A More Complete You


This is the third dream of the night for Jeane (see the first two, The Weight of the World and Back to the Heart).  Here the symbolism comes together to point out that a true developed state is a return to our naturalness, and a connection to our human design. We often forget that we are born and designed to make this journey but, of course, we are not raised to undestand this. So much of what we need to do is to let go of all the habits that don’t support our natural journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this last dream it feels like I’m a young woman and I’m going to be going on a trip to Israel, but first I’ve moved back to my parents’ home. So in the rush to move back there, and then also leave for the trip, there were some things that kind of got jumbled up and packed up in a couple of boxes and sent to my folks’ house.

They were things that I might even be going to get rid of; I just didn’t have time to sort through them, like there were some socks, and they might even be old socks that maybe you can still wear some, and maybe some other things. I’m just not sure what they were. In the rush of moving they just get put in a couple of boxes and sent to my folks’ house.

Then I go to Israel and I’m with a group of young women in Israel and we’re actually going to be staying at the house of someone who lives there. So we’re at her house, and right before we go to her house, somebody stops me on the street and they bring these two packages up to me. One is about the size of a dress box and the other is smaller.

Well, these were the things I’d sent to my folks’ house and apparently my dad thought I might need them in Israel so he mailed them to me. Well, this is a problem to me because I’m already kind of packed with exactly what I need and now I have these two boxes that I have to decide what to do with. One is small, I mean, but the other’s more like I said a larger box, so I take it to the house. The woman has a couple of dogs that run around the house. There are some kids that come to the door.

The young women I’m with are even line dancing in one room at one time and I’m thinking about line dancing with them, and there are discussions about what people are doing for dinner. Some people are going out, and some people are staying at the house. But I feel like I’ve already started to open the box.

When I open the box it’s almost like it pops open to even more stuff. I see there are socks and clothing in there, but there’s also some craft supplies that have spilled out and so everything is kind of jumbled up. And I’m realizing I kind of almost have to go take care of this box before I can decide what I do with the other people, especially because there are dogs running around and what if stuff spills out of the box and they get into something that’s not good for them?

So I kind of take the box back towards the door. There’s a neighborhood kid that seems to be part of a large family of kids that has tumbled in the door and something spilled and it has created some dirt and I’m looking at that to try to sort that out – and I kind of chase him home. I just need to get things sorted out so I can sit down with this box.

I’m kind of thinking that I may need to just give what’s in the box away, but I feel like I need to straighten it up and make it neat again and things that have spilled out put them where they belong. But it doesn’t make sense to try to haul this around with me in Israel now, but do I give it to the woman whose house we’re staying in? Will she tell me where I can give this stuff away? Is there anything in there I really need?

I just don’t quite have time yet to sort it all out, but I have to do it.

John: This dream also has to do with bringing yourself back to a groundedness, or a rootedness, or holding the container of yourself. When the energy goes too much and out in other words that’s when you find yourself grappling and trying to sustain or maintain what you think is important.

And so when your energy is not held in place with a required power and whatnot, you do not catch up with all that there is in terms of how it is that you’re meant to be. In other words, you have filled your container, conceptually, with things when you race up at the top like that and over indulge in terms of what it is that you’re trying to be or see.

And at a depth inside of yourself you know better, at a deep, deep part inside of yourself you have carefully kept within the lineage of yourself, within the family of your being, those items and those things that you’re going to need in order to go forward further into life. You think that you have at your disposal the tools and the means and the mechanisms upon which to unfold and to progress, but no, you actually do need to realize that there is more that you’re able to be, to see, to take on, to carry.

This is similar to the first dream that you had, in that this something more actually turned out to be, in one aspect of it, was realizing that you needed to drop a type of seriousness that was reflected in your holding on to what was considered the “mean kid” part of yourself instead of the innocent side that was ambivalent and knew how to play. When you’re able to get into that, more things are at your disposal. You have greater communication; you have a greater sense of coming together with things around you. You are more natural, therefore you are more happy, you are more joyful, you are more at peace, you emanate that even.

But you’re taking and you are going off with a kind of mannerism that is too defined and too indulgent and, as a consequence, when you’re like that, you do not bring into play a dynamic that reflects the wholeness that is needed, the overallness that is needed.

When you’re presented with something new, it does have a tendency to be discombobulating like you are trying to figure out what big part of this do I keep, what part of this do I let go of, how is it that I continue with this new package as well? Because what I have come over with is a lot, and this now is kicking something almost like over the top.

However, this has been held for you. This is maintained for you. This is part of something at a depth that’s maintained for you. It’s inside of you to be found, to be reached, to open up that is something that you need. You don’t give it away, or if you give it away you give it into life as a free flow and an openness.

And this is like the child again, because that’s what a child does when it plays. It lets everything go, lets everything fall free, doesn’t seem to know any better that it should be worried about this and concerned about that like an adult or parent would be. It allows everything to just… it’s at peace with the environment not knowing that it should be otherwise.

And that there has to be a care that functions from the parent that sweeps through, that takes and covers what needs to be covered. And at a depth inside of yourself, if you can find this quality of innocence or nothingness that fits in with the sight, with the heartfulness, with the power, then you have the complete package. In other words, every component of yourself is important all the way back to the three and four year old side of yourself, or however that is, in which everything is taken care of and it was in its natural state and you didn’t have to concern yourself with sophisticated things.

When you start to put your attention upon sophisticated things, like even let’s say the worry or idea that there is something haywire with the earth, that it’s self-destructing because of the contamination of man the way that a human being is looking at things and thinking about things and manipulating things. When you put your attention upon that, you can’t help but have notions in terms of how it needs to be corrected or fixed, or what could be different.

Well, in order to facilitate something that can come through you have to have that nothingness quality, you have to have that joy quality, you have to have that letting go quality, you have to have that innocence of your youthfulness of the child. Yes, you have the other two, but you have to have this nothingness space, that let’s go, that is able to let it be, and it doesn’t have to know the sophistication of this, that, or the other.

And that way you do not contaminate, and that way with your presence, with your wholeness, with your awareness, and with your heartfulness there, along with the innocence where you’re just part of a greater whole that goes outside of the limitations of your senses, something then incredible can happen. And that is the more complete you.

And you unlock your heart that way; we live in such a tangential in the physical outer way that we can’t help but find ourself veering off in this way or that way and, when we do, we automatically then find ourself in kind of a set way, which means we’re frozen, and how is it possible to open that again?

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