Power and Life

sproutYes, in spiritual development we can connect with higher energies that can give us knowings and a sense of well being. Yes, we can change the way we experience the world. But the question then becomes: for how long? If we feel compassion, can we uphold compassion when someone is being mean to us? Do we practice kindness to everyone, not just the people we like? Until we can say yes to questions like these (depending on what we seek to uphold), we are not holding an energetic state within us. And until we are able to hold such an energetic state, we are only part-timers. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t have much because I didn’t sleep deeply last night. I kept waking up, and it felt like I was going over and over a concert we’d watched, and trying to coordinate, or explain something about that concert.

And I think I was also trying to arrange a wedding or something like that. I just don’t remember the details because I was just really involved in whatever I was observing or doing.

John: It has to do with hearing clearly and recognizing succinctly the connective note inside of you – and that was the theme last night. The theme last night is, one can get close to things, one can awaken to things, but there is so much more.

The thing that you have to contend with when there is so much more is being able to hold a focus in spite of what is seemingly overwhelming in terms of everything around you. Now what happens is, as you develop a certain energetic acuity it is very easy for that which expands to go over the top. In other words, to lose the ability to hold it in a spatiality in the physical.

And so the image you have is in terms of being effected by things you… this is hard to describe in terms of how you feel this, but your sense of going outside of yourself has to do with not being comfortable and able to hold that energy inside of yourself with a composure. When you don’t hold it with a composure, then it gets caught in the mesh of the myriad of things that are also all around in the outer.

And those myriad of things in the outer aren’t overwhelming if you hold the energy inside of yourself in a wholeness; then that that happens around you is okay. It’s part of a natural knowing that you are able to sustain. You can’t sustain that knowing, nor can you take on a power if it just escapes or goes out over the top, if you can’t figure out how to hold that in terms of the heart and the sight.

So what you’re doing is you’re seeing your condition. There are two things that have been presented and both of those things that have been presented, even though they have been presented as carefully as possible, they’re over the top. They’re over the top because from the one standpoint they involve a grounding, or a life energy, which is very body-oriented where you have to hold the energy inside. And you hold that energy close to the heart.

And then you have that energy that has to expand or, in other words, it’s designed to come down into life. And yet for it to be effective in life, it finds itself working instead of with light it’s working with sound, and so it gets veiled, and caught in moods and such. So you’re utilizing the trait of motion inside of yourself, which is called knowing, but it’s called a knowing because you’re going to the center of where that knowing is at, which is kind of called the third eye.

Well, when you raise the energy through that zone, through that area, it has the sensation of slowing down. In other words, what you experience in the outer is opposite what you experience on the inner, or in terms of how it’s perceived on the inner. The first, second, and third chakra, the red, orange, and yellow, oriented to the outer, cause you to speed around, to have to do things. And so there’s the perception that you’re going faster, but you’re doing it in the outer. You’re doing it in the body, in life, grounded.

And then when you raise the energy to a level of sight, and you’re going into the colors that are above the heart, there is the sense that in the outer you slow down, you die before you die. And that’s because you hold that energy with the sight. You have to hold the sight and the life together. When you hold the sight and the life together you become quieter, you slow down.

Conceptually when you’re going into the light you’re going faster, in terms of your inner understanding of things, because light is faster. But in the way that is experienced in terms of having to catch up with the realization in the physical body, you’re slowing down. When you catch up with the light, you catch up actually with a stillness; and you have to embody that. That knowingness is embodied. It takes a certain power to hold onto; you access power by holding on to the heart center and life, power and life, they go hand in hand.

And when you access the light center, you are opening up in correlation knowing and peace. I’m not sure where joy fits into this, or how joy fits in, but knowingness and peace go hand in hand. And you can’t have that if the energy goes out the top, if it isn’t something that’s held or contained in the body.

So what you experienced was you experienced the energy, you experienced the myriad of things coming back, like the concert and whatnot, you felt yourself going outside of yourself, racing out. In other words, you were losing the energy out through the top instead of holding it. And you had been holding it, but then all of a sudden you started losing it – and the tendency is to lose it.

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