In the Vortex

votxWe have been discussing the nature of staying with the energetic changes that are onsetting, rather than holding on to what is no longer energetically supported. That means both in the world that is external to us, and in our inner lives. Spiritual growth requires personal responsibility, and in these times that means we must uphold in ourselves the qualities that are worth keeping, and let all the things that don’t work, or are wrong, fade away because they no longer get our support. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I have to get the focus of where the knowingness needs to come through, the knowingness being the strongest trait of the masculine.

Now, here is how I see it: what I see is energetic columns. In the first column, what I see is kind of like natural ordered conclusions of life. It’s okay, I don’t need to pay any attention to this first column. This is just part of the fabric of things, and I see that. In other words, there’s no issue in the natural order of things, it’s part of the design and it is part of how things… it’s the basic format that you have in front of you.

And it’s like distinct columns, then there’s a space of vacuous emptiness in between, and then there’s the second column (there’s actually a third column that I can’t get any information out of yet, but I do see the second column). And in the second column, the energy that’s there is depicting the outer directions of things, or the outer possibilities of things.

In other words, within that is things that have been in place in more of a temporal nature that has to do with the economic systems, and social order, and collective flow that people have and all of that. But it also includes some of the negatives of all of that, that have gotten putrefied. In other words, it includes some of the dire events that could happen such as the nuclear reactive thing, and certain chaos in certain parts of the world, that it’s important to put one’s attention upon. Certain things are needing to be supported, but how and what needs to be supported is what’s important.

There are things that I know that need to breakdown, and my confusion is I’m inclined to think that they don’t need to breakdown because I’ve gotten attached to them, or adapted to them, and my focus, and action, and energy needs to be placed on things that are important to be changed, that got caught and are in the vortex of that which is negatively defined.

In other words, you have a general energy that has a certain vibration to it, and it’s like if you live in a place like this where you have currencies, and you have this, and you have that in terms of a social order, you have a particular vibration that runs through that. And within that vibration you can have a certain ignorance, and a certain density. And if you learn to let go of that so that that doesn’t have an effect, or an importance, upon you, then you could kind of see something that does have an importance – and a bigger importance – in terms of the effect of things in the outer, which also reaches all the way into the inner, but we have to start with the life that we are in.

We have to work with the blood of things as they are. When we catch up to that, that’s where our attention needs to be. But we can’t keep supporting what is dead. If the hope extends to what is dead, then the energy that’s needed to facilitate what is important gets lost or skewered.

In other words, it doesn’t come where it is needed.

In other words, within this vortex of energy of the second column of energy, there are things in this condition which include the established order that has gone over the edge and can’t be sustained any longer. There’s that, and then there is the focus of what needs to benefit from the chaos. And then that which has gone over the edge and can’t be sustained any longer, if that’s where one is lost in, and is caught in, personally, then the focus doesn’t benefit what is important.

And that chaos, everything feeds off of that chaos, and then something important gets torn up, too, and the rug has been pulled out from under that which isn’t meant to be sustained any longer. In other words the currencies are going to collapse, the debt crisis is going to implode, there’s going to be a lot of confusion. And if you’re caught in this confusion and you’re caught up in this, then you can’t have any proper effect. The required necessary effect that is needed to put one’s attention to where something is imperative – in terms of what needs to transition or change, in order to support something from top to bottom.

Now, what needs to possibly be introduced at this particular point is that a teacher comes in. The teacher has its foot on the other side. It really can’t quite come into life. It knows life, but it can’t come into the physical creation. And so the way that it does, is it comes into life through the particles and the particles.

Wherever the teacher goes it enlivens everything, wherever it goes. I mean it enlivens everything in the environment. But when the teacher leaves all of that dries out, with the exception of one thing, the crown of creation, the human being. And the teacher somehow or another leaves some essence from the other side in the human being that is here, and it extends all the way to the point of bringing in the knowingness, too, in other words the memo; it brings that through.

In our tradition that answer hasn’t been given yet. In other words, what is the role of the masculine? The role of the masculine is to bring in that sight, that wisdom. The role of the feminine is to know it when it hears it, and is able then to usher forth and help disseminate that into what is important.

The masculine struggles because it’s so off the ground. The feminine energy helps it a bit, just a tiny bit, but it’s more than just a tiny bit because the feminine needs to catch up with this to help effectuate it in life. It’s the sorrow of the feminine that cries out the loudest in terms of the need for a change to occur. It’s the feminine cry that occurred first.

The masculine is the last to get the memo, but then when it gets the memo it has to bring it through and work through the mood, or the sorrow. And it works through, it creates a kind of awakening upon which then the feminine is able to touch what needs to be touched in terms of life.

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