped by Jeane to correct a wrong decision in a competition. But as we are all the characters in our dreams, what is really being shown is the interplay between masculine and feminine that needs to take place for a completeness to occur. Each aspect of us has its strengths and usefulness – we can’t do everything with only the masculine, or only the feminine, nature in us. We need them both to be in balance because if there is resistance, we lose our connection to the flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this dream I am involved in a competition in which the winner is offered certain rights that involve a certain stadium event, in other words, as a performer or something, and there are already a number of people who have been selected for this glorification, or exaltation, or whatever you want to call it.

And I’m like on the cusp as to whether I’m able to be party to this or not. And initially I am rejected because I collided with the judge simultaneous to crossing a line – so this disqualifies me, which means I have to leave the stadium. This doesn’t feel right to me, but it is what it is and I go along with energetics or notionalities and accept it as my fate.

But I also share what happened too with you, and you do not sit with the energy off the ground like I do in kind of a space that isn’t able to sort itself out, so you can tell this isn’t right. I’m not going to push it, but you just step forward and make the point with the judge to disqualify that this isn’t quite right.

And the way you say that creates a certain groundedness that causes the judge, who is acting in a spirit energy off the ground himself, to do a double take. He’s never had anything call his snap judgement into question. So when you hold your position, you effect the judge in terms of having to inflect to where he’s really coming from and whether he was a little too cavalier.

Now this is like a conviction or a grounding of the spirit energy, and just the fact that you carry that energetic vibration like that causes him to do a double take on what had been a fairly black-and-white determination.

At that exact moment it lifts me up as well, as I then point out to the judge – when before I was just accepting it and not going to say anything – that when there is a tie, because the whole thing hit at the same time with the light at the same time, the tie always goes to the player, not the defender. It is like that in all sports, in all activities, and I mention baseball as an example. In other words, in baseball if a runner is running to first base and the ball gets there at the same time as the runner, if the runner and the ball are simultaneous, the runner is safe, the ball has to get there ahead. In this case, it was identically same/same in terms of the timing and the effect.

The judge reverses himself, and I get the last ceremonial stadium award.

Then the scene switches to where I am before other officials that are part of the whole stadium, and they have come over to express their excitement, or inviting invitational mannerism in terms that I have been selected and I’ve made it. I mention how commendable it was in terms of the character of the judge to reverse himself.

In other words, he recognized something. He went beyond just the black-and-white, and how this freed something up. It got rid of a stigma that had been continuing to carry and impose itself overtly, and had a certain absoluteness to it that you couldn’t get beyond. And I mention again that in every game, the tie always goes to the player who is initialing the contact.

The stadium officials felt that with the transgression having created a false sense of security, that the person who then had to be told, that had thought that they had made it and now the reversal is in, that it would be too much then to use the normal black-and-white and bar this person from the area. And so this person is offered one of those penthouse oversized kind of box office chairs in the stadium in order to observe the unfoldment.

My sense is that that was a wonderful resolution on their part in helping with the integration of it all, as a resolution of it all, in other words, to keep from slamming the heart in another way and still staying in a density. To have barred this person from the stadium would have been too black-and-white and would have crushed the heart.

So in the end the way things worked out turned out different than originally planned or designed, in other words the black-and-whiteness, or the inner and outer separation is breaking down, in other words the consciousness of the whole needed to be brought into the picture.

That’s kind of the meaning, but in the meaning I point out first of all a kind of what’s going on type meaning, and then a deeper meaning. I’m aware of how something needs to be from having identified it on an inner plane of myself. This has gotten lost in the outer denseness of things.

I am struggling to reach and awaken this reality that touches all of life. To do so I have to find a groundedness, and in doing that I can’t just submit to dense outer unnatural mannerisms that keep a flow from evolving. My problem is I haven’t yet assimilated the consciousness in my being, a consciousness to how something needs to be held as a spirit energy, and then in a grounded way so that there is a full memo coming across.

So I am still prone to accepting biases that stifle change and keep the heart from opening up. The difference between inner, the player, and the outer, the defender and judge even, is not supposed to be such a black-and-white trait. The outer has a responsibility to take in what comes through, take it to heart when touched, and adjust accordingly. Because I am so spirit energy oriented and tend to overindulge, I can miss appreciating a process flow in terms of how this is essential for change.

The feminine knowing of what is whole and complete in creation can sense the distinction, and her groundedness brings the inflection that is meant to be. She’s able to bring it through.

The deeper meaning is that this dream is suggesting that I am catching up with the inner/outer flow which needs to touch all of life. My lighthearted but crushable off-the-ground masculine mannerism is finding an embodied grounded feminine magnetism. When only on an outer body level there was no intertwining or natural recognition. The barriers and gaps go away when the intertwining occurs. And when the intertwining occurs, a long lost joyousness is awakened. It is this reawakened joyousness that glorifies, that honors, a completeness.

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