A Greater Energetic

e28_1_mediumIt may take many of us most of our lives, but at some point we usually look around and feel that there must be more than “this,” whatever our “this” may be. In dreams, and in life, this can feel like a longing that seems unquenchable, or a type of hunger. In John’s dream he is shown that the food he is seeking is not in the external form of pizza or beer, but only in the holding of an inner connection. We will feel this ache all the days of our lives if we do not give it some nourishment. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theme of the dreaming was a very, very deep kind of way of having to look at the two sides. It’s actually a good theme or program to have, to be going through, because it is addressing what’s real.

In other words, it’s an attempt to take us out of our day-to-day nuances and throw us into a recognition that there’s more going on than what we are paying attention to, that has to do with the soul, in which you saw then has to do with a certain kind of light body and, at the same time, that has to somehow or another be brought back into the physical, into the body, and to be grounded in order to fully experience it.

On one level you’re experiencing it somewhere else, and on this level you’re struggling to figure out how to make that happen. And it’s bizarre, in that sense it’s bizarre. And in the figuring out to make this happen you have a loudness about what that needs to be, but in the outer conducting yourself to bring that about tends to create images of limitation, or imbalance, or out of sync. But on an inner level it knows exactly what it’s doing. It is trying to bring that inner into the outer in the manner upon which it sees this in an inner capacity way – but can’t quite make that same visualization come through in the outer because there’s this other stuff that’s in between.

In my dream I dealt with this relationship thing in kind of a slightly different way in that the setting I’m in is kind of like a college where guys have gotten together to have kind of a party. It’s a type of party you might have where, let’s say you were in a fraternity or something like that, but as I come into this party it’s not like I readily relate to how everybody is carrying on trying to act like they are having a good old time and whatnot, other than I go through the initial motion of getting myself a full glass of beer or something topped off with the foam and the whole bit.

But I’m feeling extremely hungry and in the dream this hunger is not the food necessarily, or the need to drink something, it’s about an emptiness, a pain, and a need that prevails. In other words, what’s going on with this whole fraternity is a certain sadness, a huge sadness exists because they’re all reaching for something, but they’re reaching for it in this way of camaraderie, imbibing a drink and food and whatever, and thinking that this frivolity is what it’s about.

The sensation I have in the dream is it leaves me extremely hungry for something, so I kind of pull off to one side and I don’t drink my drink, and I guess I’m just noting how hungry I am. And then I’m able to go over to where there’s a guy that’s in charge of the pizzas that were ordered. Two pizzas have been ordered, and I’m shocked. I go, “Wow,” when I look at the pizzas. There’s only two pieces left, and they’re plain cheese pizza.

And I say something about, as if I missed out, I guess I need to eat those two. And the guy says, “Yes, you need to eat those two,” almost feeling a little guilty that I hadn’t been able to get those pizzas when they were warm – because the pizzas are cold. They even stick to the pizza box and I have to peel them loose, and at the same time I notice that I’m not hungry. I’m not really hungry.

I was extremely hungry earlier, but I couldn’t eat or drink or do anything in this mode because that was poisonous, that wasn’t what it was about. And so I instead sat in this zone that felt the need or connected to that which was missing as the real food. In other words, they were partaking of the pizza and drink in merriment and socializing, and what I was experiencing was they were doing it that way, but I was experiencing how it needed to be in reality as a type of true connection communion and relatability.

And that this other was just all superficial. And that I couldn’t do any of that because it was disgusting to me, or at least didn’t make any sense, but initially in this dream I’m hit with this hunger pain, and yet I’m not doing anything to relieve it in an external way. But on an internal level I am somehow or another holding the space of what is missing in terms of this gathering.

And after having held that space for a while, I’m now able to move around because in holding that space I couldn’t even pay any attention to, I couldn’t be drawn in any capacity to this other that was meaningless. I couldn’t support this vibe. To support it, or to do it in that way, would be to stay in the same amnesia as they were all in.

And so I could not contaminate myself like that because I recognized instead the kind of connectivity that they actually needed and I went into that.

The thing about this is, longing comes in various words. It comes as a type of pain, it comes as a type of hunger, it comes as an aspect of a type of desire or craving even, but behind all of that is a greater energetic that absolves all of that, that absorbs all of that, that takes all of that in and, in doing so, brings something together as a relatability, or a communion, or intertwining when it addresses all of that.

You do this in an energy that has to do with your definition of how something needs to be relatable and that there is a certain craving to that. I do this from the standpoint that something is going to be remiss, or there’s a hunger if it’s not done, and one will be left helpless or something. And so I can have a self-consciousness, but in my inner depth I know that this is what is important is to be able to go into that because this is a deeper dimension. It’s my way of threading to the connectivity, or the relatability.

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