Applying the Need

eyldThings are changing, we can see that in the world. And what is important in this time is to put our energies (literally) into the things we are champions of, rather than expend our energy fixing things that are floundering and unable to adjust to the change. And so it is in our personal journey as well, because we can’t fix our past, we must instead put our focus and intention on what we want to uphold in this life and let the old patterns fade away. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The very first dream I had I forgot, but what I remember about it is it’s almost like there was a series of structures in a circular pattern, and they have a lot of light on them. And they seemed to move around, but I couldn’t really hold onto that dream.

John: That isn’t your problem there. That’s an issue in which you see the light on certain structures and certain qualities of things in creation naturally. You see the energy lay lines and stuff like that. You can catch up with all of that.

But as part of catching up with that, what’s required here is in order for you to flow with that, in order for you to know what is meaningful about that, it requires a connection or a linkage from the masculine to bring through the memo upon that which you are able then to awaken.

In other words, there is actually a quality of the masculine that can set back and can tell with a type of knowingness what is kind of unfolding. What it’s able to tell is something like this. It can see where the energy is dead, and where something that is still alive or appears in an outer fashion to be still carrying on in the outer, but knows that it will run its course.

For example, I know that the economic system is about to go down, and will go down, and even though something is changing for the better the energetic flow that has to come through the masculine there’s such a need that it only is able to address, or bring through, or connect with the divine… in other words, it has to have a clarity in such a way so that it facilitates what’s meant to be – and doesn’t use up its energy, or get distorted, or distracted by having to support or carry on that which is dead energy that is going to change.

As an additional example, let’s say that for example that the economic system and the currencies and all of that, and the social order of things, is about to go through a major upheaval – as if the energy of that has been withdrawn.

But then there are also dilemmas, too, like what if the world is on the verge of being destroyed based upon things that man has done? And let’s just use the example of the nuclear reactor in Japan, which some are saying if it breaks loose, the containment field is already shattered, if the structure that is holding things back takes and crumbles then all of that gets released into the atmosphere. It’s already at a point where they don’t know how to fix that, and so it’s just sitting there waiting for some exogenous event and then it gets released into the atmosphere; it’s going to have some sort of untold consequence on the whole world.

How does that get fixed? Well, I don’t get the sense that that’s unfixable. I get the sense that that can be fixed. In other words, the breakdown had an element of darkness confusion that permeated out, and it almost like had a life of its own in terms of its waywardness. And because the attention of man was distorted and confused, now that the clarity is coming back there is so much need that you have to be very precise with where you apply that need – and you have to know that that is a need that has to be applied.

You can’t go trying to, for example, mess with the economic system, or try to cater to something that is meant to go down, because it is part of the tools in the trade of a putrefied expression – and it has to be destroyed. And you have to be clear enough to know that that has to go, as something else has to be observed and sustained.

So what you dreamt was you saw this light, or this lightness of things, and what you needed to be able to see with that is the memo. In other words, so that that could open up, and that could be part of a natural evolved flow for you. Because you do have the ability to know what it is that needs to be effectuated as a change.

The masculine could bring in the memo, the masculine could have all of the ideas, but what is appropriate and timely and suits the need of the imperative, and doesn’t have any waywardness or distraction to it, the feminine knows that, not the masculine.

The masculine can get clearer and clearer in terms of the input, but the implementation is the feminine, and in the implementation all that process awakens something so that it sparks the stuff so it flows and comes through more clearly. And that’s what is important, and that’s what’s getting lost. There is the failure of the linkage to the language of the soul – and it was very, very sad because that’s what the dream group portrayed.

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