The Heart Center

heart-chakra8The idea of grounding, or being grounded is commonly heard – but what does it really refer to? We can think of it this way: humans are alive in the physical realms, but we can connect to the higher, energetic realms. But to really be developed means that we become an anchor, and a conduit, into life for those higher energies. It’s no longer stop-and-start or hit-and-miss – we become a constant access point into the physical for things that can only enter the physical realms through human process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What I dreamt had the same kind of dilemma that you had in terms of something interfering with holding the space. And so when something’s interfering with holding the space, I see this as things inside of myself that lack integration, or aren’t being held onto in the way that they need to be held onto, contained.

And they’re not integrating when they have to be put to sleep, or when they fade out, when they have to be dealt with in terms of a capacity that causes me to perceive that, is off on one side, or tangential, or in the way.

So the dream kind of portrays this. I have come into a large building in which there are people who I have to put to sleep because they would affect how it is that I move about in the area. It’s not just in the building, I even see myself doing it out on the street.

There’s like a motorcycle gang comes and I’ve got this aerosol can and I just spray this in their face and it knocks them out. I’m just going about it, I’m doing it with maybe 100 people, and it’s like I have to be very strategic about it. I have to be very calculating. I have to do it in a particular area because, as people go back and forth, I can’t let them get all shook up, or concerned, or reactive as they see all these others that have been knocked out.

And so I’m going around and going around doing this, not even knowing why I’m doing it, it’s just that I’m in to having to do this; I have to cover this entire area by doing this. I have to knock all of these things out because they somehow or another inhibit and limit my way of being in an energetic wholeness.

The secret to the success is to do this as natural as possible so that I don’t make any waves in terms of visibility. Now this makes sense for me to do this, even though I don’t seem to know where I’m going with it and what this is about. Yet this is where my attention is at is to quell all of that.

Those 100 things and pieces are actually parts of myself that can fly out of handle, that aren’t being contained or held. So it’s like initially you put them to sleep; that’s a very beginning process, that’s a very beginning aspect of the process. Eventually, they don’t stay asleep, they have to be integrated. And so it’s almost like I have to do it before I lose my opportunity.

What this is kind of like, it’s like the cradle effect where you have to surrender to something. You have to become empty to something in order to be filled. And that’s an emptiness that has to do with life. And then when that cradle effect goes away and it has to be integrated, that has to do with sight.

And you have to hold those energies because you can easily race off and go out the top. Why is that? Why is there this process? Because there’s something that you’re meant to sustain or maintain, and I don’t realize what that is until all of a sudden I see that if you complete the task properly, as you’re compelled to proceed, you end up with an apple pie. And I’m surprised that I am able to eat the whole thing. A pie has to do with health. It’s the standpoint of overall health in the whole.

Well, the meaning of the dream is everything around me affects the heart, and creates a pain therein, that keeps me from being myself. And of course the pain is important as parts of yourself are askew, going over the top, not holding the energy, and all of that. You pain the heart when the energy slips out like that, and you struggle for an understanding, or knowing, or clarity about things, but as you struggle for this understanding and clarity about things you have to hold that in relationship to the heart. Just like in the meditation with life itself you have to hold this note that has to do with the way you feel something in the heart. You have to hold that note and at the same time listen to something more; which is like the sound of the universe or something.

Accentuates that listening process which is an acuity that is reached by something that rises up a little bit, so it’s more up towards the light center, the listening is, and as you do that then you have to also be pulled and do that in co-relationship to the heart, which pulls you back down into life.

If you’re overly indulged in the environment of the outer, you don’t hear it and, at the same time, it gives you information. Just like light contains it, it’s in the sound. Somehow or another you catch up with that inflection coming through, and that’s third eye stuff even yet, too, but that isn’t held onto. That does not lead and bring you into power over the whole without the heart center. You have to have that heart center.

So when you hold that, you develop power. When you hold the heart center, you develop power. When you hold the sight part, you work towards peace, wholeness and peace. Holding all of that together… see, you have to integrate it. When you integrate all of that, when you carry that all as a composite, that’s where peace is at, and that’s where joy is at, that’s where it’s fun and everything. That’s where you hear the note of everything being how it is and you can joke with it, and play with it.

So everything around one affects the heart and creates a pain therein that keeps one from being themselves.

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