Back to the Heart

mantra-heartThis dream has beautifully clear symbolism – once we get it! But it does show how we can understand dreams more easily if we learn to understand the logic behind the imagery. It can be much more straightforward than we often realize. It helps to look at the elements and ask, “What do I know about a refrigerator? Or a lock? Or the effect of singing?” And when these elements are combined, we can begin to release a deeper meaning. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the second dream, which I don’t remember quite so well, it feels like there’s a motel, a two-level motel complex. And the people staying in there, in their rooms they have one of those little miniature refrigerators – and these refrigerators are locked. But whatever they have inside them, it feels like whoever gets to them, and can unlock one first, will win this singing contest that’s going on – even if they’re not necessarily the best singer.

That is about all I remember from that dream.

John: This is an image where you’re sensing and recognizing a part of your heart that is frozen or, in other words, is not able to be what it is able to be – in terms of opening up, and taking in what it needs to take in.

And so the dream is indicating that there is a subtle energy, which in this case is like something that penetrates the heart, that goes back into the heart, like singing, that breaks up that which is locked, and frozen, or unable to come out so that there can be a natural freedom.

And so the dream is pointing you back to the heart, back to that which needs to be opened up, needs to be awakened, needs to be accessed. And it’s suggesting that there is a quality of an energy, that you’re familiar with, which does this and it’s not a manner of it having to be this way or that way. It doesn’t have to be the best quality, or the best voice, or anything like that.

You have to let go to something that comes through, that twines and intertwines itself through, and comes into the heart. You have to let go for that to happen in order to open something up.

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