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eyldThings are changing, we can see that in the world. And what is important in this time is to put our energies (literally) into the things we are champions of, rather than expend our energy fixing things that are floundering and unable to adjust to the change. And so it is in our personal journey as well, because we can’t fix our past, we must instead put our focus and intention on what we want to uphold in this life and let the old patterns fade away. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The very first dream I had I forgot, but what I remember about it is it’s almost like there was a series of structures in a circular pattern, and they have a lot of light on them. And they seemed to move around, but I couldn’t really hold onto that dream.

John: That isn’t your problem there. That’s an issue in which you see the light on certain structures and certain qualities of things in creation naturally. You see the energy lay lines and stuff like that. You can catch up with all of that.

But as part of catching up with that, what’s required here is in order for you to flow with that, in order for you to know what is meaningful about that, it requires a connection or a linkage from the masculine to bring through the memo upon that which you are able then to awaken.

In other words, there is actually a quality of the masculine that can set back and can tell with a type of knowingness what is kind of unfolding. What it’s able to tell is something like this. It can see where the energy is dead, and where something that is still alive or appears in an outer fashion to be still carrying on in the outer, but knows that it will run its course.

For example, I know that the economic system is about to go down, and will go down, and even though something is changing for the better the energetic flow that has to come through the masculine there’s such a need that it only is able to address, or bring through, or connect with the divine… in other words, it has to have a clarity in such a way so that it facilitates what’s meant to be – and doesn’t use up its energy, or get distorted, or distracted by having to support or carry on that which is dead energy that is going to change.

As an additional example, let’s say that for example that the economic system and the currencies and all of that, and the social order of things, is about to go through a major upheaval – as if the energy of that has been withdrawn.

But then there are also dilemmas, too, like what if the world is on the verge of being destroyed based upon things that man has done? And let’s just use the example of the nuclear reactor in Japan, which some are saying if it breaks loose, the containment field is already shattered, if the structure that is holding things back takes and crumbles then all of that gets released into the atmosphere. It’s already at a point where they don’t know how to fix that, and so it’s just sitting there waiting for some exogenous event and then it gets released into the atmosphere; it’s going to have some sort of untold consequence on the whole world.

How does that get fixed? Well, I don’t get the sense that that’s unfixable. I get the sense that that can be fixed. In other words, the breakdown had an element of darkness confusion that permeated out, and it almost like had a life of its own in terms of its waywardness. And because the attention of man was distorted and confused, now that the clarity is coming back there is so much need that you have to be very precise with where you apply that need – and you have to know that that is a need that has to be applied.

You can’t go trying to, for example, mess with the economic system, or try to cater to something that is meant to go down, because it is part of the tools in the trade of a putrefied expression – and it has to be destroyed. And you have to be clear enough to know that that has to go, as something else has to be observed and sustained.

So what you dreamt was you saw this light, or this lightness of things, and what you needed to be able to see with that is the memo. In other words, so that that could open up, and that could be part of a natural evolved flow for you. Because you do have the ability to know what it is that needs to be effectuated as a change.

The masculine could bring in the memo, the masculine could have all of the ideas, but what is appropriate and timely and suits the need of the imperative, and doesn’t have any waywardness or distraction to it, the feminine knows that, not the masculine.

The masculine can get clearer and clearer in terms of the input, but the implementation is the feminine, and in the implementation all that process awakens something so that it sparks the stuff so it flows and comes through more clearly. And that’s what is important, and that’s what’s getting lost. There is the failure of the linkage to the language of the soul – and it was very, very sad because that’s what the dream group portrayed.

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e28_1_mediumIt may take many of us most of our lives, but at some point we usually look around and feel that there must be more than “this,” whatever our “this” may be. In dreams, and in life, this can feel like a longing that seems unquenchable, or a type of hunger. In John’s dream he is shown that the food he is seeking is not in the external form of pizza or beer, but only in the holding of an inner connection. We will feel this ache all the days of our lives if we do not give it some nourishment. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theme of the dreaming was a very, very deep kind of way of having to look at the two sides. It’s actually a good theme or program to have, to be going through, because it is addressing what’s real.

In other words, it’s an attempt to take us out of our day-to-day nuances and throw us into a recognition that there’s more going on than what we are paying attention to, that has to do with the soul, in which you saw then has to do with a certain kind of light body and, at the same time, that has to somehow or another be brought back into the physical, into the body, and to be grounded in order to fully experience it.

On one level you’re experiencing it somewhere else, and on this level you’re struggling to figure out how to make that happen. And it’s bizarre, in that sense it’s bizarre. And in the figuring out to make this happen you have a loudness about what that needs to be, but in the outer conducting yourself to bring that about tends to create images of limitation, or imbalance, or out of sync. But on an inner level it knows exactly what it’s doing. It is trying to bring that inner into the outer in the manner upon which it sees this in an inner capacity way – but can’t quite make that same visualization come through in the outer because there’s this other stuff that’s in between.

In my dream I dealt with this relationship thing in kind of a slightly different way in that the setting I’m in is kind of like a college where guys have gotten together to have kind of a party. It’s a type of party you might have where, let’s say you were in a fraternity or something like that, but as I come into this party it’s not like I readily relate to how everybody is carrying on trying to act like they are having a good old time and whatnot, other than I go through the initial motion of getting myself a full glass of beer or something topped off with the foam and the whole bit.

But I’m feeling extremely hungry and in the dream this hunger is not the food necessarily, or the need to drink something, it’s about an emptiness, a pain, and a need that prevails. In other words, what’s going on with this whole fraternity is a certain sadness, a huge sadness exists because they’re all reaching for something, but they’re reaching for it in this way of camaraderie, imbibing a drink and food and whatever, and thinking that this frivolity is what it’s about.

The sensation I have in the dream is it leaves me extremely hungry for something, so I kind of pull off to one side and I don’t drink my drink, and I guess I’m just noting how hungry I am. And then I’m able to go over to where there’s a guy that’s in charge of the pizzas that were ordered. Two pizzas have been ordered, and I’m shocked. I go, “Wow,” when I look at the pizzas. There’s only two pieces left, and they’re plain cheese pizza.

And I say something about, as if I missed out, I guess I need to eat those two. And the guy says, “Yes, you need to eat those two,” almost feeling a little guilty that I hadn’t been able to get those pizzas when they were warm – because the pizzas are cold. They even stick to the pizza box and I have to peel them loose, and at the same time I notice that I’m not hungry. I’m not really hungry.

I was extremely hungry earlier, but I couldn’t eat or drink or do anything in this mode because that was poisonous, that wasn’t what it was about. And so I instead sat in this zone that felt the need or connected to that which was missing as the real food. In other words, they were partaking of the pizza and drink in merriment and socializing, and what I was experiencing was they were doing it that way, but I was experiencing how it needed to be in reality as a type of true connection communion and relatability.

And that this other was just all superficial. And that I couldn’t do any of that because it was disgusting to me, or at least didn’t make any sense, but initially in this dream I’m hit with this hunger pain, and yet I’m not doing anything to relieve it in an external way. But on an internal level I am somehow or another holding the space of what is missing in terms of this gathering.

And after having held that space for a while, I’m now able to move around because in holding that space I couldn’t even pay any attention to, I couldn’t be drawn in any capacity to this other that was meaningless. I couldn’t support this vibe. To support it, or to do it in that way, would be to stay in the same amnesia as they were all in.

And so I could not contaminate myself like that because I recognized instead the kind of connectivity that they actually needed and I went into that.

The thing about this is, longing comes in various words. It comes as a type of pain, it comes as a type of hunger, it comes as an aspect of a type of desire or craving even, but behind all of that is a greater energetic that absolves all of that, that absorbs all of that, that takes all of that in and, in doing so, brings something together as a relatability, or a communion, or intertwining when it addresses all of that.

You do this in an energy that has to do with your definition of how something needs to be relatable and that there is a certain craving to that. I do this from the standpoint that something is going to be remiss, or there’s a hunger if it’s not done, and one will be left helpless or something. And so I can have a self-consciousness, but in my inner depth I know that this is what is important is to be able to go into that because this is a deeper dimension. It’s my way of threading to the connectivity, or the relatability.

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blog26-Nov.11-Internal_dialogue1Here is another good example showing how our dreams often are trying to guide us, trying to show us where we are struggling. In Jeane’s dream, she even splits in two, so she’s watching herself as she does things. Our systems do that as well, and our soul does try to guide us as best it can so that we operate at an optimum level. And operating at an optimum level for the human means being in service to what created us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I seem to have a series of dreams about the same place, like I kind of wake up and go back into it.

It’s like you and I look like we’re in our 30s or something, and you’ve met me. You don’t seem to know a lot about me, but you want to sleep with me so you take me to this place that’s like a secret house of prostitution. So it’s kind of like a wooden building with an apartment within this building, and it has other apartments right above it.

Well you go in and you make a deal with the lady that runs this place that whenever you call and we come over she and whoever the women are that work there are to just disappear, and you and I can go use one of the rooms upstairs. But they’re all to leave when we do that, which she agrees to.

And so, one day then you and I go over there but we’re really excited to be with each other, and it feels like I split off into two people at that point – and you make everybody leave. And they leave so fast that the people in the anteroom when we go in there, I see that they were eating some food out of the cans, and they have just dropped four cans and left them there.

And you can’t wait to go up to one of the rooms so it’s kind of like you’re embracing me on the couch in the main room – but another part of me has split off and maybe gone into a bathroom, or an adjoining room, and it comes out and it sees you with me on the couch. It’s kind of strange. It’s like I have to get back in my body or something because the energy’s pretty intense.

That energy wakes me up a bit. And then when I go back into the dream it’s like I’ve gone over there one time with you and not everybody has left and I’m on the far wall of the room, and you’re wanting to play volleyball in this room. Now there’s no net or anything, so there’s an odd way that you play volleyball. And you assume I can’t play volleyball, but I’m actually a good volleyball player, in the dream, so I surprise you with that – when you’ve thrown the ball at somebody else, and then when I get the ball whatever I do with it it surprises you.

That’s one thing, and then I seem to come out of that a little bit, and then I go back into the same dream and I’ve gone over there to see what it’s like when we’re not there together. And I go over and I notice that the landlord comes through at one point and that he doesn’t seem to really be aware of what’s happening there.

He just goes into one of the anterooms and I’m observing what he knows, or what he doesn’t know, and I’m just looking at what the woman is like who runs the place, and observing that time.

John: So what you’re doing is you have a lower-self nature that is aware of how something is… well, in other words, in a lower-self nature you are inclined to have a perspective on what needs to unfold that is rather limited. In other words, it has a quality about it that doesn’t really open up to what it needs to be, and so it comes across distorted, or perverted, or out of sync.

And that that’s how it appears on one level, but that’s not how it is on a deeper inner level, that is what is important. There are veils and things that get in the way from that which is important, and that one is doing their best to try to set those aside, or remove those. But in a physical outer world if you aren’t accessing the connectivity that is natural in an overall capacity, there’s always going to be some aspect of differentiation, or perversion.

In other words, the theme of the dreaming had to do with trying to catch up and be in that place in which you’re addressing the actual need, and the actual need is a connectivity in which one isn’t going through this, or that, or the other as diversionary mannerisms, that they’re able to connect directly to what lies before them. And that when you don’t connect directly to what lies before you, well, it’s just bizarre. It’s just confusing. What can be takes on a distortion.

So what your dream is doing is it’s pointing out that there is a perception inside of you in terms of how something actually is, and then there is the reality of it in the outer. And what draws you to be the way you are, that is you are the way you are on the path of becoming this something more

What you’re doing is in your dream you’re actually sensing and seeing that something more, and then at the same time recognizing that you’re in another space with that. You’re moving towards that, but still in another space with that, which means that something more needs to awaken or open up because your perspective still has slants to it, or is deviated in some fashion, in terms of the bigger picture.

Now what else happens in there?

Jeane: There was one point where I find myself surprising you how I know how to play volleyball.

John: Ahhh, ahhh, yes. What’s going on there is that you have to catch up with a certain presence and power that you contain, that you have, that you have to embody that. You actually have inside of yourself everything that is able to make the connection and the flow and the linkage.

So what happens is it’s kind of like confusing. It’s kind of like a dialogue almost with the soul. It’s like there is one part of the soul that seems to have a way of trying to thread itself along to what it knows is a complete connection, and then there’s the part of you that’s kind of caught up in the particularities in the outer in which there are gaps and things that are missing, and there’s an awkwardness that exists and, as a consequence, one could judge themselves or even subject themselves to kind of a bit of a demeaning perspective.

Jeane: There was also one I had forgotten about. It was like when you get very excited so you have just kind of fallen on me on the couch, and another part of me has gone kind of into a brightly lit adjoining room that I seem to come out of actually. But a man accidentally opens the door to the room at that time, and you holler at them really kind of angrily and then they have to shut the door and leave.

John: But the important part of that is the sense of something that needed to get in the body of the connection. In other words, you have this quality of yourself that’s in everything on a soul level, but then when you come back to having to address or to work with this on an individual level there seems to be barriers, or problems, or peculiar things that get in the way.

And so because you seem to know this on the higher-soul level that is more expansive and intwined in everything, that’s why you are able to see yourself kind of in a light body or something. That’s why you are able to see yourself disjointed, even.

To take on and to properly appreciate all of that in the physical is difficult, and so you’re pointing out to yourself that you need to be in the body, you need to be grounded, in order to be able to assimilate all of that. And so what you’ve dreamt is your way of addressing the relationship component of what is being introduced, imprinted actually, as a kind of expression or mannerism that is of a shamanistic nature.

In other words, a shaman shifts things, and when they shift things you have a different sense of two places. And so left in your own ordinary devices you would have your idea of how to take and be in a relationship, and it would have a certain coloration to it that putrefies what it’s really all about. And, as a consequence then, there’s all kinds of commotion or reaction that occurs where you’re herky-jerky or… well, there’s just all kinds of strange things that occur as you try to quest in that manner.

But then what the dream is showing you is to cause one to be able to go into and access this greater dimension, to bring it into play in its subtle nature, because that is a dynamic that is always going on, that is behind the scenes, that is the true reality of what’s unfolding.

In that is the need, and it doesn’t have a characteristic or nature. It’s united, it’s combined. For some reason I’m having a hard time saying this because it’s actually fairly easy to look at. In other words, there’s the part of yourself that’s going through the gyrations of things, and then there is the part of yourself to which this part you are in a type of amnesia, and then there’s the part of yourself that actually has an understanding and realizes something so much more, and is unfolding into that so much more.

And in that process of doing that there is a type of intertwined merging that exists, that isn’t evident when you look at the physical circumstances. It’s not as evident. Instead there’s the peculiarities, and there are the circumstances, and there’s the setting, and there’s all of this, that, and the other.

But in the greater aspect of the soul, there is none of that; it just naturally comes together. And in the physical you’re having to contend with all of those aspects that are doing their dance, and having their peculiarity.

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