A Sense of Power

pylons2This dream uses the imagery of finding the best part of a city to live in as a way of speaking about connecting to the inner power and knowing that lives within each of us. Yes, there are distractions – in the form of other suburbs to choose from, and parts of the dreamer are still asleep, as seen in the couple who are found still in bed. So this is a process of awakening, and connecting, and it requires both the masculine and the feminine aspects of us to be in greater balance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the second dream, I’m in a city that maybe I haven’t visited for awhile and I’m going to look for a place to live again. There are areas of the city that I’m very familiar with.

Well, because of how rents have gone up in the city, a person wants me to look in an area that I would normally consider outside of the central energy that you’d want to be in. It’s been renovated and she takes and shows me, and I see the new buildings because supposedly this area still seems quite expensive to me but is more affordable than like downtown in the city is.

So I go in and I look at an apartment with her and when we go in there, I see it would be an apartment I would share with several other people. And she’s looking around. It is renovated, it is quite nice, and while she’s showing a certain room, because there’s somebody else with me, I go and I peek in one doorway and I see a couple in bed there.

And I realize that this must be a couple that’s living there, and that meant that there’d be a number of us that would live together. But I’m still dubious because there’s something about living outside the central energy of the city that just doesn’t quite feel right to me yet. There’s something about the suburbs that still feel like the suburb – even if they say they’re kind of part of the city now.

John: That’s a very deep dream. What you’re doing is you’re dreaming ahead of something that’s going to be covered today. You’re dreaming about what’s needed, and what’s necessary, and is the hardest part for the feminine’s soul to catch up with – and that’s the sense of knowing.

In other words, there were five elements. There was life, and that’s what I had to deal with. That was a big theme for me. The big theme for you is the knowing. How do you catch up with the knowing?

And so the dream shows you in this malaise of trying to reestablish your barriers kind of in this overall flip flop sense. I went through this knowing phase. I know what it feels like. That’s right, I realize how it can be overwhelming, and you can you can be baffled, and kind of confused. What happens is you can really get, at least for the masculine, can get really, really self-conscious and feel out of place about things, we can’t just sit and be settled with whatever the environment is in, and it’s always kind of having to grope out of confusion when something doesn’t quite twang right. That’s a knowing imbalance.

In your particular case, you’re starting off needing to access the knowing. You’re in New York and you’re trying to determine this, that, or the other in terms of where you’re staying, and how you are situated, and how the whole thing needs to be in the overall. And you’re shown an aspect of a bit of a knowing problem that you have, in that you have your attention in terms of a certain magnetic way in which you need that magnetic energy, which is an aspect of power. You need that in order to catch up with a natural knowing, that also resides inside of you, but you have left a crack of the door open.

And so the crack of the door that’s left open, what’s interesting is one finds out that it knows that that’s an aspect of power now coming in, that’s necessary to help awaken the knowing, because you find out that that’s the bedroom, and there’s a person asleep; that sort of thing intrigues you because you haven’t quite pulled all of that through like you need to.

So your dreaming has to do with a lot of what we would call a type of prostitute energy influence where you’re always looking at the sexuality of something, the aspect of that as a need. And it’s true, it is kind of a need, but a need in what way? In what capacity is that important for you?

And it’s important for you to catch up with retaining, or maintaining, or finding your own sense of power. That’s why it’s important. And when you find your own sense of power, you also get comfortable with what you know – and it can come out. But if your power is unbalanced, then your knowing can’t quite get on track – and you generally don’t have any trouble if those two things come together because you’re able to bring something into life more readily.

My problem is I do not bring something into life real readily, which obviously has to do maybe with an imbalance or herky jerkiness of power or something, although I have glimpses of the knowing and the sight.

I now know an important question, or a useful question, to ask the teacher is: what’s the role of the masculine in relationship to life, and the feminine? You mentioned for example that such and such a teacher only had women and didn’t have any guys, and realize that there was an importance of something that had to come down through and be introduced in to life through the feminine.

And now something seems to be a little different where the energetic of something raw, as well, needs to be introduced, that comes in as an insight that may be unbalanced. So now I’m actually answering my own question, aren’t I? It would be nice to hear what the teacher would have to say about that.

The teacher we tend to pay attention to has basically just roughed it off by saying, well you had your chance. Okay, but the feminine can’t do it because it has got to get the memo. And if there isn’t the language coming across and coming through, then you get into this malaise like we saw in the dream group where everything gets… well, as you would say, didn’t have a clarity or a focus of direction – which is a statement about the life element was missing.

It swooned a bit, which means that, from my perspective, it had gotten lost in terms of the connection, which has to do with a knowingness. And it malaised about, and floundered about, and there was a clear absence of a certain kind of power that was needed, and there wasn’t any joy. It needed to have joy. How do you ever catch up with peace, then?

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